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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Our family has been gluten free for 1 month and all is well. My son, who we suspect has celiac, although his GI sais it is very unlikely since only less than 1% have it, is doing great. He no longer has 5 bm's a day which went from very messy to all out diarrhea. He now has one formed bowel movement a day, and no cramping. If any one out there is thinking they need to go gluten free, but docs say it is a waste of time just do it. My whole family has never felt better. We give God almighty all the praise and glory for his never ending love and healing!
  2. We are still going through the long drawn out process of testing my son for celiac. Some new blood work came back and now my son has a low white blood cell count. It is not extremely low (4.5), but is lower than average (6.0- 17.0). Is this another symptom of celiac or is this caused by something totally different. We do have a praise report though. Through lots of prayer and going glutten free before the diagnosis, my sons liver enzymes are back in the normal range!
  3. ALthough I have not been diagnosed with celiac yet, I also have a baby. I just weaned her at nine months. She is my third and I always had issues with milk production, no matter how much water I drank. If I tried to pump the most milk I ever got was 2 oz. I looked this up online and found that it is very common for celiacs to have low milk production. My youngest never needed supplementation, but did frequently nurse, every 2-3 hours until she was weaned at nine months. I would also get nauseated every time she latched on. Drinking water while nursing seemed to help the nausea. I would stick with nursing as long as possible, especially if you have celiac. Do whatever you can to delay or prevent your child from getting celiac. When I say as long as possible I can't even imagine nursing past 12 months, but if you can good for you.
  4. Today is the second day of our household being gluten free. Our son whom we are doing this diet because of is in an extremely bad mood. Is this common , is it gluten withdraw?