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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Rainforest Cafe

    I know this is a long shot, because I can finding NOTHING about gluten-free info about this restaurant, except the one in Disneyworld (and I live on the other end of the US). I have a graduation party coming up for my niece, and this is where they want to have it at. Does anyone have a clue if anything they have is gluten-free? If not, I guess I will be eating before I go. Thanks! Deanna
  2. I think I am in love with this company. The bread didn't quite rise as well as it should have, which I am sure is my own fault. But, it was good hot - which seems to be typical of gluten-free bread (but forget it when it cools down). We ran off to church am we just got back. I tried a piece cooled, and it is still good (even though it didn't rise right)...Hallelujah! The kind I made was Homestyle White. If anyone tries, or has tried, the mock rye please let me know. Yay!
  3. I am making some of their bread in my machine right now. I will check which one it is and let you know if it's good or not when it is done. yay! Deanna
  4. Isn't it amazing how much food plays a part in our lives, and you really don't notice until you have to go without the good stuff? Gosh I used to eat everything and anything...which probably wasn't a good thing. Oh, well, I can honestly saying that being gluten-free forces me to eat healthier, and that is a plus. <~~cuz my daughter says so.
  5. Is it okay to post links??? Causeyourspecial.com They have bunches of stuff I am excited to try now that the cookies turned out so yummy.
  6. Sorry if this has been posted before... Does anyone have a list of gluten-free Oscar Meyer products? Thank you! Deanna
  7. I guess I maybe shouldn't talk since I just off a cheating binge, but I always miss the food I eat at my favorite Italian restaurant. Their salad is the best, I love the bread and oil, and I LOVE their ravioli (I may have to find out the ingredients to their salad).
  8. Oh wow. I just got a shipment in today of 'Cause Your Special products. I was excited to have some chocolate chip cookies, so I made up a batch. They are by far the best gluten-free cookies I have had, and they are actually better than some non-gluten-free I have had. Check them out if you haven't before. =)
  9. "fell Off The Wagon"

    Thank you all for your input. Please keep in mind that everyone is different, and not all of us may have the same will power and strength. I have never felt as well as I think I should gluten-free. When I am eating gluten I feel about 80 (at least what I imagine 80 feels like), gluten-free maybe I take off 20 years, but I never feel like I am 28. I would love to be able to stock up on gluten-free food; however, our family does have a small grocery budget. My husband and I are working on ways to improve that. I do walk almost daily, and if I had the energy I would probably go back to cardio kick boxing. I drink tons of water. I am trying to make this work out, but maybe it will take me longer than some of you. I was at a baseball post season party for my daughter last night at Peter Piper Pizza. I made some stir fry for myself before going, so that I knew there would be no temptations. As soon as we got there another parent was offering left over pizza. I declined and my daughter took some of it. The lady kept asking me to have some, and my daughter finally says "oh, she can't eat that". The lady asked why, and I told her I was gluten intolerant (people understand that so much better than "I have celiac disease"). She then says "oh, that's why you are so skinny" she pauses and then adds "you are so blessed". What the heck does that mean? I don't feel blessed with this disease. I am in so many other ways, but not with celiac. I know there are other people out there that are worse off than me, and I know that there are people worse off than those people, and there is always someone that has it worse. I am just trying to cope with what I have, and it is taking some time. I have my positive days, and I have my negative days, and I thank those of you who gave tips, and helped to encourage me. Encouragment was what I needed. Sorry for the tangent; I am not even sure what the point was now. Deanna
  10. "fell Off The Wagon"

    Thank you all for the encouragment. I am back to gluten-free starting today. My Mother just told me she ordered a bunch of stuff online for me yesterday to try. She is so cool. I have only had the blood test, and not the endoscope, so sometimes I go into denial and talk myself into eating gluten. For some reason I seem to think it will be "different this time". I know I feel better gluten-free, although, not 100%. I cheated at Christmas too, so maybe I am not allowing myself time to get well. You all have given me a lot of great ideas. Thanks!
  11. Friday night I came home and I was starving, I was upset, my husband was zoned out on TV, and I had just had it. So...I ate a bowl of Life cereal...the next day I ate whatever I wanted to eat - even went to my favorite Italian restaurant, and I have been eating like that since (eating all my favorite stuff with no abandon). I feel like crud now, of course, and I want to cry because I feel like I am so stuck. I hate this stupid disease. I have a very busy life, so I don't always have time to cook meals. I don't know what to do anymore. I know it is all my fault, but I just feel like I don't have the strength to do this for the rest of my life. How do you all cope with this?
  12. New To The Gf Life Style

    I can relate, but it will get better.
  13. Maybe it is a combination of things. I got some gluten-free shakes that have protein and other vitamins in them, we'll see if they help me feel better also.
  14. Thank you all for your responses. I think I must have slipped somewhere and eaten gluten. It's weird, because I have never totally felt better yet, so sometimes I think there could be something else wrong with me. Had my thyroid drawn again friday, still awaiting those results (I am hypo). Those with thyroid disease: has anyone found that going gluten-free made their thyroid go nuts? Mine was doing very well with meds before I went gluten-free. Sorry for all the questions.
  15. Nightmares?

    Since going gluten-free I have also had nightmares at least once a week, often 2-3 times a week. I also have that moment between being fully awake where I see things floating in the room, or things standing in the room. It is very scary!