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  1. thanks to you all for letting me Wine or Wodka or Wat-ever! Lol.....I never could drink....wish I could. I do plan on firing my Dr. office in total. They have been rude on a number of occaisions to top it all off. As soon as I find a decent replacement, and get a grip on this new information. I have started physical therapy....working first on the neck pain/issues, before addressing the many other areas of pain. Seems I can't have anti-inflammatories or Nsaids...as they are triggers for the big D with the colitis. I've known for a long time now that I can't take them....they make me ill. (Duh). The therapist said that no wonder the other meds that the PA had me try didn't work......(Duh again). I can't wait to fire them and tell them why! I have some fun fanatasies about that....but I promise not to be "too" cruel and sarcastic. (Assume that the word "too" is a relative term). Hugs to you all, and great health and happiness in the coming year!
  2. Gee whiz Lo! Hoping you can get some relief from some of this! The fun sometimes just never ends. Sorry to hear that the saga continues....but glad that you have some answers. Hang in there!
  3. Checkin in again. I'm tempted to start reading back....but I KNOW better than to do that. Update about me: Many of my Celiac symptoms refuse to disappear. I'm ready to fire the NPA that I'm seeing. The one I had and loved has moved on. This one apparently feels I'm in need of "counseling", and that if I take drugs to help me sleep I'll feel, oh so much better, and that I MUST be cheating on my diet (does she think I WANT to be deathly ill again????) Finally, I went back to the gastroenterologist that had diagnosed Celiac for me (4 years ago now), had a consult and colonoscopy. I have microscopic colitis....which explains a lot! I also went to a second rhuematologist (the first one took a blood test, declared that I did NOT have arthritis, threw up her hands and said there was nothting that she could do for me.....ehhh!). THIS one spent more than an hour with me....sent me for xrays, and lo and behold I have degenerative arthritis, calcium deposits and bone spurs. Her big concern is that the (oh, brain-fart! I can't think of what they're called)...where the nerves pass through the spine......have narrowed and are causing a lot of pinching of nerves. Explains the pain, the neuropathy....so much. I'm currently waiting for my next appts with both doctors for where to go from here. Nsaids that might help with arthritis will cause trouble with the colitis. Anyway...thanks for giving me a place to whine and cry. I'm still working, though on many, many days I don't know if I can get through a day. Perhaps now I can address some of this...... Thanks most of all for being right here in my computer when I need you, and for needing me, too.
  4. Hi everybody! Haven't been here in ages. Caught up a few pages, but not far back, knowing that I could get totally sucked in and lost forever. Joess....I LOVE, love, love the new babies! I'm glad that I see some of you on FB, and so am not totally out of the loop. Hoping that you are all relatively well. Hugs all 'round!
  5. Thsnks for the welcomes! the Psillies always made me feel at home and welcome here.....as long as I didn't put my feet up on the table! Plan to make a concerted effort to pop in more often...I really miss all of you! 'Till later....
  6. Hi everybody!!! It feels like forever since I've visited here. Or maybe I just dreamed you all when I had need of you the most. Dunno. Not a lot of silly in me these days...so far proving to be a really nasty year. Seems I've fallen into this truly unpsilly place and I can't get up. I've lost patience with everything (as I like to say....my camel is sipping on it's last straw), and am not liking myself very much these days. I know it'll pass, that I'll stop this pity party and being a blatbaby one of these days, soon. Sorry to be such a wet blanket here. I'm hoping that you are all well and doing jest fine. I think I'll browse a bit through the psilliness here. Maybe I'll find mine wandering amongst yours.
  7. Hi all! Did a quick cruise through the last pages. I really need to make the time to stay caught up here. I miss youse guys. I'm in the process of packing to make the trip home. Dad did so well for the first few days. They took him off the oxygen, and took him for a few spins in a wheelchair. The plan was to get him to a rehab facility asap because he was ready! I woke yesterday with the most awful feeling and a driving need to go home. Good thing no one was around me because I had a terrible weepy/sad distracted day. Got a phone call from my sister that Dad is back on oxygen....back in bed and not doing well at all. I think that maybe he's come to realize that the paralysis (from the chest down) really is permanent and that his life will be drastically different. I'm so afraid that he might just give up. He has always been so strong, so active, so independant. So....I'm packing, and digging up maps. Please keep him (and the rest of us) in prayer. Thanks for the support you've already given.
  8. Hey everybody! I have been away much too long! No attempt has been made to catch up and read the last...who knows how many pages. The whole sight looks so different I wasn't sure I was in the right place! Hope everyone is doing all right. I'm still wasting way too much time on FB and farming. Fun way to waste time, tho, and easy to keep in touch with my sisters (and other family) that way. Today my heart is very sad, scared, lonely for my family. My Dad suddenly developed severe back pain, then could not move/feel his legs. The local hospital sent him to another hospital hours away (from upstate NY to Burlington Vermont). They discovered a blood clot in his spine that was compressing the nerves. Apparently it's been there long enough to cause some permanent damage. Time will tell how much...but he may never walk again. I have to tell you that this 84 year old still bales hay, cuts his own firewood...is so active and stronger than most men of any age that I know. They operated, removed the clot and some of a vertebra. He got through the surgery fine...but it's a long road ahead. I knew I could tell you all about it and that you'd understand. Any of you who pray...please include my Dad, and the family. Thanks for being here and being such a wonderful group. I promise to keep more in touch.
