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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wendy's Chili

    I've never had any problem at a Wendy's- I've also never really liked chili, but I tried my mom's before without incident. She is more gluten sensitive than I am and she eats the chili all the time without a problem. From working in corporate restaurants I feel confident that if you talked to a manager and reiterated that it is an allergy and how severe CC can be, they would be relatively honest. The first thing that pops up in their mind is *lawsuit*, meaning that even if they don't want to admit that their store might occasionally put old meat in the chili, in order to protect you (and in turn protect themselves) they would say "there have been cross contamination problems before, so I wouldn't recommend it" or something along those lines. My friend is a manager at a corporate restaurant and any time there is any sort of incident there is always paperwork to fill out so they're usually careful about these things.
  2. Completely gluten-free Resturaunts?

    I live right by Idgys in Yarmouth MA and its so good! http://idgysglutenfree.com/ I've also been to the aussie bakery which had some of the best deserts I've ever tasted!
  3. When I first got to college I was really nervous about food and if I was just going to have to eat salads for the rest of my life. Luckily it gets easier the longer you stay with a gluten free diet. Right now my freezer is packed with those steamfresh bags of veggies and rice, I'll make a meal out of that a couple times a week. Talk to your chef and reiterate that starting with simple foods (rice, potatoes, veggies, meat) saves money, and is healthier for all the girls, and if he just keeps your simpler version of the meal separate from everyone else's food then you should be okay. Also, for when you're on campus, talk to the dining hall chefs about being gluten free so you have a few more options for lunch. My school is wicked gluten free oriented and has a gluten free version of everything on hand. I also lucked out because two other girls in my sorority have celiac, so everyone knew what it was already when I joined. Just think of it this way, you're a pioneer for gluten-free sisters everywhere. Your bad luck/genetics will help another sister somewhere down the line! Good luck!
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. This May Be Minor

    More potassium should help with the foot cramps. I started eating a couple bananas a week and now mine are completely gone.
  6. New

    about eating out though. some chains have gluten free menus. the ones that don't; if you ask to talk to a manager they will usually be more than happy to accomodate you and will work with you to find things on the menu you can eat. in non-chain resteraunts its easier because you can work off the menu and mix and match things together. usually plain foods are the way to go, e.g. salads, plain veggies, grilled chicken or fish. its best to have the grill cleaned off if possible. hope that was some help.
  7. I'm New Here

    hmm that story sounds fimiliar
  8. New

    I've been doing this for over a month and i'm still having those cravings. It doesnt really phsyically effect me, but when i eat gluten it makes me depressed and angry like all the time. But when i accidently have something it doesnt seem to effect me anymore and i just wish i could go back to how i used to be where i could eat normally. Idk its just so hard i hate everything about ittttttttttt. Thats why I joined this group, I know over time if i continue eating gluten i'll get really sick which is why i'm trying to get over my cravings. any suggestions..?