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  1. My husband had a biopsy this morning for diagnosis of DH. This is all happening very rapidly for us and we are very confused and seem to find conflicting information on the web. He has had a rash (blisters, pox-like) for nearly a week. It is primarily on his knees, elbows and buttocks. But also present on the back of his neck, lips, arms, thighs and torso. He itches like crazy. This was first diagnosed several days ago as chicken pox, regardless of the fact that he had it as a child. The dermatologist that we saw this morning made the connection between his rash and on-going digestive symptoms. He is frequently constipated and has abdominal bloating/pain. Thus, the biopsy for DH. Help us understand... if he does test positive for this... will he have the rash forever? If not, how long after starting a gluten-free diet do you begin to experience relief from the rash? Are you able to control the rash through diet alone? (No gluten = no rash) Any information you could offer would be very appreciated. We're very confused and scared at this point. Thanks.