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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hi just read your post and was really interested in finding out about the weird fingerprint thing and eyelashes? would really satisfy my curiosity if you could fill me in. cheers Jac
  2. Diagnosis

    Hi happygirl I've actually had more bloods done which I'm about to head to the doctor for results this morning, but I'm not sure which ones I've had done I'll ask his about these other tests while I'm there. Thanks so much for the advice. cheers Jac
  3. I too only have moons on my thumbs, but was wondering what the weird fingerprint thing and eyelashes is all about???????????
  4. Diagnosis

    Hi Paula, The Dr tested me because I asked to be, I have been anemic for as long as 10 years since b4 my kids. Last year my iron levels were so low that I thouht that I had CFS or B12 deficiency so I asked to be tested for these but had neg results, he put me on iron for a month then retested but my iron levels didnt alter he asked me to do the iron test again after 2 months but I'm the worst in the world to take meds and I just didn't do the test. I read an article in the local paper during celiacs week here in Oz and the symtoms described me to a T execpt for weight loss as I have doubled my weight in the last 15 years. A couple of years ago I went on a extremely low carb diet for weight loss and in a 3 month period lost 30kg without any effort and was full of energy and on top of the world, unfortunetly I started a new job and time restricted me sticking to this, but after reading the article I started to wonder if I had celiacs, as the diet would have been gluten-free and this seemed to really suit my body. I started researching and found out that the migraines, depression,rhymatoid arthritis, servere cramping, teeth breaking, unable to grow my nails and the list goes on were all probably due to malaborbsion or calcium, magnes,iron ect. So here I am in the process of being tested and finally may have an answer to all the things that I have thought were normal and just me. Sorry to ramble on but it's nice to be able to spill it all to someone who gets it. Jac
  5. Diagnosis

    I'll post it as it is on the results sheet, which is gobly gook to me Range (<20) anti-Gliagin Ab (IgA) : 128 * units (<20) anti-Gliadin Ab (IgG) : 52 * units
  6. I have suspected for a little while now that I may be celiac just got the results of my blood tests today and had to have more bloods done today and need to go for a biopsy. But I don't understand what my test results mean as I have no idea what is classed as normal. It would be great if someone could help me with this? Cheers Jac