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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fast Food

    I NEVER eat anything deepfried (french fries, etc) in a fast food place because they fry other things in the oil that have gluten in them or ON them. I rarely go to any fast food place but I have been to Hardees and ordered their lo-carb char-broiled hamburger with tomato, cheese. It is wrapped in a lettuce leaf and is very tasty. I never get any reaction from it! I usually take it home with me and doctor it up with my Kraft mayo and Annie's gluten-free mustard! Hope you feel better soon! Rose
  2. You might want to consider Hypothyroidism!! I have been Hyper or hypo since I was ten and I am waaaaaaaay past that now. I was undiagnoised with Celiac for over 40 years and have been gluten free for 10. I feel fine with lots of energy but since I had constant diahrrea for all those years and was anemic due to lack of absorption and also very thin, I over do the vitamins which keeps me healthy and feeling well. I still have diahrrea due to developing cologenous colitis due to being undiagnoised all those years.! You have definite signs of being hypo. Good luck and hope you feel better soon! Do go take those thyroid tests! By the way, brain fog is also a thyroid malady!!!
  3. Best Bread Anyone?

    My favorite gluten free bread is Kinnikinnick white bread. When toasted, it tastes like "real" bread. I buy it in Kroger and it is from a company in Canada.
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. For Goodness Sake Already

    I had a really bad reaction last week to something and I am thinking that it may be the vitamins. Tomorrow I call every number on every bottle. I feel like I HAVE to take vitamins to compensate for all the nutrients that go straight through me!!! Since I was diagnosed eight years ago, I think that I have gotten worse. Or maybe it's because the whole world thinks that whole grains are SOOO good for you! and they sneak them in things that didn't used to have them. Rose
  6. Excessive Sweating When Glutened

    My hands shake when my thyroid becomes more hyper and I need to adjust my meds. You might want to get tested.
  7. Excessive Sweating When Glutened

    My hands shake when my thyroid becomes more hyper and I need to adjust my meds. You might want to get tested.
  8. Restless Legs Syndrom (rls)

    I developed Restless Legs several months ago and was driving my husband crazy because I would kick out and thrash while I was sleeping. My gyn prescribed Requipp which works great!!! The normal dosage is 1 mg. However, she prescribed .25mg to begin and work up to 4 tablets slowly. However, I found that I do fine on 2 or 3 about 2 or 3 hours before bedtime. My poor husband is much relieved!! I was diagnoised with Celiac disease about 6 years ago after about 40 years of symptoms and lots of trips for GI series (which found nothing!!) I had no idea that RLS was a side effect of Celiac. And it's so funny, I used to chew my ice when I would get to the bottom of my tea glass. I still crack an ice cube occasionally and my husband gives me "that look"!! Ha! Maybe I should inform my gastrointerologist or my endocrinologist (Yes, I also have a wacko thyroid) about the RLS. I never made the connection, just wondered why I got it after all these years. I take a load of vitamins and for the first time in my life am not anemic. Coveowner
  9. Can't Stay Awake

    I found that I can sleep 8 or 9 hours at night (up a time or 2 for bathroom) but have a lot of energy during the day. However, I take a lot of vitamins to compensate. My husband, however, who is diabetic, can not stay awake when his blood suger is high. You might want to check your blood suger sometime. Those of us with autoimmune stuff such as whacco -thyroid and celiac disease sometime develop diabetes also. I haven't, but some do. Rose
  10. "help--holiday Horrors" (continued)

    Why shouldn't you have turkey and dressing? I make my own dressing using gluten-free corn meal and gluten-free flour mix to make the cornbread (with eggs, onion powder, soda, gluten-free baking powder and buttermilk. Then use the cornbread with chopped celery, chopped onions, eggs and broth to make the dressing. I used to add mushroom soup to my dressing but can't anymore (unless I make it myself) because bought soup has wheat flour in it.!!!!. As the old saying goes, "there's more than one way to skin a cat"!!!!!! Hope no one's an offended catlover, Ha!! Rose
  11. What Is Normal Now?

    I have only been diagnosed four years but have had diarrhea for 40 years with no known cause. ( lots of doctors guessed at a cause, stress, cancer, etc. !!!!!!!) However, I have never been depressed , although was very anemic and was very thin,. I think the fact that I have always taken lots of vitamins and supplements was what kept me alive and kicking. I usually have a lot of energy when awake but can sleep 9 hours at night. I never left the house for work, etc without taking two emodium or a generic anti-diarrheal. It kept me from feeling anxious about being too far from a bathroom!!! You might see if this helps you. Since I retired from teaching art, I stay very busy with my crafts, etc, which I sell at shows and this keeps me totally occupied and I really never worry about myself. The last time I visited my mother, I asked her if she would be offended if I took over her kitchen and she said that she would be offended it I didn't. No problem!!! Think happy thoughts and stay busy. Rose
  12. Having problems with my diet

    Hi, I get some of my flours from a health food store, some from Kroger and have ordered some from a company in California, Expensive but they go a long way. I also like to mix the flours in plastic bags and have them ready to use. Some of the rice pasta is tough , but the Thai noodles ( in the foreign food section) is very good and tender . Even my husband likes them. I mix them (cooked) with Ragu (gluten free) classic alfredo sauce and toss in some shrimp which have been sauted in butter and garlic salt. My husband absolute loves this and he is not gluten intolerant (only diabetic!!!) I think most celiacs have to cook a lot from scratch!! Forget premade dinners from the freezer section. Rose :
  13. Would like some feedback

    Hi, I just wrote you a long note and then lost it somewhere. I was diagnosed with celiac disease four years ago after 40 years of diarrhea. It is a constant challenge to read obscure labels or to call companies who don't really understand what gluten is. My husband is diabetic and I watch his diet as well as mine, eventhough he doesn't always want what I eat. I have just discover that canola oil is sometimes planted in wheat fields and is often cross contaminated which was a revelation to me!!! I am a good cook and have a master's degree, so I'm not exactly stupid, but it is hard to track down where I might be getting unintended gluten. Ah well, life is certainly interesting!!! Rose
  14. Gf Sausage?

    Check to see if Hormel makes an italian sausage. Their pepperoni clearly states that it is gluten free, which stands to reason that they might make other products which are also. Rose
  15. Vanilla Extract

    see the reply that I printed above about vanilla.