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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. welcome to my world. I also was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. I was gluten free for one year before I got pregnant with the help of a fertility clinic. I did Follistim (an injectable drug) plus IUI. I am currently trying to get pregnant again & we are on our 12th cycle. I am just not responding well at all. let me know if you have any questions.
  2. To Take Progesterone Or Wing It?

    I was diagnosed in June 2003 with celiac disease. I was on progesterone suppositories twice trying to conceive. When I became pregnant I was on them for 10 weeks. I am once again trying to get pregnant and on them every cycle. I have had NO problems with constipation or reactions. It is worth the "messiness" for sure!
  3. I have celiac - so does my father & brother. I had a baby girl in March. our ped seems to think testing around 3 or 4 years of age is fine. I would rather have it done earlier. At what point do you have your child tested?
  4. Breastfeeding With Celiac

    My daughter was born in March of this year. She was full term & just under 7lbs. I have been "glutened" once since her birth. That day & the next my production was WAY down. She ate constantly & never got enough. it was so very sad. Pump, drink TONS of water, and eat right - that all helps temendously. So does Mother's Milk tea.
  5. I had our first baby in March. I would suggest getting a hold of the dietican, Labor/Delivery Head Nurse & anesesolgy (I know I butchered that spelling!) ASAP. They need to know BEFORE you get there. I was told to bring my own Tylenol & Advill - they use generics that are NOT gluten free & may not have gluten free on hand. They will not let you use your own unless it is previously established with the L&D head prior to arriving at the hospital. the actual epidural & pitocin & nubain are all gluten free. the tape is not - so I just had to deal with a minor rash. Good luck!
  6. Bf Question

    I had the same problem. My daughter would not eat well at the breast. We used a SNS (bottle thing with a tube) with a nipple shield, then bottle fed by daddy while I pumped. I hate to tell you, but we did this every feeding for 3-4 weeks, then just the sheild until she was 6 weeks. Then BAM she just went for the breast. Now we have a hard time giving her a bottle when we have to do it. She is now 15 weeks. It is so hard - but hang in there. It is worth it in the end.
  7. I had been trying to get pregnant for one year before being diagnosed with celiac disease. AFter being gluten free for one year I finally conceived. We now have a beautiful daughter - Eva Marie - born in March.
  8. Hospital Food?

    I have been in close contact with our hospital. I started with the head labor/delivery nurse, the anethesoligist (I can NOT spell that word), the pharmacist & the dietian. All have come up with plans for me. START EARLY talking to them. I was all set to go at 36 weeks. It is worth it to put in many phone calls to make sure they understand everything. I'm due on the 13th, so I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. Getting Pregnant

    No, you aren't worrying too much, just taking charge. I really don't think drs did as much for me as my acupuncturist did. she told me 9months of treatment & I would see a difference - and I did. Combine that & my injectable drugs for fertility & I got pregnant. I would recommend looking for a Tradition Chinese Medicine dr/acupuncturist in your area. It really was the best way to go.
  10. Getting Pregnant

    I should have added that I did have normal periods ON birth control - because it's hormones. It was when I went off that things started to change & my period got shorter & shorter.
  11. Getting Pregnant

    From my experience, I did have a hard time getting pregnant, probably due to celiac. I was only diagnosed because my father was. About 9 months after my diagnosis & going gluten free I had normal periods. Exactly one year after diagnosis - I was pregnant. I am now 33 weeks. I do "appear" smaller in the belly - but who knows. We will be watching our child closely for signs of celiac & will have him/her tested around 2 years of age. We found a pediatrician with expericence to help us out. That was very important to us. Good luck, try to relax (I know I hated to hear that in the 2+ years we tried), and if you do have problems - see an acupuncturist (they rock - stick with Traditional Chinese Medicine dr) & see a fertility specialist.
  12. Hi! My husband & I were married in May 2003 & started trying to have a family then. In June 2004 I was diagnosed with celiac. On July 3, 2005 we found out I was finally pregnant. I had been gluten free for one year & finally had 3 normal periods. I was 37 at the time. Pregnancy has been incredible. I feel wonderful - better than ever. I am VERY careful with food, the only problems I have had have been due to inlaws that "don't believe me" & rarely tell the truth on what they cook with. I have had no morning sickness, but I have been incredibly tired. All you can do is sleep. I am due in 9 weeks & honestly will miss being pregnant. It is a wonderful feeling to wake up to a little one moving all around & it's just between the two of you. Although I will admit to backaches & heartburn now! good luck
  13. Weight Gain

    By 18 weeks I had gained maybe 5lbs. don't worry - I am now 30 weeks & have gained 25lbs total. All of a sudden it just "packed on". Just keep eating enough & healthy. You'll be just fine.
  14. My husband & I were married in May, 2003 & tried to start a family right away. June, 2004 I was diagnosed with celiac. July, 2005 I got my postitive pregnancy test. I was very strict with my diet. I was diagnosed ONLY because my dad was diagnosed. One of my two brothers also has it. my drs DO think celiac may have played a part of my not getting pregnant. There was nothing else wrong with my husband or myself. They can not prove it though. I do not worry about passing it on to my child. It's 50/50. So they will eat like mommy - daddy does & he doesn't have it. I am 37 right now, so you should be just fine at 34. good luck, being pregnant is SO unbelievably wonderful. And NO morning sickness for me!!
  15. Congrats on your BOY!!! We chose not to find out. I am 25weeks now & feeling great. I'm getting BIG!! And it's hard having a craving for chocolate cake with frosting at midnight & no gluten free cake in the house! Oh well, it helps keep the weight gain in check.