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  1. Sucessful Pregnancy With Cd

    I dont want to step on any toes here or offer unsolicited advice when I, myself, am not even preggers... but I've been researching it a little and have concerns of my own as well. Especially concerning laxatives while trying to concieve and lack of grains and carbs to support a growing fetus, etc. I have posted on some of the other boards about the SCD diet. It is for patients diagnosed with Celiac, Chron's, Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel. I was so at a loss bc gluten-free was just not helping me. I was still in so much pain even though i avoided 'new foods' and unknowns etc. My mother gave me this book and I did my research on it online, its called "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" and come to find out, this woman really knew her stuff when it came to bellies. The diet, however, is even MORE constrictive. No complex carbs, no corn foods, no starches like rice and potatoes, no canned veggies or fruits, no pre-packaged anything... no sodas, very limited dairy and creams... and you really do have to read labels carefully for fructose, glucose, dextrose, xanthum gum, yeast, gums, iron and added sugars. [you sub Honey for everything- its actually very tasty]. Anyhow... the first few weeks were MISERABLE. absolutely miserable. I was mad, pissed off, moody, cried... but within 4 days I was able to wear jeans pain-free, no headaches, skin cleared up, and after a week my energy was that of a 4 year old!! Then, gradually my taste buds began to change and things like carrots and peas and mangos were like candy to me! I dropped about 15 lbs almost immediately from excess water retention and God knows how many months of constipation. I asked my Dr. about this diet and pregnancy and he said as long as you eat a banana everyday you are getting enough carbs to support a fetus. i just thought i would mention this to mothers-to-be for research purposes only. I'm not pushing this on anyone, but just highly recommend it bc I've found that almost 90% of Celiacs are intolerant to more than just gluten. There could be a dairy or yeast issue there that is causing a bacteria growth and immune reaction. After being on this diet for 5 months I've been able to add things back in and quickly find out what i AM able to tolerate and what I'm not able to tolerate... ie, I've found that I am a Celiac but I can tolerate wheat & milk... but not yeast, barley, corn, starch and other additives. i continue to do trials, but one at a time. who knows... maybe ill find out i can eat chocolate someday! anyhow... just a thought. its a very healthy diet as long as you take your B's and Aminos. =) Sincerely, Sara any questions you can email me at seye@core-capital.com or research online "SCD Diet" or "Breaking the Vicious Cycle"
  2. Dana- you're right... food definitely is an emotional issue. I have found in being with a few Celiac support groups that the "food issue" drives most of us insane and is 80% of the daily struggle with Celiac Disease. Not 'EVERYONE' who has celiac disease needs to go on the SCD diet. But for those, like me, who have continued to experience painful symptoms while gluten free, its an easy way to find out what else you're sensitive to. Alot of gluten-free recipes and goods contain high amounts of rice and corn starch, which I have discovered my system cannot tolerate- just within 2 weeks of the SCD diet. My suggestion was not geared towards Celiacs who are doing well gluten free, or have already found the solution. Smaller things such as Xanthum Gum, fruit skins, corn syrup, fructose and dairy products followed in the discovery. Not only am I able to start adding things back in now, but I feel so much more educated on product information, cooking, and label-reading. Even if you dont go on the diet, the book is educational to read because it talks about the relationship between bacterias in your stomache and the immune system.. and how it all cycles back to the brain. It seems that the only thing i struggle with now is still, the ongoing, restaurant gatherings with freinds! And those who are not too sensitive to my situation. But if thats all I have to worry about now, I'm thankful. Good luck to everyone! Sara
  3. Looking For Doctor In Baltimore, Md Area

    I am in College Park, MD. I asked the same question trying to find a specialist familiar with Celiac Disease. YOu'd think with Johns Hopkins and UMD theyd be easy to find, but nope. I've had horrible luck with docs here. However, the local Celiac Support Chapter highly reccommends this guy: Dr. Michael Epstein of the Digestive Disorder Assoc, Annapolis, Md. telephone number 410 224-4887 .... he can also be seen in Glen Burnie Maryland on Mondays or Wednesdays I think. I am seeing him on the 19th, his next opening is in late August, but they said the other docs there are very familiar. Good luck. Sara
  4. For all the overwieght Celiacs like myself...thought I would share. I pinned this in another forum menu as well. But you migh also consider that undiagnosed celiac disease can bring on hypo thyroid disease (slow metabolism) and many gluten-free meals are higher in fat as well! Even though I was gluten-free for a year, my symptoms persisted and i was sooooooo tired all the time. I finally tried this: http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/ It is a specific carbohydrate diet that eliminates ALOT of carbs and gluten-free replacements from your already frustrating menus... but believe me I've never felt better, been symptom free, and A NORMAL WEIGHT . I lost 20 lbs in the first 3 weeks. It's difficult, very difficult. But there is JUST AS MUCH food to make and choose from as gluten free. hope some of you try it and get back to me! [buy a yogurt maker!] http://www.scdiet.org/ http://www.scdiet.org/2recipes/indexa.html http://www.scdrecipe.com/recipes.html
  5. GF Girlfriend

