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  1. My Nail Polish Has Wheat In It?

    Thanks Karen, this is great information! I'll check out Wet 'n Wild, and Avon. I knew about Avon, but stopped buying it because it meant I had to anticipate what I was going to need, and sometimes you just need a new eyeshadow.
  2. My Nail Polish Has Wheat In It?

    I've been thinking I need to go to a completely naturally gluten free diet to get my TTGs down, like you said because it's only gluten free down to that 20 ppm, so maybe I'm just REEEEEAAALLLLY sensitive. that's so hard to do though. I guess it's back to chicken, quinoa, and veggies/fruits for me!
  3. So last year or so, I noticed that when I went to get my nails done, and I was stuck with my hands and feet in the blow dryer UV things, I was reading that spray that rapidly sets your nails as a "just in case"...and it had hydrolyzed wheat protein in it...well when they ever sprayed my feet with that you better believe I didn't breathe for about 5 minutes. I never thought to look but while doing my OWN nails today I saw that my clear nail polish also has hydrolyzed wheat protein! Is there no end to the madness?? wheat in my NAIL POLISH???? Not that I bite my nails, but I've had problems getting my TTGs into a normal range for 4 years now, and my doctor says it might be something I'm doing every day that is building up over time, something like cosmetics or shampoo...but I've always been told that you cannot absorb gluten through your skin. so I'm really confused. I don't eat anything unless it says "gluten free" or is just naturally gluten free. I don't know why I can't get into the normal range though. it's very frustrating. And I just don't know if it's that there isn't enough science around what happens if you accidentally eat gluten at a restaurant or something. How fast does your TTG rise after a glutening? How long does it stay high? how long until it comes back down to normal? weeks? months? anyone?
  4. Hello My Name Is Kim

    Ok, so I'm posting again, because one post that you posted (above) made me cringe. Kim, you CANNOT only eat dinner. You are slowing your metabolism to a crawl when you do that. Remember mom said, 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'? well she's RIGHT! when you wake up, your metabolism has been slowed down by sleeping. You need to eat first thing in the morning to rev up that metabolism, give it a jump start! You are actually not eating enough calories if you only eat one meal a day! do yourself a favor and eat 3 small healthy meals a day, and start counting your calories. You are essentially starving yourself, and your body of essential nutrients that it needs to survive. it's really hard to get your metabolism back up once it's lost for too long, so please please please start eating more meals. another little tidbit, when you only eat once a day, your body is inclined to think there isn't enough food, so it doesn't KNOW when you're going to eat again...so what happens do you think? it actually starts storing what you DO eat as fat, to make up for the lack of calories you're eating (or not eating). this is a huuuge reason why you might be gaining weight. your body thinks it's starving, so it packs on what you do eat and stores it instead of using what it needs for energy and to sustain you, thus leading to weight gain. eat more in the am...especially carbohydrates, they apparently are very good at jump starting metabolism in the morning. exercise more. lose weight. sounds simple.
  5. Hello My Name Is Kim

    Ah....I hate to say I feel good when I read all these posts...because I think A LOT of us are in the same boat. Same with me. I was about 20 lbs overweight when I was diagnosed 3 years ago. When I started the diet, I immediately lost 10! woohoo! But then once I started adding new things back into my diet, like gluten free bread, any starches that I found in the stores. Pretty much anything that was gluten free, I needed to try it. I think sometimes I"m still like that. Sometimes I feel like they need to make less variety again, and make things less tempting. the more variety, the more I have to try. and that's just not good! Within the three years since being diagnosed, not only did I gain the initial 10 lbs back, but I gained another 30. I'm 30 years old, only 5'1", and packing on 40 lbs in 3 years, has made me hate myself and how I look. The thing is, also, is that I'm diabetic, and I generally eat very very healthily. I eat a lot of salad, lots of whole foods, not a lot of processed anything. And yet, even when I eat those things for a good amount of time, I never lose anything. I'm at a loss. and over the past 3 years I kept asking my doctors what I can do about it, is there a gluten free meal plan to help with weight loss? they were never worried about it, just keep exercising, and eating leafy greens, until I specifically pointed out that they should look back over the past 3 years at my weight history, and they finally saw it. but there's no specific help for our "diet", except to eat more whole grains, more fiber, exercise more, eat less fat. I would love to create a meal plan for us that actually works, but I have to find one that actually works for me first. But it's nice to have the support of others here. I don't feel like such an individual failure. :|
  6. What Is Your Daily Diet?

