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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Tea

    Now you have me curious too. We've been using great value tea bags and buying mcd's sweet tea and my gluten-free stepdaughter hasn't complained so I am assuming that they are ok.
  2. Quick Question

    Yeah, some of it is pricey. I have found a lot of gluten-free stuff at walmart, their great value brand, which has been helpful since we are limited at the stores near us. Another walmart about a half hour away even has gluten-free pasta. It's a little more, but when I make pasta, I only make what my gluten-free stepdaughter will eat and the rest of us have regular pasta, which saves us money. Mostly I have tried to make the stuff I normally make with minor changes on things that need to be gluten-free. We also try to avoid prepackaged box type meals. We have a large family so it costs too much to buy enough to feed us all, and for my stepdaughter we only buy a very small amount of stuff like that for her to fix for herself. There is plenty of other gluten-free stuff out there that I don't really want to spend the money on expensive box meals that only she will eat, and that we have to drive over an hour to buy. She can have that stuff at her mom's because they have whole foods and trader joe's right by them. When she is here, it will be a treat if she gets something like that. She might actually welcome the break from it!
  3. Well, not so much issues per say, but my stepdaughter is finally here and I know I glutened her, but she has had no reaction to it. I am thankful she didn't, but I am wondering at the levels of being glutened and how severe reactions can be. She has also been eating TB tacos regularly which are apparently something that could have gluten in them or do have gluten in them and the only thing she has said is that her stomach has hurt a little afterwards but she thought that was from eating too much. The only severe reaction she has had was from eating an apple from a cafeteria style place and she says she was sick for several days. So I am at a loss as to know when she has been glutened and I feel like the cross contamination thing is something I am very unsure of. After all, why would an apple make her so sick but she ate the tacos and just had the feeling of eating too much and I know I glutened her by handling regular pasta and then touching her's to break it before cooking and she had absolutely no reaction to that. I thought it would be more evident if she was glutened and it isn't and what she is reacting to are not the things I would think would affect her, so I am confused. This is definately a learning process considering she is only with us a month and a half over the summer and maybe 1-2 weeks over winter break (if that). I think we are doing good so far at coming up with meals that we can all eat with minor tweaking, but remembering to wash hands after touching a gluten food before touching a gluten-free food is new. Using separate cooking utensils and stuff has been no problem. We even bought new rubbermaid containers for gluten-free food leftovers to make sure she isn't subjected to cross contamination from our old containers who have had all kinds of food in them, but I didn't have the new one's the first night and had to use the old and unknown to me (I was at work) she ate leftovers out of the old containers and was fine also... so yeah, the contamination thing is odd to me. I guess I should count myself lucky she has such mild symptons... but even before the diet, she really didn't have that big of a problem. Occasionally after meals she would "gag"... it was like she thought she was going to throw up but nothing came up, or she thought she had to go to the bathroom but couldn't... so she had stomach cramping, and I assume all that has gotten better, but I kind of expected those types of reactions to her being glutened.
  4. Thanks for the recipe. I saved it and plan on trying it on our next menu. I make my own non-traditional version of enchiladas and will have to modify it anyway, so I think instead of modifying that, I am just going to find a new one that is gluten-free we can enjoy... this might be it!
  5. Gluten-free Information

    Stepdaughter has been here for a few days and is already gone to church camp. Her dad went with her to make sre she can get to the right gluten-free foods etc. I think we did ok with her meals while she was home though. She eats buddig lunch meat and block cheese and lays potato chips for lunch, which she seems happy about and is what she eats at her mom's... and for dinner we had bean soup, pot roast, spaghetti, and taco salad so far. Now, to be honest, I know for a fact I contaminated her food. I was breaking our spaghetti and didn't wash my hands before touching her's and breaking it, but didn't think of it at the time. By the time I did think, the damage was done. However, she never complained that she didn't feel well etc. I am wondering if her symptons from being glutened are just that mild, or if all the fears over cross-contamination are a little overboard. I also found out she has been eating at Taco Bell with her mom regularly and even ate there on her way to us. She has been eating the tacos, which according to their site, should gluten her as well. Well, after some discussion with her and pointing out that TB's site says they aren't safe to eat, she said she has felt a little sick after eating there, but thought it was from over-eating. The only other time she says she has been glutened that we know of was when she said her and her mom and them ate at some cafeteria style place and she grabbed an apple and then was really sick for several days. I find it hard to believe an apple could be contaminated that much and suspect it had to have been something else, esp if she can eat 3 tacos at a time at TB or eat the spaghetti after I have touched it with glutened hands, but that is what we were told. I will say she is really good about reading the labels and remembering what she has already had at her mom's and knows is gluten-free. It makes it a lot easier to shop when I can ask her if she has had something before and saves me from going through 5 different brands to find the one she can have. I always double check her, but just saying, it's nice. I'm working on a week of meals for when she gets back from camp. I want to do chili one night, spaghetti pie (we have leftover sauce I froze so that takes half the work away), grill out one night with jenni-o dogs/burgers for her (and me cuz I love them too) and some homemade gluten-free mac & cheese and a veggie, bean soup (because we have a ton of beans), and that is all I have so far. Another taco salad night of course, and possibly a baked potato bar night. Of course, a lot of what I WANT to make depends on if I can gluten-free alternatives to products I normally buy.
  6. Taco Bell

    Thanks for all the replies. Looks to me like based on the list TB provides she can "safely" have tostadas or the beans and cheese. Many of the local TB's near us don't even have tostadas anymore... and as far as we are concerned it is now off limits. I even showed their information to my stepdaughter so she could see for herself. She always got a #8 which is 3 tacos... well, after talking some time to her, she did say sometimes she felt sick afterwards but thought it was just from eating too much. We all prefer homemade tacos to TB anyway.
  7. Taco Bell

    I am surprised the meat has gluten in it, as my stepdaughter supposedly did research and found that the tacos are safe to eat and has eaten them. In fact, she ate them on her way to our house and hasn't seemed to have any adverse reaction that I am aware of. I kind of wondered though because my husband LOVES the TB meat seasoning packets in the store and said we can't use them because of the gluten. Hmmmm... PS I have been to their site, which is why I asked... wanted to know if I had missed something.
  8. Not Taking It As Seriously?

