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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Foods

    Do you like Indian or Thai food? I keep a lot of Tasty Bite Indian meals in my pantry as well as Thai Kitchen rice noodle packs. They are more expensive, but a great replacement for ramen. I also keep those steam in the bag Edemame packs in my freezer for snacking. Xochitl chips are fabulous and keep for a long time even after opening the bag.
  2. Body Builders

    I was having terrible joint pain due to a Vit D deficiency. Make sure to have those levels checked. It solved my problem. As for working out, I don't take supplements, but I do use Now Whey protein a few times a week. It is gluten-free and blends well with fruit and water. It is just pure Whey with no added flavors or sweeteners. I use it after my heavy weight-lifting days. The great thins is, now that I am 15 months out from my diagnosis, I have a lot more energy and stamina and am much stronger than I was. I even took up running. I hope this helps.
  3. I have definitely seen a huge difference. I'm very petite, but always had a very curvy backside and a small waist. With the undiagnosed Celiac wreaking its havoc, I had turned into a tube. Totally gone was my small waist and some of the roundness in my backside. It was depressing as I worked out all the time. The amount of ab work I did was astounding and I saw no results. After 15 months on the diet "cure" I now look like I did before, maybe better. And I have the energy to do things I couldn't do before, such as run. I probably haven't looked this good in 7-8 years. What is funny is all those ab exercises were building muscle, but didn't show due to the bloat. You can't have a nice flat belly if your intestines are swollen. I also put on muscle very easily again as I did before I got sick. Call me vain, but I'm thrilled. I'm enjoying every single minute of my health and my body. I lost it and now have it back. It is not to be taken for granted. My husband is also thrilled. He got his girl back! Too much information perhaps, but maybe it will help someone else depressed at the loss of their health and shape. Stick to the diet, be patient, and it will come back. Oh, and get those Vit D levels checked. The final piece of the puzzle for me was treating the very typical Vit D deficiency we can get. (Ha! Ha! I sound like one of those old articles in magazines like "Ladies Home Journal.")
  4. It depends. My most dramatic symptom, nausea, went away very quickly. It took much longer for other symptoms to fade. I am 15-months post diagnosis and can honestly say I didn't feel completely normal until about a year out. Don't let that get you down, just know it takes a long time for your gut to heal and for your body to get back on track. Make sure to get your Vit D levels checked as well. I have no other issues (food allergeis, IBS) but was still having joint pain and fatigue. Turned out my Vit D levels were very low. I can now say I feel 100% after taking prescription Vit D for two months.
  5. Lifting And Jogging...

    I had another thought: Have you ever watched a Triathalon? Many of the athletes, including one guy I know, are extremely well-built and muscular. They run, bike, swim, and obviously lift. No way they could do these workouts all on separate days and achieve both the body mass and endurance needed for such a race. Perhaps your answer is there. I know a girlfriend of mine who has finished five tris usually swims, bikes, or runs in the morning and hits the gym in the evening. She has an awesome, lean muscular body.
  6. Lifting And Jogging...

    So good to see other people interested in fitness on here. NorthernElf has some great advice. My father is a body builder/trainer and has trained several professionals including a former Mr. Universe. He'd agree with what you said re: a split routine. It is exactly what he does and at 65, it shows in both strength and how he looks. As a small woman, I lift differently, I circuit going from machine to machine with no breaks. It keeps me strong and lean. I also run and lift I typically lift first then run as I'm usually done after a run. I workout just 3-4 days per week for 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the day. I maintain my weight and fitness this way without any calorie cutting or counting. I mix up my workouts a lot. Here is a thread on another forum I found that may answer your question about swimming after weight lifting: http://forums.usms.org/showthread.php?t=7917 I am librarian so couldn't help myself with researching this further: http://www.breaststroke.info/BRSTWE.htm I found this on an extreme bodybuilding forum and it makes perfect sense: I know that swimming after weights reduces inflammation by pumping blood through the body, buffering lactic acid and reducing soreness the next day - so you might very well be less swollen/inflamed after swimming... but surely it can't erase your work out from your body's memory. It doesn't untear the muscles and put them back to how they were before your weight routine. That's impossible. I think it will assist in your recovery and your body will appreciate it. http://bodybuilding.fitness.com/exercises/...-good-idea.html
  7. Sounds like you need piece of mind. Get tested for Celiac and then move on if it isn't the problem.
  8. Agave Nectar

    Same here. I have used many brands with no problems.
  9. I hate gluten-free baking too. Maybe when the gluten-free Betty Crocker mixes come out I'll try again. I eat a lot of meat and fish now and a ton of Kind bars. If you can eat nuts they are the bomb.
  10. I looked sick before my diagnosis. I probably started looking better a few months into the diet. One day, quite recently, I looked in the mirror and realized I was back. I'm no longer bloated, my skin is glowy, my hair is shiny again. It took a year on the diet to get to this point. As for weight issues, I weigh five pounds less than I did when I was sick. I was already at a good weight. Now I'm at my dream perfect weight (I'm very short so five pounds packs quite a bit of punch on me.)
  11. I was told I was Lactose Intolerant. That I had Ulcers. Then came Gastritis. Next IBS. Then Gallbladder problems. I had none of these. I was also tested for RA, Lupus, and told it was SAD and to get 15 minutes of sun with no suncreen a day. Each and every dentist I went to mentioned they didn't understand why I had such bad geographic tongue. I had to see my eye doctor over and over again for episcleritis of which he could find no root cause. I'm also sure my husband (a doctor) thought I was a hypochondriac.
  12. I had one yesterday. It was fantastic. Just delicious. I bought another to have as a treat in a few days. I will definitely be Starbucking a bit more now.
  13. I haven't had a problem with peppermint gels dissolving in my stomach or causing burping. That would definitely be a drawback, but at least you'd be minty fresh. ;-) They actually started helping pretty quickly, probably within a few days. Before them, even with the gluten-free diet, I'd get bloated at night. Even though I run and am in good shape, every single night I looked like I gained 20 pounds. It was depressing.
  14. I just posted about her book. It comes out in early May. I ordered it because supposedly she had a hard time at first and I'm interested in hearing her experience.
  15. FYI. Just found about this yesterday and have ordered out of solidarity. http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/books_9781599951881.htm