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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. In Search Of Bread Machine

    When you make breads at home, I'm sure they taste better than the store bought gluten free breads, which i personally hate... but how good are they? Are they actually comparable to real bread in any way? I really hate the store bought breads that I've tried and I don't know if its because they don't taste fresh or what the problem is. I need to try fresh gluten free bread I guess!
  2. yeah I've had tinnitus all my life. I never thought of that being gluten related, that would be amazing if gluten free would help that!
  3. yeah, someone said to me that they would just deal with it if they had a gluten problem... I just think people don't really have any clue how terrible it is to have the symptoms so they think... oh, well, just suck it up... lots of people have problems with digesting different things...
  4. Anxiety And Gluten

    I have only been doing this for a few weeks and I keep making mistakes! Anyway one thing that I notice is tension when I've been really gluten free for even just a few days I sleep better even if its less hours, and don't feel exhausted the next day. I have severe problems with night anxiety... I will lay awake all night worrying. If there is nothing to worry about then I will invent something, like oh I'm not getting enough sleep I have to wake up in x hours... its really frustrating. But I think part of the reason I sleep better when I haven't had gluten is that those thoughts aren't so strong on those nights. I don't know. I guess time will tell for me what all improves. I'm hoping to see some improvements in both my emotional health as well as physical!
  5. Ugh

    Thank you everyone for your replies. I think the brand was Daucy. My roommate took out the trash so I didn't get to check for "natural flavors" but I might go to the store tomorrow and read the can again and see! And make sure thats the brand name! hehe I remember what the can looks like! I haven't eaten that in years. So we'll see! But thanks again everyone!
  6. Ugh

    I usually eat beans because I don't eat meat. And I haven't had any problems until the baked beans. its weird. I don't really understand if it wasn't gluten then what it was. If it was the fact of beans I don't understand why it wouldn't have happened before this. I didn't even eat rice with them yesterday, I normally do but yesterday I had beans and fresh veggies for that meal. I don't know.. All I know to do is just keep trying and not eat those beans again. grr.
  7. Ugh

    So, I have been sticking to this diet very carefully. I've been eating fresh fruits and veggies, rice, etc. I was doing sooo well. today I ate fresh veggies and a can of baked beans. I read the ingredients very carefully. I saw nothing that I did not recognize and nothing was gluten! Then a little while later I had problems. A few hours later. All it could possibly have been was those beans. I thought back about what I ate yesterday and I had nothing but fresh foods that I made myself... I'm just really frustrated because how can you keep from getting glutened if products that do not say they contain gluten still contain it!? Its so frustrating. I guess its just going to take me a long time to learn what I can and can't eat. Now I'm scared to eat anything that isn't a fresh vegetable. grr
  8. Soy

    Does soy damage the villi too? Just curious. I think I'm going to keep a food log too.
  9. Soy

    Hi everyone, I seem to have problems with soy. I've read that a lot of people with gluten problems also have problems with soy. Does anyone know what the connection between the two are? I just don't understand why one would cause the other. I understand it as far as lactose goes because once you heal you can add it back. But soy isn't like that, is it? I just wonder if anyone knows what the connection is! thanks!