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  1. Have you tried New Planets Pale Ale? Hubby thinks that one taste the best out of their flavors. Close to real thing. We do agree about price though
  2. Hello, I am a fellow fructose malabsorber. Honestly for me the only way not to be sick is I don't eat any fruit except maybe a few red grapes or 1/2 very ripe banana and never on an empty stomach. What helped me the most was joining the Australian fructose malabsorbtion group. they are way more advanced then we are here in the states on the disorder here is the link http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/fructose_malabsorption_australia/ It is an email based forum and you have to request membership but a very knowledgeable and helpful group.
  3. Hi everyone, My husband was diagnosed Gluten Intolerant a year ago. He's done okay, he no longer has that urgent need to go feeling in the morning but he still has some bloating and gas especially at night. My big concern is that he went for his annual to have his blood drawn for his thyroid and this time had a full blood work up. His white blood count was low 3.11 with 4.0 being the normal range and the doctor told him his vitamin b12 was low so they did the test again. They called and said that the wbc improved but was still low and they want him to see a hematologist. Me being the big online researcher that I am looked up low wbc and freaked out over some of the serious possibilities! When I discussed this with my mother in law she calmed me down and said it was probably celiac related. His brother who is celiac and was diagnosed 7 years ago still gets b12 shots. Wanted to get you guys opinion as well and if anyone can relate? Thanks in advance, haven't been on the board for awhile since I've been feeling fantastic gluten free but glad to know you are all still here!
  4. Gliadin Iga

    My understanding is that Anti Gliadin IGA is more specific to Celiac than Anti Gliadin IGG. IGG is more senstive however but can be present in other illness such as Chrohns. Here is some info from this site that I've copied for you. Bold is mine. Anti-Gliadin Antibodies: Both IgA and IgG anti-gliadin antibodies (AGA) are detected in sera of patients with gluten sensitive enteropathy (celiac disease). IgG anti-gliadin antibodies are more sensitive but are less specific markers for disease compared with IgA class antibodies. IgA anti-gliadin antibodies are less sensitive but are more specific. In clinical trials, the IgA antibodies have a specificity of 97% but the sensitivity is only 71%. That means that, if a patient is IgA positive, there is a 97% probability that they have celiac disease. Conversely, if the patient is IgA negative, there is only a 71% probability that the patient is truly negative for celiac disease. Therefore, a positive result is a strong indication that the patient has the disease but a negative result does not necessarily mean that they don not have it. False positive results are rather uncommon but false negative results can occur. On the other hand, the IgG anti-gliadin antibodies are 91% specific and have an 87% sensitivity. This means that they will show positive results more readily but there is not as strong a correlation with celiac disease. It is less specific. Patients with other conditions but not afflicted with celiac disease will occasionally show positive results. IgG anti-gliadin antibodies are detectable in approximately 21% of patients with other gastrointestinal disorders. This test might yield false positive results but is less likely to yield false negative results. I'm sure others more knowledgeable than myself will come along with some answers for you too!
  5. I get itchy red splotches on my face and upper chest with soy and soy lecithin. I hate that Orieda has soybean oil coating their french fries. Tried them again over the weekend and splotches the next day.
  6. Help I Feel Like I Am Killing My Husband

    Thanks for the suggestion. For normal salt I use the mortons lite salt for potassium unless a recipe calls for sea salt. I don't think its the McCormick's or iodine though because we have been using it for a long time and his symptoms only came up when I made the pizza and biscuits. My aunt has an iodine problem too, she had a nasty reaction when they used it on her to prep for surgery a long time ago. So she doesn't ingest anything with iodine or use it topically. Again thanks, long shot or not its still worth noting.
  7. Help I Feel Like I Am Killing My Husband

    You are welcome! You can also use New Grist or Bards Tale. We like the flavor of Redbridge best though. I cleaned the oven after I went gluten free almost 3 years ago and I personally don't use a pizza stone but know many do so included it in the recipe. I have pans with little holes in them and the parchment keeps the sticky batter from going through. Also, my original recipe is 1/2 tsp xantham gum and 1 1/2 tsp of yeast. The one I gave you works still tho for a chewy middle crust and crunchy bottom. You can play with the xantham and yeast.
  8. Help I Feel Like I Am Killing My Husband

    Thanks for all your replies everyone! My husband is back to himself today. We are going to try to make the pizza again without xantham gum and yeast this weekend. He feels that if we don't try it we will never know for sure that it was the pizza and not something else. He loves the McCormicks california style garlic salt and uses it on tons of stuff so he's okay with it but I have heard of others reacting to their products.
  9. When you go fully gluten free your villa tend to heal very quick. It sometimes can take a month or two to get the endoscopy done and your villa could heal in that time giving you a false negative. This could be why he suggested gluten light to you? Most doctors will say to keep eating gluten (equivalent to two slices of bread a day)until the endoscopy to be sure. Keep us all posted and good luck!
  10. So, Tell Me Why I Need This Endoscopy....

