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  1. Woman Troubles

    hello, I also have had recent history of menstrual irregularities but only since going gluten free! I am a normal body weight actually always been bigger than average. Had normal periods until I started detoxing heavily and reduced calories and protein trying to "heal my intestines" I stopped menstruating for over 7 months and as soon as I began eating more calories, and gaining weight my periods returned. I recently accidentally poisoned myself with a substance used to wash vegetables, potassium permanganate. I had not washed it off well enough and suffered extreme gastrointestinal damage, vomiting diarea etc. The chemical is said to cause intestinal burning or stripping. I had what felt like a celiac remission with all of the same symptoms I haven't had in a long time: three weeks of nausea, diarrea, undigested food, light colored stools, intestinal cramps and gas etc . It comes as no surprise that my period is now not arriving on the "schedule" it has been keeping lately, which coincidentally is very short 21 days, whereas before it was almost 35... It is my theory that when my intestines are damaged and I subsequently have malabsorption my menstruation stops, perhaps in an effort to conserve vitamins and minersl. I'm not sure. But I do know that there are honestly no other reasons for me to have menstrual difficulties. I spent a long time trying to figure out why my menstruation was so wacky. Finally I found a lot of research linking celiac with abnormal menstruation and missed periods. I think everything IS linked and part of the whole problem of celiac disease, it really affects everything. Caryanne, you should at least tries to avoid gluten in your diet even without a positive blood test. It can be really hard to diagnose celiac with doctors tests. Many GIs are really uniformed about celiac. Enterolabs is a great company that does testing not just for celiac but other gastrointestinal complaints as well. They have a reduced rate for family members that test together! (what does pcos stand for?)
  2. I have taken L-Glutamine for a few years now and it really does help ( when you remember to take it regularly ) I have a powdered form with aloe and licorice root added made by Metagenics. It was expensive but I like to take it in powdered form. I bought it at my doctor's office, she recommened it and she told me to take it mixed with a half cup of warm water. this part is really soothing. I take it about 30 min before meals. I also recommend Pioneer Nutritionals -they are an all gluten free vitamin company that is great! One of their biggest goals is to make gluten free vitamins with as many bioavailable forms of a vitamin or supplement as possible to help absorption! They even have chewable vitamins for a adults ( I personally can't digest vitamins without eliciting some wrath of the intestines... ) Pioneer makes digestive enzymes without Betaine HCL which also spurs the wrath, so I really like them. Here also is a helpful website on digestive enzymes which taught me alot! http://www.enzymestuff.com/conditionceliac.htm Has anyone ever taken a product called glutenzyme? its a new digestive enzyme specifically to help those of us who accidentally ingest the evil and want to help prevent the results. just wondering
  3. Soy Intolerance?

    I am starting to wonder whether I have a soy intolerance also. I've been vegetarian my whole life so it has always been a big part of my diet. I have been gluten free for four years and finally broke down and admitted casein problem and eliminated it completely two years ago. I have been wondering about soy.... I live in India where the diet is very starch based. I tend to have blood sugar disturbances as it seems many of us do.... So I always try to find protein sources. I may have gone overboard on the soy in the past week but I've had some major gastro disturbances. I have had soy nuts, soymilk, I made soy yogurt from kefir starter, and ate some gluten-free cookies with soy lecithin. I thought maybe the yogurt was bothering me since perhaps the kefir starter was grown on dairy even though its dried and sterilized... When i've had soy I get headaches, feel kind of "clogged" in my head and lethargic, and I tend to fall asleep right after eating it. Also heartburn, bloating, gas etc It would be dissapointing not to be able to use soy as a protein source but important to know for sure. Has anyone found a protein powder that is gluten free, casein free, and soy free? I"ve used hemp seed protein before but it was sort of unpleasant tasting. Does anyone know if whey protein can be casein free?
  4. "the Trigger"

