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  1. would like to find pre-made bread that doesn't taste like cardboard.

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Rockstars

    I attend the Art institute of Dallas in the Graphic Design program, so most of my projects require a lot of work; with that comes, obviously, a lot of time. Like most college students, I stay up all night doing my projects most of the time. I started drinking Rockstar energy drinks because it's the only one I could find that doesn't contain artificial coloring (which have abhorrent effects to my mental state - Red makes me angry - Yellow makes me depressed - if blue effected me in a different way, M&M's would be vary cheap meds) or Sodium Benzoate (which I read can alter your DNA). I, however, have found myself becoming very depressed lately with these Rockstars; I'm trying to do a little more research to find the culprit of my depression among the 22 chemically enhanced ingredients. It was 23, but they recently took sodium benzoate out because of complaints. Who ever reads this, if you know of any other form of energy sufficient for a college student, please fill me in. I don't want to keep putting post-it notes on my shotgun reading "possible idea".