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  1. Heather, I have been on a gluten-free diet for 22 years but only recently realized the dangers of cross contamination. I have my own toaster now, my own pans for cooking. I have gotten rid of all the wooden spoons and plastic spoons and teflon pans which could have contamination. As far a baking there was a mixture of rice flours on this site a couple of days ago I believe from Connie. You use equal parts asian flour (fine) glutenous flour, and a regular rice flour and substitute that mix for flour in your cookies etc. I did it yesterday for toll house chocolate chip cookies and I took them to a BD party for my niece and no one knew they were gluten-free until I told them. You can purchase the asian rice flour and the glutenous flour at an Asian Market and the cost is much more reasonable then at the health food stores. You must be very careful using the same mayo, peanut butter etc, as your other family members may have used those products and contaminated them. I really didn't think this was possible until I was having problems and when they tested my blood it showed an elevation of gluten levels. Since I have been more careful they have dropped below 20. I hope this helps a little, I am sure more people will give you suggestions to help you. Hang in there. Kathy, NJ
  2. I know exactly what you are going through. I have had celiac disease for 22 years and was recently diagnosed with DH. It took them 6 months to do so. The derm I have been seeing has me on 100mg of dapsone. He also put me on prednisone for 12 days to get me over the hurdle. I found that sleeping with a frozen gel pack helped some, or cool almost cold showers helped also. The prednisone really helped me a lot. But the main thing is cross contamination. I was never aware of how much you can get. I am still breaking out even on the dapsone. But I have heard it takes quite awhile to remove all gluten from your system. Hang in there it does get better.