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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I voted for difficulty staying on the diet.. and by that I mean the more unintentional ingestions. I have been trying to be gluten-free since last thanksgiving. But I am still symptomatic much of the time, I think eggs may be the culprit there... It was about 6 years that I was having the symptoms all the time, and the depression was unbearable. I figure it will take some time to heal the extensive damage that has been wrought but sometimes it's really hard staying patient. I am sure you are all familiar with struggling to resit beloved glutenous temptations only to have some other gluten source blind-side you later on. Sometimes it seems a wasted effort.. But I know it's really not because I feel worlds better emotionally. And in time I am sure I will physically too. Well, this was a cathartic vote...Thank you. It's nice to whine to people who can actually commiserate!! ~ S
  2. Cool thanks!! I love Ice cream and we do have Hoods where I am. I think I am just getting to the point where I can finally have dairy again. Whoo-hoo Lactobacilus!! Course the Lactaid pills help too. Thanks again!! ~ S
  3. Doritos

    I know.. I was thinking very much the same thing celiac3270. But hey, we know how it is by now right?? . o O (lets add Fillers!!) I'm just happy for the "This product contains Milk and Wheat Ingredients "Label.
  4. Doritos

    Hi, The brand of Nacho cheeze Doritos that the person was talking about is the newly released "Rolitos" (sp) which are the same as a Dorito except the chip is rolled up. Rolitos do not contain gluten as an ingredient but fall under all Frito-Lay's "gluten-free chips" as being dangerous because their products (as well as most other manufacturers') are not made on dedicated lines, and thus cross-contamination from Gluten containing products previously run is a possibilty. Though Frito-Lay claims that all lines are washed thoroughly between runs. They are quite tasty and I am not sure why they do not contain gluten as an ingredient when regular Nacho Cheese Doritos do. I eat them (Rolitos) when I am on my less restricted diet plans. Hope this clears up the confusion. ~S