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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have sent emails to GIG & CSA. I will contact our local hospital next week. I used to work there & know the Education Director. What a great suggestion. I know she would love to help me. If you think of anything else or if someone else has suggestion, keep them coming. Thanks Deb
  2. First let me explain there are no support groups closer than 150 miles from my small rural town. I have had a few people ask me to help them with a gluten-free diet. I would like to start a support group in my area for those whom have a Gluten issue or have been diagnoised with Celiac's. I know there are a lot of others in our area who could benifit from help. I have never been to a support group of any kind How does one start a group? What is the usually agenda for meetings? Does a group need to be backed by a national organization? How often do groups typically meet? Should any information forms or questionnaires be used? Any & all help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to get started as soon as I can. Deb
  3. Hey All, I need some help. I have Bette Hagman's book "Cooks Fast & Healthy" any way there is a recipe in there for onion soup mix using Kitchen Bouquet seasoning sauce. Then I read somewhere it contained gluten and I thought no way, if Bette put it in her book than it is OK. Well it does because I called the company and they said yes. Anyway my question is, does anyone have a good substitute for Kitchen Bouquet in recipes. I really would like to try the recipe but need something else to use. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks Deb
  4. Thought everyone might like to see the list Safeway Corp sent me yesterday. We live in a small town with only Safeway, Walmart and a small Local grocery store to buy our food. It is a challange to get gluten-free products without going out of town or mail order. Comments or Questions : Would you please provide me with a list of Safeway brand items that are Gluten Free. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You Deb Maggart Dear Mrs. Maggart: We received your request for information on Safeway private label products for those troubled with gluten-induced enteropathy or celiac-sprue. While we are somewhat familiar with the malabsorption syndrome, we do not presume to prescribe any of our products for any specific diet(s). On the other hand, we are happy to provide what information we have which might be useful to you. For your information, we have over 5,000 different products in our Safeway private label product line and we do not have a listing of ingredients available for the general public on each of these items so we are not able to comply with all requests. We do suggest that you read carefully all ingredient labeling information on products that you purchase. We can tell you that our frozen vegetables and fruits should be okay since they do not contain any other ingredients but the vegetables or fruits themselves. The exception to this would be our frozen vegetables in sauce. Another group of items that would be acceptable are non-breaded seafood items, poultry that has not been breaded or stuffed, and our Lucerne/SELECT eggs. In other words, all fresh meats, seafood's and eggs. Acceptable dairy items would be all fluid milks, except chocolate milk when starch is added and the source is not listed, cottage cheese and natural cheeses. Most bakery items we believe would not be acceptable for use in this diet. We have taken the initiative to solicit all of our suppliers for lists of their products that are gluten free. This list is attached for your easy reference. As near as we can determine, the above information is correct; however, we cannot guarantee that changes will not occur from time to time in our ingredient listings, or vendor changes that would affect processing methods or raw ingredients. We do appreciate your interest in our Safeway Brand products and hope that we have been of some help to you. Please note that these products also apply to Safeway, Vons, Dominick's, Randalls, Tom Thumb and Genuardi's (SELECT only) Celiac Sprue - (gluten-free food products) SELECT Brand BBQ Sauce (Honey Mustard) Carbonated Beverage, Clear Sparkling Water (all varieties) Chocolate Chips Dressings (Basil Ranch, Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Cranberry/Orange, and Harvest Vegetable) Enchilada Sauce (vinegar distilled