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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My husband has celiac, I react to corn, and neither of us can have soy or dairy. We had the Road's End 'Chreese" on Tinkiada pasta and nearly cried. The kids ate it, but none of us thought is was Kraft quality, or home made with real chedar. You may have to go without for several years until the youngun is willing to take anything that has the 'fat' taste to it that life without cheese . . . um, what ever the word is. Well, I hope this helps a little. I'm going to look for the Namaste mix. Namaste is awsome.
  2. Pear & Fig Bread Pudding

    This sounds really yummy. We had your Chicken with Raspberry wine sauce. I doubled the sauce and then cooked fresh carrots until bright, and served the whole thing. Even the 6 year old liked it. Thanks. I am really amazed how recently you became gluten free.
  3. My husband did not notice any difference until he added wheat back. After some experimentation, and time, his 10 year long headache was suddenly gone. You know, one of those "Wow! I haven't taken anything for a headache for a long time." After a week or two more, try the add back test. Refined white flour will affect you the most. How do I get to your blog? Best wishes with the wheat.
  4. Thanks a lot for all your responses. We eat a great deal of Thai since it is gluten and dairy free. I have thought of Jewish foods, but I may go check out a cook book for Kosher meals and see what is in there. Juliebove, I'm glad you added the 1 or 2 good recipes. I thought I was just being snooty. I guess the bottom line is there are no cook books for those who can't eat anything. We just bought a freezer this weekend and will be doing more of the freeze ahead dinners. I suppose we could put together our best recipes and publish a book ourselves. Is this the forum where people share recipes?
  5. You are the bomb! My family is very eager to check this one out.