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  1. Thank you Kathy for calling Amy's. I guess I should get in the habit of doing that :) I feel much better now about eating their food. Take Care.

  2. Hi again, I'm interested in chatting with anyone that has or may have PBC along with celiac sprue? Please contact me at pvkarate@cox.net. Also, any celiacs that live in Phx, AZ Thankss, Kathy
  3. Hi there all, I just now joined this forum, it's alot different than the PBCers forum. My question is: Has anybody been diagnosed with PBC and found out that your elevated liver enzymes were because you had hidden celiac sprue and once on the diet for only 4 weeks, all liver enzymes that have been elevated for a year went back to normal. My liver biopsy is normal. I was just curious about the AMA. My regular AMA is normal but the AMA-M2 is slightly positive. Doctor thinks it is a false poisitve from the immunoglobulins from celiac disease that are binding with the mitochondria. Is anybody else out there familiar with all this. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Kathy in AZ