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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I don't think there are any gluten-free pizza places in Blacksburg, I might be a little hesitant to even order one if it is made with regular pizzas. The best gluten-free pizza I have ever had though is at Eats health food store in the frozen section, made by Glutino, it is amazing!
  2. I am here to help! I also live in Blacksburg and have a Celiac significant other and I am from Roanoke. There are many places to choose from in the area. If you are unsure about a place call first and alo make sure to order most of your meals without seasoning. Here are the following places we go and what we get that is Gluten-Free: Blacksburg: Poor Billy's: Sushi with no spicy sauce and no tempura. The chef's are also familar with Gluten-free so if you prefer a steak or chicken just let them know you need it gluten-free. Bogen's Mi Puerto: No seasoning... Wendy's: The chilli is gluten-free as well as baked potatoes. The Cellar: Spinach salad with grilled chicken with no seasoning and oil and vinegar. Outback: Ask for the Gluten-free menu Texas Steakhouse and Saloon: The wait staff is very helpful and familiar with gluten-free. You can also get LOTS at Eat's. Hope these help!
  3. Please note I modified my originaly blog. The menu doesn't say anything about gluten-free foods but they are in the works of changing that. One phone call to the place will assure you that mostly everything (except of course the pasta's and the crab cake & some deserts) are gluten free.
  4. If you are EVER in the Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Roanoke or New River Valley area in VA you HAVE to try The Bank in Pearisburg, VA. The owner/head chef was once the head chef of the Venitian and his wife a baker at the Venitian. She is a celiac and most of the main courses are gluten free and AMAZING. The menu doesn't make any claims to be Gluten-Free but they are in the works of changing that. Be prepared to "break the bank" but it is worth every penny and MORE! The server's are also extremely knowledgable about Celiacs, don't miss out on this diamond in the rough!
  5. Texas Roadhouse

    You may want to do more research because I know for a fact that MSG (Monosodium GLUTAMATE) does contain Gluten...
  6. Texas Roadhouse

    We went to Texas Roadhouse this weekend and they let us know that they no longer have "Gluten Free" items because they were sued for never really having Gluten Free items!! They told us they us MSG in EVERYTHING and the only options were steak without seasonings and a baked potato. After we ate we both got sick, Celiacs BEWARE!!!