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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. my test results came back negative as well, but i had been on a gluten free diet already for at least 6 months. i get sick whenever i encounter gluten so the doc said that it was safe to just stay on the gluten-free diet.
  2. This is odd. I, too have been put back on gluten for a month due to what the dr. thinks is a false negative test result (I had put myself on a gluten-free diet a while back). Since I have re-introduced gluten into my diet (I haven't gone crazy with it, it makes me too ill so I just do it very moderately) I have a little shift in symptoms. The most noticable one is sweaty palms and armpits. I don't know if it is stress induced or not, this whole health thing has been driving me crazy for months though, I am just so worried about all of the possiblities. I also think that since I have gone gluten free and now consuming it again, I might have developed an intolerance or allergy to dairy? It seems that the sweaty palms occur after ingesting milk. I also get really naseous and tired after eating anything with dairy or gluten. Man I am going crazy trying to figure all of this out. Anyone else get sweaty palms and or armpits?
  3. I like this topic as well. It seemed to have crept up on me slowly for a period of a few years. I have always had a sensitive tummy, but in my early to mid twenties I began having constant diarrhea. I went to a GI specialist and he diagnosed me with IBS, he said that it wasn't a big deal and that a lot of girls my age had it. He put me on a mild diet and I just thought that this was something I just had to "deal with", not even being aware of the existence of Celiac. Then, during my late twenties, in fact just this summer, I started to get an itchy rash on my face. I started to monitor my diet and soon came to realize that it was wheat that was triggering the rash. I met a Celiac, we discussed my symptoms are learned of the Gluten Free diet. I went on the diet, my symptoms had improved durastically, until very recently. It seems that I cannot help but to avoid the occasional accidental encounter. Anyway, I was wondering, is this normal that these symptoms have taken so long to appear? Do many others have increasing symptoms as time goes on? (ie: the sudden appearance of DH?) Thanks guys, Jools
  4. Hi, Lisa. I am always on the go and find that the Organic Food Bars are great protein bars. They aren't junk food, like a lot of energy bars, and they are gluten-free. I prefer the "Active Greens Chocolate", a little weird to grasp at first, cold pressed greens with a chocolate chip in every bite. My advice, don't just take one bite. When I am turning someone onto them, by the end of the bar they realized that they actually like it and in the end it is a healthy treat! So far the only places that I have seen them are at Whole Foods and local health food stores. Good luck! Jools PS - I just found the link to their site: http://www.organicfoodbar.com/ You can actually get downloadable PDFs of ingredient listings of each bar.
  5. Thanks for the tips, guys. celiac3270, I didn't know that about Fairway..nice one! Bratcat - since you get the rash, do you notice any pains in your joints? I more recently (in addition to the rash) have been getting weird, needle-like pains in my joints...weird. Jools
  6. Thanks, Richard. Yes, I believe the rash to be DH as well, I've done a lot of research on it as well since it was the symptom that prompted my investigations to begin with. It doesn't look as bad as a lot of photos I've seen in pictures (knock on wood) but it can get really red, burn and itch like crazy if I accidentally become contaminated. The health food store owner also gave me some trial plant enzymes and these Carbo pills that are supposed to help make accidental cross-contamination easier to cope with. Does anyone know anything about that? (Anyone else on plant enzymes, etc...) Also to anyone who has a Whole Foods near them, the one in Chelsea (NYC) has a list of all of the gluten-free products they carry in their store. I imagine that the other stores have a list as well, if not go to Customer Service desk and ask them to get a copy! Health and Happiness to all...thanks for your support. Jools
  7. Thanks, Stacie. That makes me feel more comfortable about the whole thing. Luckily I do not have any severe problems with the exception of a diarrhea attack for which I carry my Immodium Advanced around all the time. The most annoying reaction for me is the itchiness - I guess I have dermatitis although the only place the rash actually shows up is my face. : ( Thanks again, Jools
  8. I was recently self diagnosed with Celiac. Around 4 years ago I was under-diagnosed by a doctor with IBS. (After having gone to at least three different gastros around that time) I just decided to "deal" with all of my stomach problems, since I was told that nearly every woman my age suffers from IBS and that it was not a big deal. Then on came a new symptom. I began breaking out with an itchy rash on my face. At first I thought it was some form of acne but was told by my esthetician that it was a rash and it looked like an allergic reaction of sorts. I started to monitor everything - from the food I was consuming to the soaps and detergents I was using (bought all scent free / sensitive skin products) and the rash remained to no avail. Sometimes it was worse than others, but for the most part it would not fully go away. A friend told me that he knew someone with a wheat allergy, so I tried cutting out that for a few days. I still had the rash although it wasn't as bad, so I thought that wheat was not the culprit. I ate a sandwich that day and immediately my body was itchy and I felt rather ill - it was even worse then ever before, in fact. I was starting to think that it was indeed the wheat and happened upon someone who had Celiac who suggested that I was as well. I began reading up on the disease and started to follow the strict gluten-free diet. My symptoms had miraculously disappeared for the most part, aside from the occasional accidental cross-contamination or consumption. I am learning every day to cope with this, since the disease hadn't been officially activated until the 3rd decade of my life (I am 29 years old). The only thing that makes me a little worried is that now I know I have this, I don't have medical insurance. I have since switched jobs and the new company is small and just getting started. Until I am in a better place to get properly tested and checked out on a regular basis, I worry about the other more serious symptoms and diseases that can occur in conjunction with this disease. So I wonder until then, if I stick to the diet as strictly as possible and take the appropriate vitamins, am I mostly safe? Also, I consulted a local health food store owner, who is quite knowledgeable as well as pretty helpful - but he sold me some products that I am now a bit wary of (since he is not a physician). One of the products is called "Intesti-New" and it is made by: Renew Life, a company that specializes in digestive health...this product is to be taken twice a day and is supposed to promote intestinal lining and repair. Does anyone know about this product or can you recommend something else I can use in its place? Sorry for the novel, I am new to this forum as well as the Celiac community and I guess I just needed to vent... ; ) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also - any Celiacs living in or around NYC? Thanks again...and health and happiness to all! Jools