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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Country Girl until your post I knew nothing about Fructose Malabsorption. Your symptoms you described are similiar to mine. I have been on the Celiac diet for over a year now. The major change from following the Celiac diet, was my severe sleep apnea. It went from severe to readings within the normal range. I have a "leaky gut", and Fructose a corn based sugar, causes me major distress. I am allergic to corn. If I have anything with Fructose, or corn product, my GERDs will act up. Corn, gluten, sulfites (severe allergy) and sulfates seems to be in everything. I don't eat any processed foods. As I have many allergies, my diet lately has become very problematic. I don't know what to eat anymore. Vegetables, fruit have a natural sulfur in them. This sulfur changes to sulfites in our body. I still eat them, but have an ongoing severe rash, constant itch. Sometimes I loose my breath, as if paralized, and have to force myself to think about how to take that breath. It's getting very scary. The last paragraph is about me. Look into an allergy to corn. I am going read up on Fructose Malabsorption. Hoping you feel good for the Christmas Holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone. Hugs Gerri
  2. yub7gdddddddddddddddddd`]]]] Things different, you didn't mention allergies to drugs, multi-chemical sensitivies, allergy to sulfa, sulfites, sun, eggs, corn, etc etc etc. Today I am being tested with UV to hopefully rule out Porphyria. Lupus also hasn't been ruled out. My health issues are many. MS has been ruled out. I have been diagnosed with other autoimmune diseases [Ankylosing Spondylitis (HLA B27 positive), celiac, vitiligo and Raynauds). Unfortunate for me autoimmune diseases run in my family. Meat, Potatoes, vegetables (have problem with as they have natural sulfur - which I have very low tolerance to - that changes into sulfites in our bodies) but I still eat. I follow the celiac diet every day. Pasta made from rice is a main staple in my diet. Hope you get answers soon. The information I provided is about me. I am hoping autoimmune diseases don't run in your family. Take care Hugs Gerri
  3. Hi Simon, Until your doctors tell you have something to worry about with your lungs, don't panic. I have scar tissue on my lungs as well. I was told the scar tissue was likely resulted from Bronchial Asthma, and pneumonia as a baby. I am 56 this year. The doctors will continue to monitor. I was told I can't have NSAIDs because of the bronchial asthma, because they will cause further damage to the lungs. I was told to follow the Celiac diet for the rest of my life. My test results was low Celiac. The Gluten challenge landed me in the hospital 3 times. Dr. gave me note saying that I am to follow the Celiac diet. I have other autoimmune diseases, so what is one more. Take care Gerri
  4. Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    If your feeling better off gluten, why go back on it. My doctor gave a note stating I must follow the Celiac, diet, for rest of my life. For many years I was following the Gluten free diet (at the time about 50%), and my labs showed low celiac, most doctors would not have gave a positive diagnosis. Also I was told to do a gluten challenge, which landed me in the hospital 3 times during the challenge, this was enough, with the low celiac lab to get my doctor's note. I am learning to cook gluten free. I don't have regular flour in my home. My severe sleep apnea, has improved greatly. Now I am mild sleep apnea. I have other health issue some have improved - others worsening. They say once you have one autoimmune, others will following. I am hoping the statement is wrong - the way my health is going I don't think so. Hope your feeling better Hugs Gerri
  5. I live in Ontario, had to pay for some of the blood test. The biopsy is not a 100% accurate, and sometime a number of biopsy have to be run. I was following low gluten diet for years. When the blood work was ran, I was showing low Celiac. For a month before the biopsy, I was to eat as much gluten as possible (like a hundred times more than I as eating). I landed in the hospital three times, I honestly thought I was dying. The biopsy showed, I have diverticulum, hiatus(sp) hernia, and severe GERDs with inflamation. My doctor ordered because of the results to follow the celiac diet. This note I sent into the government. Since following the Celiac diet, my supposed IBS symptoms have vastly improved. My severe obstucted sleep apnea, is now down into the mild-moderate range (biggest improvement). It has been suggested that possible thyroid problems, porphyria, may have resulted in me having Celiac disease. Gerri
  6. Hi, I am both Celiac, and have a severe corn allergy. It is my understanding that people who are celiac, many also have a corn allergy. When I buy gluten free flours, I make sure there is no corn, soy, wheat, or milk in them. I don't have popcorn, or use corn starch. I read all labels, and my diet is quite limited. I can't take a chance gluten, corn, soy, milk, or wheat is in anything. Most processed foods will have fillers of the above, so they are avoided. Hugs Gerri
  7. Just a thought look into something called Porphyria as well as the Celiac. Hugs Gerri
  8. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  9. Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    Some of the test are oovered but not them all. I had to pay $180 for two test I believe out of 4. My tissue Transglutaminase (sp) came back low celiac, plus other health issues which are associated with Celiac, gave me my diagnoses of celiac. Get your doctor to order this test (tissue transglutaminase). If you have been off gluten for a while, it is my recommendation not to go for biopsy. Damage can be done in any area of the duoderum, and missed by the biopsy. You will know that your Celiac, by the way you feel off of gluten. To go back on Gluten, causes you to become very sick. Hugs Gerri
  10. Major Sleep Disorders And Celiac

