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  1. We are new to the site and have a 24 year old daughter who is mentally challenged who over a year ago was diagnosed as having Celiac. After attempting to be gluten free for over a year, recently she has had severe head pain and she is becoming malnutrised as she has been throwing up alot and of course has diarrhea. A recent trip to the hospital they are suggesting a blood transfusion to raise her hemoglobin which is currently at 6.5. It should be at 12. However they do not know what will happen after a transfusion and what reactions she may have regarding her Celiac condition. (We think we need a Gluten-free donor.) Has anyone ever heard of this or have suggestions? Dehydration has been mention but she has been drinking more water lately, but not as much as we would like. She also has been having trouble going to sleep. Bruce and Caroline