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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hi i have posted before but it was a while ago. posted regarding pretty much the same symptoms i am having now but it was worse back then. been gluten-free for about 11 years. was diagnosed a few years back with MC. was put on meds for that but nothing seemed to work. then somehow things got a better but now they are not as good. they are still better then they were a few years ago (i was going to the bathroom 5-6 times a day) had a burning type sensation in my belly, gurgling usually on the left side. all of my bathroom problems were primarily around lunch time. well, now i am back to that.....have this pain in gut or sudden urge to go usually around 11:30-1:30. sometimes it's ok (not 100% normal but not horrible either) but sometimes it is loose. sorry if too much info. i have also noticed the past few days (altough not today) that after eating lunch and/or dinner i would feel very bloated, not in my stomach but low. i just really need to vent. i have no idea what causes this and why usually at lunch time? it's very frustrated and i don't know what else to do. i have been trying to stay away from dairy, do eat a little but other than that i am at a loss.
  2. i have noticed forthe past week or so, after every meal i feel full. i get hungry at the usual meal times but when i eat, i don't eat as much as i usually do and feel full and kind of bloated after. any thoughts? thanks. i am a bit nervous about it.
  3. Any One From Ct?

    i am from hartford county.....
  4. Any One From Ct?

    i am...where are you?
  5. i can't remember if i posted this question before...but here it goes....does anyone suffer from orange colored stool? i have been gluten-free for 10 years and the past couple of years things have gotten worse.....i have noticed for quite some time that pretty much every day, no matter what kind of stool i have, it's generally on the orange side.....help??!!
  6. Celiact

    YES, IT IS CALLED Celiact
  7. i was just wondering if any of you out there have tried the new celiact supplement and what your thoughts were - if it helped at all.....
  8. long story short...having issues, went to a new gi dr. a couple of months ago....just went to a naturopath on monday....she prescribed a heavy duty probiotic....i just noticed on the label it does not contain wheat but it says it is processed in a facility that processes, wheat, and other allergens....should i keep taking it? do you all stay away from things that say "processed in a facility that contains, wheat, nuts, eggs, etc"????
  9. ok....i have celiac (diagnosed about 9 yrs. ago) about 2 1/2 years ago, started with loose stools, sometimes a burning sensation in stomach area, etc. had a stool test in sept. of 2008 i think that said i had a higher fat content but it was only a 1 day stool test....celiac blood panel came back normal. finally this november i had another endoscopy and colonoscopy....diagnosed with microscopic colitis and vili still flattened but better than my 2001 endoscopy. so dr. put me on prednisone for 15 days then entocort...things were much better in dec. but then in jan. things started to go down hill again...still better but not as good as dec. dr. then told me to take asacol along with the entocort....things still not better, maybe a bit worse. switched drs. b/c of some issues with old dr. new dr. said to keep on the asacol until the end of this month....i have now been dealing with what i think are acid reflux symptoms....lump in throat, belching, etc. no acid in throat though....and stools are kind of back to where they were back before i started any meds....so i just called new dr. left a message and said that i was taking myself off the asacol as it does not seem to be helping much and i kind of broke down....started to cry right there on the phone....i am just done...so tired of trying to figure out what the heck is going on...i am watching what i am eating...staying away from dairy as much as possible. now i really wonder if my symptoms are all due to refractory celiac or if something else is going on??? do any of you have a burning sensation? do you sometimes see a "film" on toilet water? are your stools not normal??? my main issue is that my stools get looser as the day goes on....it can be good in the a.m. (still not normal) looser after lunch and then sometimes i go late afternoon and then it is really loose or like water....i just don't get it....if any of you out there have any advice or suggestions, i would really appreciate it!! thanks!
  10. while i was doing research on mc, i came across an article that casein intolerance can cause villous atrophy? does anyone know if this is true?
  11. i have both celiac (diagnosed 2001) and now diagnosed with mc in november 2010....was put on a prednisone for a brief period and then started entocort - 3 pills a day.....it seemed to help for about a month and then things kind of started going down hill....then after another month dr. put me on asacol 800 mg hd- 1 pill 3 times a day....i did some research and i think the recommended dosage is 2 pills 3 times a day. i am switching drs....going to get a second opinion on tues. we shall see what the new dr. says.maybe just switching to the recommended dosage of the asacol will help me. good luck! any other questions, feel free to ask.
  12. it does not go away it can go into remission though...can be days, weeks, months or even years but it can come back in the blink of an eye....i still have not had remission, although i just got diagnosed with it in november......
  13. what are your symptoms? i have both celiac and mc.....was on prednisone for a brief period (15 days) that helped a little, then tried entocort, things were ok but not as i had hoped, now on entocort and asacol at the same time...things possibly a little better...just started the new treatment about 2 weeks ago, so it may be too early to tell....some meds take a while to work, if they are going to.....
  14. Probiotics

    i know they are safe...just curious as to which ones people have tried and which ones most people prefer.....
  15. Probiotics

    nobody out there takes probiotics or digestive enzymes?