    Breakfast: yogurt and fruit, sometimes some Mary's Gone Crackers for more protein. Chia seeds are excellent, and filling, they make you feel full for a long time. Sometimes on the weekends I'm adventurous, and make gluten free crepes, they're SO easy: 2 eggs 1 c skim milk 2 tbsp butter melted 1/3 c white rice flour 1/3 c corn starch 1/2 tsp salt then you can add whatever you want in the middle! riccotta cheese, tomato sauce, makes a good lunch crepe. I happen to like bananas and nutella, or just plain sour cream on top. Lunch: Usually homemade soups, or a sandwich made with gluten free sandwich meat from Hormel or something like that, I'm a cheese fiend, so sandwich must have cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, on some great gluten free bread. I haven't tried Udi's but I have heard nothing but excellent things about it...I just bought some in fact. There are also a lot of pretty decent gluten free frozen meals if you're in a bind and don't or can't cook, and some great gluten free soups by Kettle Cuisine. Organic Bistro has a lot of gluten free meals, that are maybe a little more healthy than your average frozen meal, as a lot of them have quinoa, or brown rice and vegetables, rather than white rice, etc. Anything you can do to increase your fiber, and lessen your fat intake will be good, as the gluten free diet is chock full of low fiber, high calorie, high fat things to make up for the lack of taste in gluten free grains. Dinner: My personal fav is mexican. But I eat pretty much anything. Fish--gently coat with corn starch or gluten-free all purpose flour, sear it on both sides, then bake in the oven with lemon and capers. very tasty. My token mexican meal that I usually make about once every two weeks is this: 1 tbsp olive oil chicken breasts, cut into cubes, or ground chicken (faster, less prep work)cook in pan until just about cooked througout, then add: 1 jar taco sauce, and 1 jar of your favorite salsa 1 can black beans, drained, rinsed 1 can jalapenos (or fresh, but this just eliminates the prep work) 1 can corn, drained chili powder, garlic, cayenne if you like things hot 1 can diced chilis soft corn tortillas or hard corn taco shells (ortega is gluten free, I believe) shredded mexican cheese avocado, sour cream I tend to heat my corn tortillas in a dry skillet on one side, then flip, add cheese until it melts, then fill with taco filling. ortega taco seasoning IS gluten free...though it has msg in it, which just isn't healthy. One thing I think should be mentioned is that oats are generally NOT on the safe list...especially if you are newly diagnosed, you should definitely ask your doctor before adding those back into your diet. I've been gluten free for 3 years, and am apparently VERY sensitive. My TTGs go up and down all the time. I have recently started looking at my makeup, which I found out HAD wheat in it. Most recently, my ttg level was 30, with no explanation. I am so strict with my diet, my makeup was one of the only things I discovered...but what my nutritionist told me was that any makeup, lotion, shampoo, etc, HAS to be ingested, you CANNOT absorb it through your skin, you have to digest it. but with lotions, often you put it on your hands, and maybe you eat something, so you ingest it there. The other thing I had added into my diet was Eco-Planet gluten free 7 grain cereal, which I figured since they were certified gluten free oats, I'd be ok. But who knows. Some people do still have a reaction, and it depends upon your own personal sensitivity to any contamination.
  7. Had Reaction From Uno's Gluten-free Menu

    I had a really bad reaction to Uno's a few months ago as well. They had added some newish items to their menu, one of which was chicken breast rolled with broccoli, feta, tomatoes, and garlic, with mashed potatoes. it was very good! except I got violently ill while still in the restaurant. I was so disappointed. I've had their pizza numerous times and been fine, have been told by a waiter at one Unos that I shouldn't even bother ordering the salads if I'm gluten free, because they cannot guarantee that the salad was cut on a gluten free surface. um...what??? then WHY put it on their gluten free menu????? I haven't been back since because the entire reason for creating a gluten free menu is most specifically for Celiac's, not to cater to those eating a gluten free diet because they feel like it. it's so disappointing to go to a restaurant who seems to have put a lot of effort into creating this menu for us, only to find that all the right steps MIGHT not be being taken to ensure that those items are in fact free from all contaminants.
  8. I think that sometimes bringing up old issues is actually useful, since ingredients change all the time, and something may have changed in the formulation of certain products that people are researching. I myself, just came across this because my boyfriend bought this seasoning mix and I didn't know if i could have it. have always steared clear because of uncertainty. Maybe there's a way to weed out the old incorrect posts that may confuse people? like the ones that say MSG is not ok for Celiacs and maltodextrin...since we now know they are gluten free (but maybe just not "good" for anyone) just a thought. Thanks everyone for the comments, I'm really glad someone posted, because otherwise I'd be not having tacos tonight, and who wants that???
  9. Traveling To India