    There is a chance that staying gluten free for a month will be enough time to heal your villa (if not total antrophy) and then you would get a false negative and your doctor would say you don't have celiac. As said in another post, if you are only doing it for the doctor and not because you want it then I would skip it unless you are concerned about other issues. I hated the gluten challenge and in the end I did have damage but it also made me a mess and set back my healing I believe for at least 3 months. I didn't know that I had fructose malabsorption and that was what was still giving me symptoms causing me to doubt my gluten intolerance diagnoses. Also, the out of pocket expense was still over 1,000.00 with my particular insurance. So if you can except that you are celiac with the blood test alone and you feel fantastic on the gluten free diet with no other issues, I would say skip the biopsy and get on with healing.
  11. Help I Feel Like I Am Killing My Husband

    Here is the full recipe. I was very proud of myself for creating such a yummy real tasting crust. Its very sticky so I use parchment paper and keep dusting it with rice flour to get it in a nice flat circle shape. It puffs up like real bread ect....we've decided to try it without yeast and xantham, I look for it to be more chebe consistency but we shall see. He drinks redbridge watching the football games on Sunday so we know its not the problem just maybe too much of yeast and molds all together for him in one recipe...? Hope you enjoy it! 3/4 cup rice flour 1/3 cup tapioca flour 1 Tbsp potato flour 1 tsp california style garlic salt ( I use McCormicks) 1/8 tsp xantham 1 tsp instant yeast granules 1 tsp sugar
  12. Help I Feel Like I Am Killing My Husband

    Thats a very good point since I used beer as well in the pizza crust giving it a double whammy on the yeast. I know that the celiac society says something about yeast and molds being sometimes a problem with newly diagnosed celiacs...thanks will look more into it!
  13. Help I Feel Like I Am Killing My Husband

    thanks skylark, you could be right about him being sensitive to traces of gluten as his brother with celiac was very sensitive in the beginning. Now after 5 years he can go to other peoples houses ect and does fine. We don't have any gluten in the house (its just the two of us) and I long ago got rid of cutting boards ect. but I'm wondering if my Bob's Mill flours and starches tests to 20ppms and he's one of those that will react at that level? Also, I wonder if companies like Udi's (since he doesn't react to their bread with xatham) gets a way with far less xatham than we do when we homebake? He also does fine with the Bisquick with xatham being the last ingredient. For now, I'm going to stop homebaking with xatham gum and see if that works. Cookies and such don't need xatham and I will just stick with rudi's and udi's for now for toast and sandwhiches. Also kinnickinnic doesn't use xatham and he likes making sub sandwhiches out of the hot dog buns, very soft and tasty! I really appreciate your help.
  14. Help I Feel Like I Am Killing My Husband

    Yes, I am using Bob's Red Mill and its been in my freezer since I was first diagnosed, so almost 3 years old. Does it expire? Thanks for the suggestion. I absolutely love that pizza crust I created, tastes so real! My husband wants me to make it without xatham gum (he's a trooper)and I think with the beer and yeast it should be okay not to put it in....?
  15. Okay guys I need your help. My husband went gluten free in August because of positive antibodies. He chose not to scope after how much money out of pocket it cost us when I did and his brother is a biopsy diagnosed celiac. Anyway, I've made two homemade dinners for him. One is my pizza crust that I've created that is very yummy but the 3 times I've made it reducing xantham down from tsp to 1/2 tsp to 1/8 tsp he is still in MAJOR stomach pain. Here is the recipe ingredients: 3/4 cup rice flour 1/3 cup tapioca flour 1 Tbsp potato flour 1 tsp california style garlic salt ( I use McCormicks) 1/8 tsp xantham 1 tsp instant yeast granules 1 tsp sugar