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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Amy, My son has shown signs of celiac disease since birth and no one can tell me otherwise. I was stirctly breastfeeding when at 4 months I found good info from a breastfeeding specialist (a board certified lactation consultant) via email and internet research. She advised me to go gluten-free and guess what? My son was cured. Now that he is 19 months old I play around with his diet to kind of test the waters but so far no luck. As long as he stays gluten-free he is healthy. My pediatician thinks I'm nuts I am sure (He wanted to do testing and I said no after posting my concerns here), but he agrees that as long as my son remains to grow steadily and hit the milestones a balanced gluten-free diet is ok. Bottomline, you know how to keep your kids at their best. I truly believe the Center you were seeking info from should expand their research. Good luck while you continue your research. Colleen
  2. I was just curious whether or not any parent has witnessed a "gulten reaction" in there child following immunizations. My son went in for his 18 month well check and received 2 immunizations. He has been a mess since. Liquid stinky diahrrea, painfull gas and not sleeping well. (He was up crying half of the night last night). I am trying to figure out if somehow he was given something with gluten or could this just be from his shots. (He got shot for chix pox and something else). If anyone has any thoughts on this one I would be greatful. Thanks Colleen
  3. Hi, Sounds like you are getting good support here, the only thing I can add is that if you are still breastfeeding, you too will have to go gulten free. At 4 months old, I figured out through trial and error that my was at least gulten intollerant. I nursed him until 13 mo. and began to introduce solids after 6mo. As long as I remained gluten-free and I kept him gluten-free he was great. Hope this helps and good luck.
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    Hi, Gluten DOES travel through the breastmilk. If you are going to continue to pump breastmilk for your daughter, you should also be on a gluten free diet. It is great you are still giving her milk, it will continue to boost her immune system. Good luck finding the crackers, I have not had good luck finding a tasty cheese cracker my son finds appealing. Take Care! Colleen
  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. My son has never had constipation, but I feel like because of his diarrhea at such an early age, and large loose or at least very soft stools for over a year now, I am a poopie diaper expert. My husband laughs at me because if he changes our son I give him the 3rd degree "How did it smell, how big was it, did it run out the side?". I have brought this to the attention of our ped., stinkie breath and all, but he hasn't really been able to tell me anything. The testing he wants to do would require my son to eat gluten so no way. As long as he continues to grow well, I am going to stay gluten-free (and he will stay stinkie). I hope your son catches on the growth charts, and I am curious to hear what kind of projection your ped has made for your son in realation to developmental milestones? How much do they feel he will be able to make up for? Thanks for your time. Colleen
  6. Thanks for the info. I will check out the genetic testing. We are changing insurance so cannot make any new appt. untlil after July 1. My ped. thinks I am nuts anyway. My son remains well above 50th % for growth, so in his eyes, does not fit profile for celiac. Friends and family also think I am nuts which is why I was hoping some kind of positive test results would validate my mother's intuition. Thanks for your time!
  7. Hi My son has been gluten-free since 4 months old. I was strictly breastfeeding when he developed severe diahrrea. After weeks of research (no help from peditrician) I went on a dairy free gluten free diet. His symptoms disappeared. At 6 months of age I introduced solids and things went fine (still gluten-free). At 13months I weaned him and he has not had a formed stool since. He is now 17 months old and remains dairy free and gluten free. He is not having liquid stools but they continue to be very soft, often huge blow outs of his diaper. Also, his stools have a distinct odor as does his breath. I have not gotten any answers from my MD other than he would like to have my son tested to be sure he is gluten intollerant. I am just wondering if my son is normal for someone on a gluten-free diet. He remains well above the 50th % for growth and has a great appetite, and has hit all age appropriate milestones (talking, walking etc.). If anyone has experience here I would be grateful. Thanks for your time Colleen
  8. When my son was 4mo. old I sought help on-line for his fussiness/gas/liquid stools. My pediatrician tested for lactose intollerance and said he was positive. Going dairy-free did not improve things. After much research we tried gluten-free and dairy-free diet. His condition improved greatly. He is now 17months old and my MD is advising we go through the testing to prove celiac disease. Where do I start? What will I have to subject my son to? Will he have to have gluten before the testing? (My MD says yes but I am so fearful of the results). Any advise??