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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am sitting here thinking about what you said and how could I ever start him eating gluten again when I know that he gets sick everytime he eats it - that is really harsh! I do understand the need for it in the body to show up on the test, but man - that is not fair to a little 5 year old who keeps asking "why is this happening to me?". Sigh - I am going to go against the grain and keep him off of it! lisa
  2. Jenny - thank you! That is more information than I thought I would get altogether - thank you! I am leaving for the grocery store within the hour and I feel much better about going! Thanks again - this info is priceless! Lisa
  3. Hi all My 5 1/2 year old son (Ian) starting complaining in early November that he had "burning" in his belly - we took him to our family doctor - who is a DO - who I love and trust - and he said it sounded like acid reflux - we gave him zantac for two weeks and all seemed great - we went to Disney shortly after the 2 weeks of treatment and no relapse - we thought it was a virus and it was all done. Then about 3 - 4 weeks ago he started complaining that he was feeling sick sometimes and if he layed dow or drank water it got better - so I was getting ready to call the doctor and see if we should put him back on zantac and getting ready for school on Thursday morning - he got sick - just once and seemed fine after - we could nt take him to school, so I took off from work and we went to he doctor. The doc checked him out - asked tons of questions and decided it sounded like acid in the belly this time - try zantac again - That was Thruday - everday until Monday everytime he ate BREAKFAST (usually cereal or egg sandwich) he would get sick once and be fine the rest of the day - so off to the doctor again - this time he said no more guessing - blood work - so a few days later I got a call saying he had an emzyme that would suggest Celiac - but I shouldn't hope on the web and google it cause I would just make myself crazy (he knows me sooo well) - so of course I got onthe web and googled it and I am trying real hard to keep my senses about me - we have an appt witht he specialist Feb 7 - the earlist - but inthe meantime I am trying to feed him gluten free - 1 meal I did not and he got sick - so I guess my question, after this long winded post is - HOW? Is gluten the only work I am looking for or is wheat flour bad too? I went tot he grocery store last week and left in tears cause the only thing I could find him was a loaf of bread - one stinking loaf of bread! I just had no idea what to look for - we are going to Wegmans today - they advertise in an email my girlfried forwarded to me that they have a whole gluten free section - I am hoping I wil have better luck there - so pass me any tip or tricks you have - please! Thanks, Lisa
  4. First I am VERY new to Celiac - but my research has been that it if your helth insurance offers to defer some of your costs - that is the better way to go - we have Horizon Blue Cross and according to my plan as long as the doctor writes a note saying the food is medically nescesary we can get some of the money back. My mother in law does our taxes so I called her immediatly and she told me according to our salaries that we would have to have $7500.00 in expenses to be able to claim anything. Lisa