    I have severe obstructed sleep apnea, and a few Central Apnea thrown in for good measure. I have since been diagnosed with Celiac, and have followed the diet strictly. Before being diagnosed with Celiac, I was diagnosed with low vitamin B12, and I am Vitamin D Deficient. Since following the gluten free diet, my Diabetes has become controlled. Doctors were to the point they were thinking of putting me on insulin. My sleep doctor confirmed that my severe sleep apnea, is also improving and put down the pressure from 15 to 11. Even my GERDs is improving. I don't know if it will ever be cured, but the little provement is good. I am hoping my severe drug allergies, and next to no tollerance of different medications will improve, but I can only hope. Also being investigated for Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Lupus. Celiac diet has helped, but liver enzymes still rising, and neurological problems are also getting worse. Hugs Gerri
  11. Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    I am in Kitchener, just west of Toronto. I see a naturopath in Toronto, and hopefully soon a Rheumy. Don't work too hard. Hoping to talk again soon. Hugs Gerri
  12. I am new to Celiac (54 year old female), even though I have watched what I ate for many years. I had Gluten problems for many years. Always sick at Christmas, and holidays, acid reflux problems getting worse, vitamin D deficiency, vitamin B12 low, and a list of other health issues getting worse. Last year my doctor at the time told me to go Gluten Free for the rest of my life. He hoped it would stop the progression of other autoimmune diseases. Since going gluten free my diabetes is controlled, and my sleep apnea's pressure is coming down. I have since been diagnosed with Celiac. I am from Ontario Canada, and wonder if there are there are others from Canada here. Hugs Gerri
  13. I couldn't understand until I fired my doctor, and got my lab work back, why my ex doctor told me to stay off Gluten the rest of my life. Tissue transgluaminase IgA *normal is less than 5*, my reading was 5. This number is the lowest level for Celiac, but the blood work was done during a time I was watching the amount of gluten and cutting back (had totally been off gluten for 4 weeks). Then I was back on gluten. The six weeks of forcing myself to eating gluten, nearly killed myself doing it. I landed in hospital twice. I was so very sick, but doctors still didn't hear me and went ahead with small intestine biopsy. It showed I had hiatus hernia, ongoing inflamation of my esophogus, a duodenal diverticulum, all signs of celiac damage. Still I wasn't diagnosed with Celiac. This was on report dated December 2008. It's now February 24th my observations and why I will get a doctor to diagnose me with celiac: 1: Diabetes brought totally under control following a Celiac diet, that I started right after the biopsy. 2: My severe sleep apnea, seems to be brought totally under control, to a point I may not need my CPAP. (7 years of CPAP use for severe obstructed sleep apnea, with Central Apnea, and then nothing) 3: Lastly as the pressure of my CPAP was brought down, with help of sleep doctor, I am finally started to loose weight. I lose 2 lbs overnight. I am so in shock, since yesterday when the doctor said I would have to have another sleep study (this coming Saturday), but at the moment he would say, from the numbers he seen, I didn't have sleep apnea. He also said he would not say I didn't have sleep apnea because he didn't have base numbers as I moved from Sarnia area to Kitchener. He did ask the technician to put pressure down to 11 from 15. Last night and this morning, I had more optical migraines. I still have lots of swelling around eyes, and hands, my RF value is high. I think Celiac has caused lots of damage to my health. Hugs Gerri
  14. Multiple allergies and growing: Food Allergies: Egg, Alcohol, (anything with sulfides, sulfates, sulfur & derivatives), Niacin (a Vitamin B than is found in processed food), Garlic & Onions, MSG, Curry, Sorbitol, Manitol, Corn, popcorn, lactose/casein, soya, very low tolerance to sugar, having increased problems with most vegetables (natural sulfur), apples, citric fruit (grapefruit, oranges, tomatoes), caffiene, chocolate Special Diets: * Diabetic * High blood Pressure * High Cholesterol * Celiac * Corn Free * Egg Free * Lactose/casein free * Allergic to sulfa, sulfites, sulfates, sulfur derivatives * Osteopenia * NASH (liver disease) *Sugar Free because of Leaky Gut * Special note - Chronic Constipation better when following Gluten free diet, still problematic Today I made some muffins, with rice flour, banana, gluten-free backing powder, baking soda, lactose free milk, and two tbsp of margarine which contained little soya (maybe should have used butter or even some oil). Going to see how fast I swell up (20 minutes). What am I supoose to eat. Hugs Gerri
  15. Hi If I am indeed not Celiac, then the hell I went through was because of severe increase in my allergy to sulfites, which is in all gluten products. When I increased the gluten bread, pasta, and most baked gluten products, I increased the sulfites. I have had anaphalatic shock from sulfites. When I stopped the gluten, I also decreased the sulfites, and loss ten lbs. The GASTRO, believed I was only gluten intolerant, also said that by staying on the gluten diet it will help with the IBS. The GASTRO, wants me to lose so much more weight. My friend thinks I have Thyroid problems. She bets her life on it. If I have Thyroid problems, which my doctor won't check out, it might be the reason why I can't lose weight. The Lupus symptoms I am dealing with has increased dramatically. It seems my allergies to sulfa, sulfates, sulfites, sulfur and derivitives continues to increase. Most vegetables have natural sulfur in them. I am feeling worse daily. I don't know what to do. The stomach pain last night woke me out of a sound sleep. Only my hands, arms, face and eyes are now swollen. GERDS is up and down. My elbow, and back pain, continues to be bad. I was looking at the bottom of your post. I have many of your misdiagnoses. Hugs Gerri