    I got sick right after spending a semester in France where I ate all the bread, esspreso, refined sweets and goodies you could imagine. I got a really bad flu and took an overthe counter french medecine called "DOLI-RHUME" which I checked later contains gluten!!!!! Anyway following my return from France I was sick for 6 months until I started an elimination diet (which at first consisted of only pretzels and bread and then i got informed ) Thankfully I have almost immediate reactions to gluten and can tell sometimes within 15 minutes that I've had it. It was clear the problem was gluten and I stopped listening to my GI doctor and started informing myself. Finally after almost a year gluten free I had a positive result from Enterolabs and now my father is diagnosed as well. He has neuropathy, lymphatic leukemia. Celiac disease seems to be the missing link, in my opinion. I had DH for years without knowing it was anything but exzema! I was addicted to hydrocortisone. The DH literally evaporated when I went gluten-free and I then I learned that that was just another one of the many symptoms of this great disease. I did have bladder problems for years in my teens and suspect it may be related. I was diagnosed iterstial cystitis which is like celiac in that there is no cure (except for vague drugs which I"m not interested in taking) and the only effective treatment I found was avoiding "trigger foods". This was I guess the beginning of my special sensitive body skills.....But interstial cystitis I have discovered is also classified as an autoimmune disorder and is a result of the cells in the lining of the bladder becoming irritated for unknown reasons. So anyway I'm only 25 and feel fortunate that I caught this disease early. Its been four years gluten-free and many things are getting better but its not overnight recovery! I certainly think that its triggered by something in your life: when your immunity is low or overloaded. But then again I have always had a very weak immune system... Or maybe there is a plateau one reaches where the effects are incapaciting and you can't continue status quo?
  5. I have been Gluten Free for almost 4 years ( but it seems to be a cyclical healing process) I am still VERY sensitive to other foods especially caffeine. I stopped drinking caffeine 10years ago because of bladder issues but still recognize how great it can be sometimes. So whenever I convince myself that its ok to just have it this once or decide I"m healed, I get severe cramping in my lower left abdomen with gas and bloating. Mostly the gas starts with burping and then ends up the other end. The hardest though is the pain from cramping and the only solution I find is eating A LOT to speed things a long... also sticking my belly out so that the gas is pushed along! I feel like I can feel exactly where my intestines are lesioned, as if there is one spot that is affected. I thought I read somewhere that the lower intestines were especially affected by celiac. Has anyone else experienced symptoms in a localized area of the abdomen? Do other people have these symptoms from caffeine, sensitive to very acidic foods? I find I have problems with oranges sometimes, green tea, popcorn, almonds, peanuts, the list could go on. I always considered that the tea was just too caustic ( can you use that in this context?) but also that some foods may be very abrasive, such as popcorn. Nuts I know have an enzyme coating which naturally is supposed to prevent them from being digested so that they can get germinated after leaving the body.... I can eat nuts most of the time especially soaked or blanched but when the system gets worn down they're a problem! I read about an apple cider vinegar home remedy and started to try it. It was great until I started to realize it was causing this cramping and its just too strong for my sensitive intestines. What is the best way to cure the lining? Is it possible? Will there ever be a comfortable life that includes caffeine? Other than comfort level I would like to know how to have a healthy gut that is strong and protective. Is there a Leaky Gut thread?
  6. Gross Bowel Stuff

    Once I asked my mom if I could look at her poo becuase I wanted to know what "normal" meant. My father who is also celiac when going gluten free said "wow, I guess I've never had normal solid stools my whole life!" Even after being gluten-free for 4 years I still have a spectrum of poo.... I wish it were normalized but when its a good one, yes I'm so proud. I think I agree about fiber. I think its the most difficult for me to digest, and when I havent been careful and eaten dairy, caffeine, or lots of soy the fiber is the first thing that is hanging out undigested. By the way, does it seem like to others that sometimes things come out the same way they went in? And yes they are very skinny sometimes. Why is that?
  7. Got Glutened!

    This happens to me too often and its so aggravating to think of the unnnecessary pain we have to live with because of unclear food labeling. Its really hard because I live in a country that doesn't require proper food labeling and emulsifier and stabilizers are often gluten products but its just a guessing game. This time I got sick but it was my fault for not reading properly... Anyway I drank a liter of water with 2 teaspoons of epsom salts dissolved in it becuase it actually speeds up elimination. One thing I read which is also supposed to help is baking soda. For food intolerances that is, which really isnt the same thing, but I did that too and well I guess I stopped feeling nauseous but still gummed up the works. My thoughts are just to get it out of there as fast as possible! Anyone found that after they get glutened they can't eat sugar of really refined foods without feeling terrible. Also its like 5 times more likely that i get sick after eating gluten...
  8. Ichyness?

    I hadn't really thought that there was a connection between the celiac or DH and my itching problem but now that I've seen all of your comments I think there must be. I had itching when I was on the pill almost 5 years ago. Itching only on the legs and no rash or sign or allergy just unexplained unrelenting itchingt! IT went away no idea why but now it has come back! Mostly it occurs after showers or bathing. Whenever my legs get wet. I have basically stopped using soap on my legs (which is gross but i'm desperate) and I have stopped using a towel to dry my legs because I read somewhere its good to airdry anyway. I know it sounds weird but I put my clothes on when I'm fairly wet and its not so bad. I thought for awhile it was the detergent I wash my clothes in but I've already changed a few times. These new methods help but its really unexplained why its so bad. I have noticed if I wash my hair with my head under the bathtub tap so the soap doesn't run down my body it helps a lot. But I'm desperate becuase not using soap is gross! I think there is a connection between yeast and the itching I'm just not sure why soap would aggravate it so much. OR just a really extreme amount of histamines? The only other method I have found to help, is ignoring it. NOt scratching it and being in hell for five minutes is actually better than the ensuing 30 minutes of bloody scratching if I do touch it!!! (actually I am also really allergic to mangoes, I get bumps on my lips when I eat them and the juice drips everywhere, the sap is very allergic and its actually in the same family as poison sumac and ivy)
  9. Looking For Doctor In Baltimore, Md Area

    Thank you so much for the help! I really appreciate your responses. I'm going to call both doctors suggested and try to hook up with the local celiac support group. thanks, julie
  10. I have been gluten free for almost a year now, but have had no positive diagnosis. I had one doctor (gastroenterologist) who didnt really listen and prescribed a drug called raglan- which "empties the stomach out faster" in his words. I started to read up myself and decided to stop eating wheat, at which point my symptoms decreased and I started feeling better. The doctor accepted this and even though the blood test was negative prescribed me to believe I have wheat sensitivity and stick with it. Needless to say I dont want to return to him. I have further deduced that it is gluten I am sensitive to as I have almost immediate reactions of bleching and cramps. Well, after joining this forum and reading and looking into the enterolab tests I find myself wanting a definitive diagnosis. I am wondering if there is a doctor not only willing to accept the results but possible insurance coverage for the tests? I also am just interested in finding a good GP who not only understands the gluten thing but is sympathetic to some nutritional and non western approaches to healing. Any suggestions as to where to find one?