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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vodka

    over the weekend i drank brunette's...i mixed it with lemonade (half and half) for the first drink and the second i mixed it half and half with red bull. those were the only 2 drinks i had all night and i drank them 2 hours appart from eachother and after drinking the second drink i went to my room and threw up. and then the next 2 days after that i had a bad stomach ache. is this from my gluten allergies? ps i drink very little by the way.
  2. College Experiences

    i go to michigan state university. and at first i tryed really hard to stay on my diet...but after awhile i got sick of eatting spinach salads every meal so i said screw it. i would have to say i hate eatting at the dorm cafeteria. i could watch what i eat better but if i do i end up being extremely hungry an hour after i eat because im not gettin the carbs that i need...which ends in me eatting a bunch of junk food in my room...then i gain more weight. i hate it...i hope this helps a lil...and if anyone has a any suggestions for me i would love them because i need to get back to not eatting gluten!
  3. Newly Dx In Howell, Mi

    hey i am from muskegon michigan...i am not diagnosed and i dont know if i even have celiac nemore but i jus wanted to let you know im from michigan too! feel free to email me anytime