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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. If I realized I've gotten gluten early I take a laxative. While it sounds counter-intuitive I figure the faster it moves through my GI system the less will absorb to cause the symptoms that last for weeks in me. The few times I've tried this I've bounced back much more quickly. Of course one has to be very careful about dehydrating so I pound water too.
  2. Alcohol

    As someone who understands the distillation process I always assumed that distilled liquors would have to be fine, as there would be no proteins in them. However repeated experience with grain based vodkas tells me otherwise. I get horribly sick from an amount of liquor that has never every caused that reaction in me, and my "hangover" lasts >1 week with all the symptoms I get when glutened including arthritis and migraines. Clearly something is going on and though I have no logical scientific explanation for it I feel like I need to listen to my body when the solution is really rather simple (limit the brands/types of spirits I consume). I know its not psychosomatic because it has occurred when I didn't know the brand I was drinking was grain vs potato derived (retrospective double blind study n = 1). I usually figure out something is glutening me because I'm getting the symptoms and I start backtracking and figuring out what I took in that caused it. Once it was some figging lip gloss with wheat germ oil in it. The last few times it was clearly the vodka.
  3. Yep its different for everyone. I don't get GI symptoms unless I get a big dose of gluten. My symptoms are really bad body aches, joint aches and brain fog/exhaustion for about two weeks!!
  4. I had an awful experience out with a friends family. I was trying to explain basics to this poor waiter at a non-gluten free restaurant, and it was his second day waiting tables And he's all panicked and comes back confused after talking to his manager. So I'm trying to clarify what types of cooking is ok for my meat and veg and my friends dad, who is another physician, starts saying "oh its not that big a deal if she gets some gluten, she'll just have an upset stomach, its not like she's going to die". Uhhhh, yeah buddy, I'll only feel awful for 1-2 weeks and my hand joints will all swell up . . . no biggie at all. I guess I expect a little ignorance from regular people but it made me made that he was so sure of himself because he's a physician and clearly didn't know enough about celiac to be that sure of himself!!! BTW I'm super super sensitive and react to shared lines, shared cookware etc. I actually think its a good thing, I feel like my "alarm system" is better.
  5. New Orleans Restaurant Info

    I've had good experiences at: dickie brennans steakhouse, emerils delmonico, rio mar, doson's noodle house, zeas bistro, superior grill, and gordon biersch. Also recently found out about Casamento's restaurant which has all gluten free fried seafood (so no cross contamination!!) and naked pizza that has gluten-free pizza dough (but could have cross contamination issues. All of the sushi places have been great, though of course you have to bring your own soy sauce. My favorites are rock n sake and Hana. Another thing to know is that you can have crawfish boil, the spices are gluten free
  6. Cravings For Glutenous Foods?

    I still have cravings 4 years later. I've noticed they happen more when I'm sick. I've been able to find safe versions of most things but the two that are still really really hard for me are 1) goldfish crackers 2) ravioli. I found some frozen ravioli but they are super expensive to ship, someday. Most other foods if I want them bad enough I figure it out. And I've found that I crave the gluteny texture less and less. For the most part when I see gluteny foods I think about the pain more than the taste.
  7. I've had the same experience. No matter how much I cared for my teeth they would still have a bazillion cavities. I had one dentist accuse me of being a bulemic because of how bad my teeth were. My husband always forgets to brush, doesn't floss etc and he never has any cavities! I'm so sure that celiac has something to do with how bad my teeth are and I've just decided not to feel bad about it anymore. I do what I can and hopefully as I get better at keeping the gluten out of my system with accidents it will help my dental situation too.
  8. gluten-free In Boston Area