w/wood, pulp) Flavored Coffees Gourmet Dipping Sauces (Plum and Honey Mustard) Jams/Jellies Mayonnaise (Regular, Reduced Fat and Fat Free distilled w/wood) Mustard (Classic/Country Dijon) Refrigerated Pasta Sauces (Classic Pesto, Creamy Parmesan Basil, Garden Vegetable & Herb, Light Alfredo, and Roasted Garlic & Mushroom) Sausage, Chicken (Apple, Parmesan, Basil, and Tomato) Sausage, Turkey (Italian) Steak Sauce Southwest Salsa (all varieties) Truffles (Chocolate/Raspberry, Mocha, Butterscotch, and Milk Chocolate) Tuna (Tongol) Verdi Marinara Sauce Winners Thirst Quencher (Lemon Lime, Lemon Ice, Orange, Lemon, Tropical, Fruit Punch, Glacier Wave, Tangerine Freeze, and Amazon Freeze) ENLIGHTEN Brand Dressings (Honey Mustard, Roasted Sweet Pepper & Garlic Vinaigrette, Garden Italian, and Balsamic & Red Wine Vinaigrette) HEALTHY ADVANTAGE Brand Corn Chowder Split Pea w/Ham Vegetarian Chili SAFEWAY Brand Apple Sauce (Cups, Natural and Sweetened) Aspartame Sweetener Black Olives Canned Beans (Pork & Beans, Light & Dark Red Kidney, Pinto, Blackeye, and Chick) Cashews, Halves & Pieces and Whole Cereal (Corn Nuggets, Corn Flakes and Fruity Nuggets) Cheese Curls & Cheese Puffs Cheese Spread, Aerosol (American, Cheddar and Sharp) Chicken Broth Coconut (Sweetened) SAFEWAY Brand Corned Beef Hash Corn Starch Cranberry Sauce (Whole and Jellied) Cream Style Corn Deluxe Mixed Nuts Dried Beans (Pink, Great Northern, Lentils, Black, Blackeye, Small White, Large Lima, Small Red, Green Split, Light Red Kidney, Pinto, Baby Lima, and Navy) Dried Fruit (Prunes, Raisins, Apricots, Peach, Apple, and Cherry) Extracts & Pure Spices (if gluten, ingredient statement will declare) Fruit Snacks Grated Parmesan Cheese (3, 8 & 16oz.) Instant Rice Hot Cocoa Mix (with and w/o Marshmallows and Fat Free) Home Run Pies (All Divisions except No. California and Vons) Honey (Pure and Creamed) Instant Breakfast Instant Puddings and Instant Gelatins Iced Tea Mix Jams/Jellies Juices (Tomato, Lemonade, Pineapple, Apple, Orange, Prune, White/Pink Grapefruit, Ruby Red, Grape, Cranberry, Cranberry/Raspberry, Cranberry/Apple, and Cranberry/Grape) Ketchup Lemon Juice Limeade Maraschino Cherries Marshmallows Microwave Popcorn (all varieties) Milk (Sweetened, Condensed) Mixed Nuts w/Peanuts Mustard Oils, edible Onion Soup Mix Peanuts, Dry Roasted and Roasted/Salted Spanish Pudding Snack Cups (Banana, Butterscotch, Chocolate Fudge, Tapioca, Chocolate, and Vanilla) Peanut Butter (Reg. & Reduced Fat Smooth and Crunchy) Popcorn Cakes Salad Dressing (Light & Regular Zesty Italian, Creamy Italian, Light & Regular Ranch, Ranch w/Bacon, Fat free & Regular 1000 Island, and California) Sauerkraut Splash (Tropical, Strawberry/Kiwi, and Berry) Sugar (Granulated, Powdered, and Brown) Sugar Free Mixes (Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Raspberry) SAFEWAY Brand Syrup (Old Fashioned, Light, and Butter Light) Tomato Juice Tomato products (all canned) Tortilla Strips, Nacho Cheese, and Golden Chips (Casa del Pueblo) Tuna, Chunk Light Vinegar, White Distilled SAFEWAY Brand Refrigerated Aerosol Whipping Cream (Light and Non Dairy) Butter Cheese, Processed Sliced Cooked Ham, 95% Fat Free Cream Cheese (soft, bars, onion/chive, strawberry, garden vegetable, light, Neufchatel, Fat free, whipped spread) Dips (French Onion, Clam, Bacon Onion, Green Onion, Ranch, Avocado, Guacamole) Margarine Milk Drinks (Mocha Cappuccino, Chill'n Chocolate, Very Berry Strawberry, Marvelous, and Vanilla Shake) Orange Juice Soups (Potato Leak, Fire Roasted Tomato, Hearty Vegetable Beef, New England Clam Chowder, and Minestrone) Vegetable Oil Spreads, 70%, 37% Light, and 70% 1/4lb sticks (Homestyle) Whipped Topping (Regular and Light) MANOR HOUSE Turkey LUCERNE Brand Buttermilk Cream Cheese, Regular/Fat Free Neufchatel Egg Nog Half & Half Sour Cream, Low fat/Nonfat String Cheese Whipping Cream (Regular/Light/Heavy) Yogurt, Pre-Stirred Low fat/Nonfat SAFEWAY Brand frozen Hash Browns (Shredded and Southern Style) Potatoes (Crinkle Cut, French Fried, O'Brien, Restaurant style Crinkle Cut, Shoestring, Steak Cut, Twice Baked) Orange Juice Concentrate SELECT/Safeway/Lucerne Brand Frozen Desserts If you would like to discuss this further, please reply to this email or call our toll free number at 1-877-723-3929 One of our associates will be happy to assist you. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for shopping at Safeway. Sincerely, James Crotty Customer Service Center