    We eat pasta at least once a week, because it is cheap and easy to make and just an all around simple meal for us. It isn't that big of a deal to make her's separate, esp since she eats so little of it.
  9. Taco Bell

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I was told Taco Bell has gluten-free items, and that things like tacos were ok... that is what my gluten-free sd gets. But when I was at the store and looked at Taco Bell taco seasoning for meat, it is def not something we can use... so do they use something different at the restaurant? Or is the meat not safe there?
  10. So my husband's daughter has been diagnosed and some of you may have seen some of my posts here... well, she is with us now and of course, this is a learning process for us. We weren't with her when she was diagnosed, nor did we go to the dietician with her and her mom/stepdad (they live in Virginia, we are in IL) so my husband has only got what his ex has told him and a few photocopied sheets of paper to reference. I have told him some of what I have learned, but he seems doubtful of a lot of the stuff... thinks that ppl are over-reacting, etc. I do have a question that my husband and I wondered about. For starters, steam. I read that when cooking things like spaghetti (not gluten-free) that the steam rises and can contaminate other things in the area, which is why the gluten-free pasta should be cooked separately. I guess my sd's mom just covers whatever pot she is making the gluten-free food in and cooks them at the same time and I assume that is doable. My question is, we keep an assortment of spices on the back of the stove, which imo, steam could have possibly contaminated if they were not sealed properly. Plus, I am sure there have been times that steamy food has been cooking while spices were on the counter by the stove, open. Should we be concerned about contamination? Or are these spices ok to use for gluten-free meals? My husband does not believe or understand how steam can contaminate. Sure, he agrees that drops of pasta water could splash out and contaminate but doesn't see the steam issue. So, he also doesn't think the spices should be contaminated either. Can anyone tell me what you know about this?
  11. Ingredients In Hot Dogs

    I love Jennie-O turkey dogs. That is what I always buy now and they have gluten-free turkey dogs and hamburgers (love their hamburgers too!) http://www.jennieo.com/ Do you have a listing of JENNIE-O TURKEY STORE
  12. Beef Base

    Awesome, because we actually have this on hand and I wanted to make a roast when my stepdaughter is here.
  13. These products are ideal for recipes requiring Beef Stock. Use in place of bouillon cubes, bouillon granules or canned broths. USDA inspected meat fats and just the right amount of seasonings instantly adds delicious homemade beef flavor to all foods. Open a container, add to water or add directly to foods as you are cooking and stir. INGREDIENTS: Salt, Dextrose, Beef Fat (beef tallow, BHA, BHT, and citric acid added to protect flavor), Monosodium Glutamate, Food Starch-Modified (corn), Seasoning (salt, hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, yeast extract, caramel color, flavoring, with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil [cottonseed, soybean] added), Onion Powder, Soybean Oil, Caramel Color, Garlic, Pepper, Lactic Acid, Disodium Inosinate and Disodium Guanylate, Oleoresins (Paprika, Celery, Capsicum). Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 Teaspoon (5.0g) Servings Per Container 91 Amount Per ServingCalories15Calories from Fat10 % Daily Value*Total Fat1g 1% Saturated Fat0g 0% Trans Fat0g Cholesterol0mg 0% Sodium760mg 32% Total Carbohydrate1g 0% Dietary Fiber0g 0% Sugars0gProtein0gVitamin A 0% - Vitamin C 0%Calcium 0% - Iron 0%*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs: Calories:2,0002,500Total FatLess than65g80gSaturated FatLess than20g25gCholesterolLess than300mg300mgSodiumLess than2,400mg2,400mgTotal Carbohydrate300g375gDietary Fiber25g30gCalories per gram: Fat 9 - Carbohydrate 4 - Protein 4 Does anyone see anything here that would be a red flag and a reason to not use this to make beef stock for a gluten-free roast?
  14. Gluten-free Blog

    So I have been researching and adding things to my blog, which has a gluten-free tag to keep all the gluten-free posts together. [url="http://toddzgrrl02.multiply.com/"]http://toddzgrrl02.multiply.com/[/url] (look for the gluten-free tag) I read two books last night (kid books) and posted some information from them that I wanted to keep. And, I posted some links. Nothing else new at this point in time. Still need to clean/organize the kitchen. In a way we are lucky that we have this time to prepare. I realize not everyone gets that luxury. We're going to Indy on Tues. and going by Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to check out their gluten-free products.
  15. As I've mentioned previously, my gluten-free stepdaughter will be coming for her summer visit so we are getting the pantry/fridge/kitchen cleaned up and organized etc. She will be here for a month or so. Now, while she is not here, we like to eat our share of homemade bread/pasta so there is no shortage of flour in our home. I keep some in the paper package in the freezer so it stays fresh longer. Other flours I have are in canisters or rubbermaid containers for storage. So, my question is, for the flour I keep in the freezer, should I package it differently (and if so, how would be the best way) for storage in the freezer so it doesn't contaminate other food items. And if anyone thinks there is a problem with how I store the other flour, pls advise me on alternatives. I don't really know of any better way to store it. Thanks!