    I don't know if its in walking distance but there is a cambodian restaurant called "elephant walk" that has a gluten free menu. It was one of the best meals out I've had since being diagnosed and they were super helpful.
  9. I usually keep some bars (lara bars, think thin) in my backpack for emergency meals. I also keep snacks with me all the time like carrot sticks, nuts, chex. I bring leftovers from dinner with me too. I freeze them overnight and they keep until I pop them in the microwave for lunch. I don't like gluten-free breads either but I've found that the brown rice tortillas make great wraps with lunchmeat. I also bring salads with an icepack to keep the greens from getting wilty. Another idea is to get a thermos and put hot soup in it in the morning.
  10. You sound like you use the same lines as me! Do you know about the dior addict gloss?? I read the package and couldn't find any ingredient but their contact form on the website was broken and so I couldn't get an answer from them definitively.
  11. Thanks! I'm already in love with NARS lipgloss and will have to try some more of their stuff! I had read that the smashbox eyeshadow was ok but didn't know if it was their whole line. I was looking at the starter kit today and just didn't know about that one ingredient! Thanks again
  12. I know tocopherol can be wheat derived but what about tocopherol acetate?? I've only seen it on here as soy derived but want to make sure. I found a great set from smashbox but this ingredient was worrisome to me so I held of on buying it.
  13. I'm in med school. I live off campus and I make everything myself from scratch. What's most annoying for me is that we have tons of free lunches at school and its ALWAYS pizza or subway. So I'm perpetually surrounded by people scarfing down pizza while I sit in lunch lectures which gets old. At least since I'm in medschool most of my friends actually understand celiac and try to be supportive for me. Next year I have to be in the hospital every day, sometimes for 36 hours straight, and its going to be a total PITA to lug enough food with me to get thru that! And I'm going to have to talk to each rotation and make sure I have access to a fridge and a microwave. I hate hate hate calling attention to myself so this is going to be hard for me. Sometimes I wish I could just be young and careless like so many of my friends but I'm also happy that I figured out what was making me so sick so early. When I read about the peeps who only figured it out in their 40's it makes me want to cry, thinking about feeling so awful for your whole life.
  14. I usually shop at wholefoods. It is ridiculous expensive but I don't do meat with every meal so it balances out for me. I get my seafood locally since I live in New Orleans.
  15. I was pretty upset when I was diagnosed 3 years ago. Though at the time I was desperate to figure out my symptoms which at least forced my hand in trying the diet. At the time I was a waitress and had to constantly be surrounded by food I couldn't eat (there wasn't a single safe dish for me at the restaurant!!). My friends and family were sooooo supportive which helped. My best friend did the diet with me for the first two weeks and we cooked meals together, shopped together etc. My husband has been super supportive. For the longest time he wouldn't eat anything in front of me that I couldn't have and we make our whole kitchen a gluten free haven. He doesn't even drink beer so he can kiss me! It took my extended family some getting used to but even they have gotten on board. We took a family vacation and we only went to restaurants that sounded confident in their ability to handle gluten-free even though that meant not going to places others wanted to go to. When I visit my family will have bought my gluten-free waffles and sandwich wraps and gluten-free cold cuts before I get there What I found most helpful with family was explaining some of the long term side effects of me getting constantly glutened, like GI lymphoma. Once they got it thru their heads that I wasn't being picky, that it was literally a life or death issue for me they got on board. I agree with the OP that in the long run being gluten-free has made my life so much better. I eat soooo healthy now and really take good care of my body which I wasn't doing before. I've learned to cook from scratch and have found so much joy in the process. I feel so much better on a day to day basis than I had in years and years. And now that I have a routine its rare for me to even have to put thought into it. I keep some think thin bars or lara bars in my purse or my backpack to make sure that I always have something to munch on so I'm never tempted to eat something questionable. I bring my lunches to school with me and most of my friends who are eating the cafeteria garbage are jealous of my meals. I learned to make so many things that I would have never dared to try if I could just go out and get them pre-made. And I've tried so many different things that I would have been intimidated by before, I have really extended my palate. Anywho I wanted to join the chorus that a few years out it does indeed get alot better.