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  1. Has anyone ever heard of camel's milk? I was watching Jack Hanna on Wild kingdom in an interview on GMA and he is lactose intolerant but utilizes camel's milk, wondered if anyone had heard of using this as soy is not my daughters favorite alternative to milk still. Also now that we are getting into the fall season, our family is big into soups, especially during the holidays, does anyone know of safe soups, or safe soup recipes, for the cream soups used in lots of dishes or vegetables soups too. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Fish And Lettuce Questions

    Thanks everyone, its a lengthy deal but I have an ex spouse who seems to believe that our daughter whom is also a celiac should not and cannot consume fish, she has never had Dh but that is his opinion and ventimentally states I am poisoning her if I allow the consumption of fish in my home. I am a celiac myself and we live near the ocean so its not even a matter of pond fish. Same thing goes with the lettuce he refuses to feed her anything but the iceberg as he says its good enough roughage for her, which I believe is increasing her water levels in her body and complicating the diaherra situation too. She's extremely sensitive right now as she has had edema set in as her body was trying to shut down, malnourishment and now she is on MP6 her steriod, engy tube feedings and various medications too. But her diet with me has been gluten free since January and I have been since her diagnosis but my official diagnosis was in March 2004. So we are still all new to this but learning and getting better.
  3. I have heard that reportedly consumption of fish/seafood and etc is not good for celiacs? has anyone else ever heard this? Also what about lettuces is there any concern there? Any help someone can give would be beneficial.
  4. First off I am very embarrassed by this question but since I have been gluten free since March after blood antigens said I was 96% positive for Celiac and a biospy later fully diagnosed me I have now started to have severe constipation to the point that it is painful, I don't even have bowel movements on a regular basis either its like maybe once or twice a week and are all extremely painful and then also there is some blood in the stool, I don't know if its from a hemorroid that I have from child birth or what and I am so embarrassed to talk to my doctor face to face about this, I am a new patient of his as we just relocated to this area and even though he is familiar with celiac and very knowledgeable its embarrassing. I have even contemplated over the counter laxatives to lessen the constipation, I drink tons of water, and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and all so I just don't get it I go from having loose stools to now this. Any suggestions on what to do or how to broach this topic with the doctor?
  5. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac in mid February and we are still having extreme complications from it, she has an engy tube on steriods and now the doctor wants to switch her to a medication called 6mp and believes she has an autoimmune myopathy in the developing stages of chrons disease. We know she has hashimoto's thyroiditis, celiac and now this. How many other celiacs have numerous diseases and ongoing difficulties? My child just keeps getting worse each time we take her in? Is there anything we can do or some doctor who is educated in celiac and its complexities? It seems the children's hospital we have her seeing the GI specialist at is just stabbing at the dark and meanwhile she is not getting better even with gluten free, sugar free lactose free diet in place. HELP
  6. Does anyone have a recipe on how to create gluten-free mozzeralla sticks, we have found almond cheese to substitue for the real mozzeralla as daughter is currently unable to consume milk products, but we so terribly miss mozzeralla sticks and mariana sauce. Any help?
  7. Failure To Thrive In Celiac Child

    I have seen so many people saying they wer diagnosed by enterlob what is that exactly, my daughter and I both had blood antigens done and then an endoscope and biospies done to confirm we were positive for celiac disease. My blood came back 92% positive and after the scope even I could tell from the pictures I had full blown celiac yet no symptoms because I have never liked breads or pastas, So if you can tell me what enterlob is I am interested. Thanks. Oh on the doctor note now he's saying it would be helpful to compare the results as it will better give him and his staff a course of direction. Okay that doesn't sound truthful at all and again he mentioned the studies so I think he's trying to sham me into our being his guinea pigs. Plus I found out he's not a specialist with this just a pediatric GI interested in studying it and doing the 30 year case study.
  8. Has anyone ever had thier child's pediatric GI want their results to compare to their childs results to clarify how to treat thier child? I don't see the correlation between our results, yes we both have it yet I am not symptomatic and she is extremely ill? I also don't really trust this dr to hold to the confidentiality of my results as I have a former spouse involved in this and this dr wants to do a 30 yr familys study on celiacs in familys, so I am really apprehensive to all this. What do you think? Is this going to help my child out or is this guy just climbing the wrong branch still?
  9. Need to locate a good celica specialist(pediatric perferred) in the Rio Grande Valley area? Can anyone help? Thanks
  10. Just an FYI Burts Bees has a line of makeup, shampoos, lotions and even toothpastes, which is wonderful smells great, is gluten-free friendly and is also eco friendly plus the manufacturer will provide you with a list of all their gluten free products. We love their lip balms and lotions as they smell great and feel awesome too. I use their foundation/moisturized tint and its great.
  11. Failure To Thrive In Celiac Child

    She's eight, we are currently dealing with Children's Mercy in Missouri but they don't seem to know what to do. She is on Leventhryroid,calicitriol,(recently stopped also)calcium supplements(3000mgdaily)(changed to a bicarbonate instead of a carbonate)Magnesium(recently stopped ),Zinc sulfate,Pertinzole(steroid)Prevacid, PotassiumK and a daily childs vitamin, she has two engy feedings a day for a total of 1300 cc's daily. She had a pic line when we first got her home, but her level of protein and potassium leveled out at the time, her potassium just bottoms out for no real reason. I would like to get her to Texas as there are specialist this way but right now she is visiting her real father whom refuses and believes this doctor at CM has the answers in the mean time her weight is only at 58 varily and it flucatates lots still. Plus she has hypothyroidism or hashimoto's thyroiditis.
  12. I have concerns questions and hope some one out there can help me. My daughter was diagnosed in Mid february this year with celiac disease and hashimotos thyroiditis(hypothyroidism). Since the initial diagnosis we have been in and out of the hospital totaling now three of the five months since diagnosis. Our most recent hospitalization was due to failure to thrive and she now has engy tube feedings and will regain weight but when the doctors start to decrease of fiddle just a little bit with her medications she loses the weight gained. Now the most recent doctor to take over her case believes there is some other prevalent disease or manifestation that is complicating her disease. Does anyone know of articles regarding failure to thrive or anything that might help us. I am really searching for some solid information at this point as our doctors are about tapped out. Also does anyone know if there have been any family studies regarding the genetics of celiac as I have it my daughter has it yet neither of my parents or my daughters siblings have it.