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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Flax Seed

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a Gluten Free flax seed source???
  2. Brewer's Yeast

    Okay... Now both my friend and I tried the Kal Nutritional yeast and both had adverse reactions... so I think that it is NOT gluten free
  3. Dry Beans

    Do you know if Bob's bean soup is gluten free?? I almost ate some beans from them but thankfully called first and they said that the beans were not packaged in a gluten free facility... so I did not eat them.
  4. Brewer's Yeast

    HI I am brand new to all of this and had some questions about the KAL nutritional yeast also. I started eating it and did not have a RXN. I called them anyway just to check on the product and they said that the yeast may or may not be processed through the same machine as a gluten containing product ... but that they take the machine apart and clean it so thoroughly that they guarantee that it is gluten free. I don't know about this... I mean there is always room for human error with cleaning so I don't know what to trust... what does anyone think?? -Magdalena
  5. Dry Beans

    ya know... I am on the same quest. I used to eat the whole foods dry beans until I found out that they were processed in the same facility as wheat. I recently started eating green beans that were still in the pod. I am also going to try and grow my own since I have a yard. I am going to start researching further and try to find a good source;)
  6. Gulden's Mustard

    Even Bragg apple cider vinegar???
  7. Help With Canned Beans!

    Does anyone have suggestions as to where to find fresh beans or gluten-free dry beans??
  8. gluten-free Baked Beans

    How about gluten free dry beans??
  9. Bush's Black Beans

    Hi, What dry beans do you trust. I know whole foods packages their beans in a facility that has gluten in it so I don't know who to trust.
  10. Black Bean "hummus"

    Hey there Who do you buy your beans from??
  11. Hey what kind of hummus do you use?
  12. Hemp Milk?

    I know some with celiac who drink it and never have had a problem. I called living harvest to ask about their manufacturing practices. They said that the protein power, seeds and oil are made in a gluten free facility... but that the hemp milk was tested for gluten and was below the requirement to be called gluten free. Personally this made me not want to drink the milk but eat everything else.
  13. Flaxseed Oil To Heal Gi

    Hey, I am looking for a trustworthy flax source so please let me know what you find out as far as pizzey's being safe from contamination;)
  14. Flaxseed Oil To Heal Gi

    Hi there, so what brand of flax do you use? I'm totally afraid of x-contamination.
  15. Flax Seed Oil

    I am looking for a safe/ uncontaminated flax oil. I am new to this and I don't know if flax oil is a risk. I tried barleans and it seemed to be ok but I wanted a tried a true recommendation from someone if possible.