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  1. Hiya guys, I was diagnosed with celiac two weeks ago and have been trying to be off the gluten ever since (easier said than done!) I licked an envelope the other day and had some chewing gum, all things you do without thinking! Im the sort of person who will stick to something when really put my mind to it and because i want to get rid of all my symptoms i will definately stick to it. Its just hard to know how far you need to go. I dont want to get obsessed about touching things etc! But are things like dish cloths really capable of setting you back with your diet? There just seems to be too many things to think about and im finding it abit much in that area!!! Not feeling any better after two weeks off the gluten, is this normal or is this a sign im getting glutened somehow?! My main symptoms are very low iron stores, very pale face with big black eyes, angular cheilitis, dia..., extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety etc Will my pale face and black eyes get better from being off the gluten? I hate looking at my face because of my eyes (they are so dark). Has anyone else had these things improve? Would really appreciate talking to people going through the same thing!! No one seems to understand if havnt got it! Get wound up having to keep explaining why im doing what i am! Izz xxx