    Hello, I think I started to post something a few months ago, but now I have more details about the trip I'm taking to India in December. My boyfriend and I will be staying at the beginning of our trip with a friend's family who will be showing us around Mumbai, then we'll be on a guided tour for the middle of our trip, then to a wedding for the last day and a half of our trip. here's more breakdown: I will be traveling to Mumbai for about 2 days, then taking a guided group tour *i think it's guided and I think it's a group tour* of Jaipur, Agra, and New Delhi for 4ish days. Then we are going to a wedding in Bhopal for a day or two, and then back to Mumbai for a day/night, then we fly back home late night flight. any tips, or anything to help me convey my celiac disease to local restaurants in these areas would be greatly appreciated. I do not speak the language, and I'm sure there are many many dialects, and/or even different languages throughout the different regions of the country. I've also heard that the weather in Mumbai will be colder than in Agra, Jaipur, and New Delhi in December. around 45 degrees F in Mumbai, vs about 70 in Agra, Jaipur, New Delhi. Can anyone confirm this? Anyone been? Lived there? Are there restaurant cards in Indian dialects to convey the no-gluten containing ingredients?? I think I have one for Italy, France, Spain, etc. but I wasn't sure if they made them for India as well. I received a nutrition packet from my nutritionist on ordering gluten free Indian food, but this is more for ordering Indian food in America, not necessarily IN India. Help! Please!
  10. Nebo Enoteca - Boston Ma (pizza)

    I also think that since Nebo is creating much more interesting pizzas than someone like Uno's, you're not only paying for the gluten free option, but you're paying for the ambiance and variety of options above and beyond the norm. And yes, they do order their gluten free crust from a place in Maine, I believe. I spoke extensively with the bartender who was very knowledgeable on the subject, which is a great sign, that they've trained their staff well. don't get me wrong, it's not your average 'go there once a week' type of place for gluten free food...but it's a nice treat. There's also always Stonehearth Pizza Co in Cambridge...best pizza in my opinion. Liz
  11. I recently ate at PF Chang's in Boston, and when the waitress brought me special gluten free soy sauce, I asked her if I could eat any of the other mixers they bring with the soy sauce (chili oil, mustard, vinegar, hot chili pepper chutney), and the waitress told me that the mustard was not gluten free. I asked her why, if it was just a cross contamination issue, but she told me that mustard is never gluten free, because the mustard seed is naturally not gluten free. Now, this didn't make much sense to me, as mustard seed is a spice, and naturally wouldn't contain gluten. anyone have any ideas as to why they would be told that?? what is not gluten free about their mustard??
  12. Hi, I"m trying to alter a recipe for a dipping sauce that calls for rice vinegar, soy sauce adn sesame oil. I know i can exchange the soy sauce for gluten free soy sauce, but I'm not sure about rice vinegar and sesame oil. anyone know of brands that are gluten free? I was told that sushi is unsafe because of the vinegar they put on the rice to make it taste better! I haven't eaten sushi since becoming gluten-intolerant, so I don't even know if it's the same as what I'm asking about. anyone have any clues??? help! I'm having a party tomorrow and need to go grocery shopping!
  13. My Metabolism Stinks!

    I would say there are probably a few essential oils out there either in oil form or pill form that you can take to help with that situation. I guess in the old days, parents used to give castor oil to their kids to help them NOT be constipated, and to keep them regular. Also bananas have a lot of potassium, which can help that as well. as well as avocado also has good essential oils. You could just be one of those people who doesn't have a BM every day...some people only go once or twice a week! Another thing you may want to check into is those "normal" ranges for thyroid...the ranges changed a few years ago, yet most doctors still go by the old "normal". Also, one theory of thought on thyroid levels is that everyone is different...one person in the middle of the normal range may still feel really crappy, but when they adjust medication to make them in the lower of the range they feel fine. and yet another person may feel much better in the higher end of the range. So, just because you're in the normal range for thyroid levels, doesn't necessarily mean you are at YOUR best level. Even slight changes to your thyroid levels can make a huge difference in weight gain, and regularity.
  14. Thanks, Richard. I've told him about brushing/flossing before kissing...and I don't think he's convinced it would be a problem...but I think he's just being stubborn, and he doesn't really understand the consequences of a little bit of gluten lingering in HIS mouth. so when that happens, he gets a little peck instead. he does understand about CC though, as he is a chemist, and it's what he deals with all day long! not gluten of course, but other elements. Good to know about the oral...ha!
  15. Hi...ok so a friend asked me the other day, if because I am celiac and need to eat gluten free...did my boyfriend have to eat gluten free as well...especially when it came to, um...well sex. I"m sorry if this is TMI...but I'm just wondering about oral sex...does gluten get passed through to semen? I KNOW I KNOW...OMG I can't believe I'm asking this!!! But it brought out the curious cat in me, and I need to know now. hahaha...anyone have any clues?