  9. Jess!! I adore your poem!! Thank you for that. Hope everyone is having the merriest of Christmases. Just wanted to take a minute to pop in and check up on you all.
  10. I've been away too long.....but I'm caught up now. Been having some psilly on FB...or is that facegook!!!! (Love it!) Ahhhhh....how I long for 80 degrees and sea breezes....on Christmas day or on any ol' day. I'm so jealous! We got snowed in Saturday and Sunday last...even the post offices closed down. The parking lots and sidewalks are still a mess. Not because it was so very much (only 20 inches), but because that small amount is actually a huge amount for here, and they don't handle it like the North Country does. Shoulda moved further south! But it would have been too far from home. Hating the cold, hating the weather....am struggling to get out of the struggle. Mostly I wanted to say to all of you MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Hugs all round and wishes for good health, contentment, peace and lots of moments of pure joy! For the New Year, I hope for all of you to feel that it's the best year you've ever had, each and every day. Also wanted to thank all of you for the giggles, for allowing me to share in the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm so very grateful to have found psillyville and all of it's wonderful inhabitants! 'Till later...
  11. Having Chocolate Cravings Bad

    Yep. Used to be I could have sweets around and not have any urge to splurge. Since going gluten-free I can't leave chocolate alone! I try to not keep any in the house...but I can't stand it. Gotta have it. I have no idea why. I didn't have any cravings when I was pregnant!!! (Of course...I was very ill for 8 months, too). I have never had a problem with cravings until the last year or so. I say...go with it! As long as you are not harming yourself
  12. I like the roll over the top simply because I can't stand it touching the wall, never mind if it's right or wrong. Glad to know there has been a study done....and I loved the pictures! Floaty eyeball, indeed. GJeoss gave me a memory bubble......empty rolls as do-to-doooo. We loved to play with those as kids (we were very easily amused back then!). Glad to be caught up....phirst I got sucked into FarmVille on da Book (love that game). My sisters have been playing for months....kept sending me invites and gifts....I was too busy.....decided to take a little look and got sucked right into the vortex. Fun! THEN my computer went on strike for a few days.....I took a journey into the stringy guts to poke around.....phinally phound the problem. I hate being computer-less. I pheel so out of touch (not that I couldn't pick up a fone or anything). Nikanik...hope the boys hand heals quickly and without problems. Hopefully it'll be a (hard) lesson on the results of lost tempers. Hope yer all having a wonderful day.....like phinding a bright shiny penny (but then again....pennies have to real value anymore...do they?).
  13. This is not exactly something I've ever wondered about.....but a really cool concept. I wonder if we could convince 2 pairs of twins to marry and have children so we could examine their genes! WTH!!!??? The events weren't traumatic enough? You need guilt and shame (unearned, unwarrented) on top of all of that? What you seem to need is a shield of feathers.....so the crap can roll off like water off a duxass!!! Shrug it off and go forward. God will not punish you if you don't spend some prerequisite number of hours in a building, for crying out loud. Shtick happens....that's all. Minimommy!!!!! So so good to see you. Hope you can pop in more often (or have you and I haven't been here enough to see you?). I miss psillies when I don't read them for a while. Happy happy Birdday Jessssster! Hope it is a phantabulously shiny day! Em-a-lischy....phorgot to say....GO SOPHIE!!! You must be so proud of her!
  14. Sweet Potato

    I really like the yellow sweet potato better than the orange. It's not as sweet, a little drier, and can be used in any recipe that other potatoes go in, including soups and stews. I can't find them in the market, though. They must be available some place...I do grow my own. If you can find them, I would urge you to try them! Yum! You can make sweet potato fries, too....with the orange ones. Absolutely divine!
  15. I didn't think I was ever going to catch up! Computer went nutzo on Fri. 13th. My antivirus went into a continuous loop (talk about spinning your wheels!), and I could not get the computer to do anything! I don't care to tabulate how many hours I spent wandering around in the vast darkness inside my computer......but it's finally fixed. Don't care to have to do that again. WAS interesting...and a great learning experience though...not to mention a super lesson in patience. Years ago I used to pray for patience. I stopped doing that because I couldn't handle all of the lessons I was sent. Still getting those lessons anyway, I guess. Loved the psilliness of the last few days. Not much to add. Pad-thai...I love the house pics on FB!! What a lovely home. Slee-zahn...hope you get your 'puter back. Sorry 'bout all your troubles. Sending good vibes your way. Later.....