    You are a great guy for sticking to this and doing all this work for her... she is going to really need you... because sorry to inform you, its long from over. You stated that she hasnt done much about the "cause" but complains about her fate. Thats natural... and it will never end. She may accept it, but you have shown her guiding support unconditionally so she feels comfortable going to you with her feelings. in the same token, and coming from a younger, female Celiac as well... I should warn her [or relay it through you] that the more she makes herself a victim, the harder it will be to move forward, the longer it will take to heal, the less time she has to decrease chances of other chronic or fatal diseases and the MORE prone she will be to "cheating". A 'victim' usually doesnt have many freinds, my mother always said. But also... a victim thinks like a victim: negatively. And the more negative a Celiac is, the more prone they are the negatives of the disease. the flu, fatigue, cheating [eating gluten], weight loss, weight gain, hypo thyroid disease, chron's disease, skin disorders, mental disorders, depression, miscarraige, malnutrition, sleeping disorders, allergies, ulcers, stomache cancer, siezures, headaches....all because of stress and not taking care of the disease. any common cold or sinus infection could end her in the hospital with pneumonia. She has to take charge of her lifestyle... its good to have you, but she cannot depend on you for everything. When youre not around, its very unhealthy that she just eat fruit. Those arent her only options. Hope this has helped. I used to be your girlfriend... i truly know. Sara
  6. Hey- that's all up to you. No offense but I spent 2 years in complete agony. PICK YOUR BATTLES... corn chips and brown rice? constipation one week... then diahrea the next, dimobilizing pain, fatigue? This diet is very specific, but NO worse than gluten free! All you are doing is further elliminating starches and complex carbohydrates. And how much do you wanna bet you cheat every once in a while? I do. Lets not lie to ourselves. Oh- a tiny bite of that yogurt wont kill me. I have NEVER felt this healthy in my life. I know how hard it was at first to go after this diet in the beginning but I was willing to try anything. I understand how limited you feel. But anyone else willing to go for it, I highly recommend it. I am only 24 yrs old, cynical myself and not one to be all about "Wholefoods" and farmers markets, vitamins, bla bla bla. But I wouldnt change anything about this now. I feel perfect. I feel terrible if your pains and symptoms persist. Maybe try this for a week? There is still SOOO much you can eat if you get a yoghurt maker: http://www.scdiet.org/2recipes/indexa.html see? and ps. if anyone is in the Washington DC/Baltimore area, let me know if you know a good specialist! thanks!
  7. I hope everyone gets a chance to read this. I am new to this site, and board. I actually came here to find a doctor... but after reading your post wanted to strongly -- STRONGLY-- reccommend the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It may be that you are a Celiac with many other physical problems making you more sensitive to not only "gluten", but more specific ingredients as well. Reeses Butter Cups are NOT completely gluten free, they have so many added starches in them that all ingredients are not completely listed. Dont think "oh such a 'small' amount wont hurt me". Sometimes you can eat an entire loaf of bread and feel fine... and then a month later take ONE tiny bite of a bagel and be sick for two days. Dont underestimate the sensitivity of your tummy! The SCD diet is a miracle. I, too, was diagnosed and lived gluten free for years, but pain persisted... and tests came back "okay". So what was the problem? I read this website: http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/ and then bought the book, after only three days I was completely symptom free! It is alot more specific to follow than a gluten free diet, but many recipe resources and very healthy. I even lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks... hard for someone with hypo thryoid [ahem... disease of the thyroid brought on by undiagnosed autoimmune disorders- ie; Celiac]... I would check that out. please, you and anyone reading this... talk to your doctor and read this website... I challenge ALL Celiacs to just please try this diet for ONE month. fatigue = gone, pain= gone. no rice, no rice flour, etc... just read. www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/ Sara