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  1. Wow thanks so much everyone for the ideas! My local health store had the Pamela's Chocolate cake mix so I'm going to give that a go for the party - however now I have so many other ideas to try! Yummo! Thanks again
  2. Hi everyone, I'm brand new at the gluten-free diet and do not yet have all of the baking ingredients. I'm taking a dessert to a dinner party this weekend and don't have a lot of time to prepare so I would rather by an all-in-one packet mix then a bunch of different flours. I was wondering if you had any recommendations on some good dessert gluten-free mixes? Or a good chocolate cake mix that I could take with some ice cream? Its my first gluten-free social experience and I'm a little nervous and would like the dessert to taste almost as good as the real thing! Thanks in advance, Krystal
  3. I have had problems with Lay's plain. Which is strange, because I know the ingredient list is only about 3 items long! I get strange cramps and gas so have to avoid them
  4. Thanks so much for everyone's help. My doctor actually did tell me to go gluten-free until I was able to get a biopsy. He said it could take 'months' to get an appointment, so I took that term literally. I will look into a little further, thanks again.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have recently been tested positive for Celiac disease in a blood test. My GP said that I need to go for a biopsy 'to confirm'. The problem is that I am currently travelling and it will be months before I get to do a Biopsy. I want to go gluten-free now, but am concerned that I should wait (and continue to feel terrible) to have this biopsy. Is it possible to eat 'normal' for a few weeks leading up to the biopsy, in order to get a true reading? All of the literature I have read say not to go on a gluten free diet until you have been tested - is the blood test sufficient? Thanks very much for your thoughts.