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  1. Heading down the shore in April--Cape May, NJ. Have a suite with full kitchen -- just in case. Spoke with staff at the Ugly Mug -- will make burger with crab and chedder (our tradition) with no problems. Rolls are never placed on the flat grill. At the Mad Batter--all their eggs are done in saute pans and do not touch any pancakes, french toast or bread. Spoke with the staff the Lobster House--all broiled seafood is OK plus a few other items. They were very receptive and asked that we alert the hostess and wait staff, so they could coordinate with the kitchen.
  2. I have your answer--Manufacturer: Dynasty Hoisin Sauce. Found at my local Giant grocery store. Enjoy!
  3. 10 months into being diagnosed and only 60 days of feeling good. Back to being tired, brain fog, etc. Doc checking liver functions. Any thoughts?
  4. Husband in the same situation -- celiac markers are good but he's back to feeling poorly. Fatigue, brain fog, etc. Diagnosed about 10 months ago. Checking liver functions. Your thoughts?