  5. Take Along Foods?

    Hey all - Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me for travel food. What I mean is we are going to Argentina for Christmas. We will be staying with Friends and will have a kitchen to cook in. It will be summer there so I am hoping to get some good produce. What stuff do you take along if you can cook. I just went gluten-free a little less than a month ago and am not sure what to pack. Any ideas will be a big help. Thanks Deb
  6. Hey all Have a quick question. What are the recommendation on vitamins? What I mean is what brands are good for being gluten-free? I did a search and some have said Nature Made. It seems like I saw a post about a company that is all gluten-free and there was a web site posted, but I can't find it. What about Whole foods? Do they carry gluten-free vitamins also? I will be going out of town next week and plan an stopping at Whole Foods. Also does anyone take Soy pills for menaposal (sp) symptoms. If so what brand do you take or which one would be gluten-free. Thanks for any input Deb
  7. Stephanie - What brand of pumpkin ice cream was it?? I will look for the Lara bars when I go to the store next. I probably can
  8. Stephanie, It's great to know that their snickerdoodle cookies at that good. I ordered some of them before I read your post. How was the Pumpkin ice cream with them?? Sound like a pumpkin pie. mmmmm!! I also ordered the hamburger buns - Rice-Garfava, sandwich bread - Rice, dinner rolls - Montina , The Pizza crust, & saltine crackers. It seems like quite a lot of different types to me but I just need to see which one I like. I live in Lamar so its not that close to Springs, Denver etc. It is a whole day trip to go up. If their stuff is really good I'm sure I will be going more often or just ordering for delivery. I will be sure to let you know what I think after eating some. Also thanks for the tip on meatloaf. That was one of the reasons I was buying the crackers. Now I will remember to use bread, maybe the millet I didn't like for sandwhiches. You are right not to waste any. Deb
  9. I am going to be going to Colorado Springs Next Tuesday and want to know if anyone buys from "Outside The Bread Box" bakery they are a gluten-free bakery only. They have several breads to choose from and I'm not sure which ones I should get. Their web site is www.outsidethebreadbox.com. some of the products I was looking at are the sandwich breads one is Rice-garfava bread, Rice bread, & Montina bread. Has anyone bought from them? what are you experinces as to the three types of bread I wrote above? If you go to their web site you can see the ingerdients listed when you click on the product. You do have to order 48 hours in advance if you are picking up anything from them so any help ASAP would really be appreciated. The only sliced bread I have tried since going gluten-free a little over a week ago is Millet bread. It's OK I guess, but I didn't like is for a sandwich. I can't buy much of anything in my town. We do have a health food store but all the carry is the millet bread. I tried to make some using Bette Hagman's "Tender Buttermilk Bread" recipe. It turned out terrible. My bread machine died so that may have been most of it. I can't even buy a new machine where I live. The local wal-mart doesn't carry them anymore. Any help of suggestions? Thanks, Deb
  10. Hi all, Just thought I would let you know I ordered my test from Enterolabs yesterday. I emailed Dr Fine prior to ordering asking about how long a speciman would be good since I live in a rural area that does not have pick up or delivery everyday by Airborne. He emailed me back that the stool can be frozen and can stay that way indefinitely. He said they get specimens from all over the world. I'm really looking forward to some closure on this. I can't get an answer anywhere else. I started gluten-free diet over a week ago and feel considerable better until yesterday when I ate a green chili burrito. It only took 1 hour after to make me feel like crap.
  11. red345, Just thought I would let you know that Helicobacter pylori is not a virus. It is a bacterium. You can read all about it by going to the following site [url=http://www.helico.com] If it were a virius an antibiotic would not kill it. I'm not trying to be rude here but you should know that a virius is not removed from the body with antibiotics.
  12. Hey All, Just thought I would let you know I had my colonoscopy on Tuesday. I was very upset after. The GI told me I didn
  13. Hey Jill, Don't forget to make sure the ginger snaps are gluten-free. They are made with flour in the pre made ones I have eaten. I'm sure someone out there can suggest a gluten-free varity. Good luck. They are very yummy. hope you find a good gluten-free one. Deb
  14. molasses is a sugar. It is the end product after boiling down juice from sugar cane. It must be OK since it is just sugar. I son't think they add anythnig when they make it. You can look it up in the dictionary. It has a very distinct flavor. If you ever ate ginger snaps they are flavored by the molasses. enjoy. Deb
  15. I can't tell you much about going gluten-free and periods cause I had a hysterectomy at age 33 I'm now 47, due to having a constant beelding problem. after surgery I found out I had Adenomyosis. I always had long heavy periods with lots of cramps, clots, leg and hip pain. I thought it was normal for a period to last 8 to10 days as a teenager. Only after I got older did I realize it wasn't. I took BC pills for several years and It helped with the the heavy flow but not the cramps. After my surgery I didn't have to take hormons since they left an overy. now I get the hot flashes ( probably into menopause now) I refuse to take hormones since there is a big history of cancer in my family. I take soy pills and I can tolarate them. I think this is just another clue to Celiacs. Just seems the varied internal problems go on & on. Deb