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  1. River Cruise Moscow To St. Petersburg

    So glad to read a positive report about a river boat cruise in Russia. I do note that these posts are rather old. Does anyone have updated information on the availability of gluten-free in Russia - specifically Moscow and St. Petersburg? I've had one tour company tell me that gluten-free food may not be available, even in the big cities. I'd appreciate any updated info. BTW, I posted on Fodor's Russia forum over a month ago and have had no responses. Sigh.....Thanks much.
  2. Gluten-Free In Ireland

    Hi all, I just returned from my trip to Ireland. I am gluten-free (very sensitive) and I ATE my way through the country. It was fabulous. gluten-free bread was offered everywhere as was soup - one of my favorites. I was also able to get gluten-free fish and chips in Dublin - Beshoffs - and Killarney. Many people seem to know about Beshoffs but I've didn't know about the fish and chips place in Killarney but luckily I stumbled upon it. So, for all of you that plan a trip to Ireland, are gluten free and love fish and chips check out Marcos in Killarney. It's just around the corner from Christy's Department store. (The breading is a bit much but hey, when do we ever get to have 'breading'? No complaints here). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...
  3. I HAD to attend a dinner at OG a few years ago and the only foods offered were steak and steamed brocolli. How BORING.....OG is DEFINITELY not on my list.
  4. Larry's Subs

    As history, I 'discovered' that Larry's Subs in Savannah, GA was offering gluten-free sub rolls and they were DELICIOUS. I enjoyed the bread along w/the gluten-free meats for about a month but last week I went in and was told the gluten-free rolls were discontinued b/c there's wasn't the demand. To the best of my knowledge, Larry's Subs doesn't have a FB page but I tried to get the word out. When I found they had discontinued the product, I wrote to the people who created the rolls - Cookie Momsters in Jacksonville, FL (http://www.cookiemomsters.com/) Here is their response: Hello Linda, Thank you for letting us know about Savannah. We just signed a contract with a Distributor so that ALL Larry's Subs thru out the southeast can easily order the rolls. It may take a week or so for the word to filter to the stores but the system is in place now. What GREAT news.....pls. pass the word to everyone in the southeast and contact the company, Cookie Momsters to let them know how grateful we all are. USF1970 Savannah, GA
  5. Larry's Giant Subs

    Wow, WOW, WOW.....Larry's is now offering gluten-free rolls along w/their gluten-free meat. DELICIOUS! I just had a nice warm sub & the bread was faulous & it didn't fall apart. Wonderful ex- perience in Savannah, GA!!!
  6. I am sorry to report that the ONLY Outback Steakhouse in the COUNTRY that offered gluten-free 'blooming onions' (at the Roswell, GA store) is no longer doing so. FORTUNATELY I called before I drove the 40 miles to get there and yep, they offer them no longer. Something about a filtration system, etc and they 'don't want us to get sick w/contaminated flour' etc. So sad........it was SO good while it lasted.............SO GOOD.
  7. BTW, the biscuit recipe was not on the package but I used the recipe I found on Pamela's website - EAZY-PEAZY......
  8. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT. I made these tonight and they were nice and light and EASY. Thank you. They still had a bit of an odd taste to them but nothing that would keep me from making them again and again and again. THANK YOU.....
  9. wow, wow, WOW......just returned from Alligator Soul restaurant here in Savannah. We visited during restaurant week and WOW. They had..... (wait for it, wait for it) GLUTEN FREE BREAD. I was stunned beyond belief. And the dirty martini wasn't shabby either. Heading back as soon as I can!!!! I've lived in Savannah for over 26 years and this is the first time I've found gluten-free bread. Amazing......btw, if you're visiting Savannah and want to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons, YOU CAN. She has a gluten-free menu and her shrimp and grits are fabulous. No gluten-free bread however. And finally, Savannah has some of the BEST restaurants in the country and I mean that sincerely. We don't have too many chain restaurants which have the typical fare along w/gluten-free warnings. The restaurants we have are PRIMO.............absolutely PRIMO.
  10. YES......I'm still looking for a good biscuit recipe. I'll run right out tomorrow and get the baking mix you recommend. Thanks SO much......
  11. Thank you SO much. I'm very sorry it's taken me this long to reply. My granddaughter was born on 12/27 with a RAGING infection (exact quote) and was in NICU for 12 days so I'm just now getting to this. I've seen the Cup4Cup flour and know how expensive it is but I'd pay just about ANYTHING for decent biscuits. So, you think this gluten-free flour is worth the price? A dear friend used it to make me two loaves of bread (I THINK using a regular bread recipe) and the bread was just so-so. CERTAINLY not worth $20 for the bag of flour.....just sayin'. I'll look up the book you suggest. Many, many thanks.
  12. Nope, mine either. Take a look at other responses I rec'd from a similar post last December. I'm going to try DB12's recommendations. Are you from the south? I MISS my biscuits.....
  13. Newbie ... Blog And New Friends

    Hi VeggieGal - You responded to my request regarding biscuit recipes. Thank you....I've tried to respond to your post but keep getting an error so I'm sending my reply this way: "Are you from the UK by any chance? Here in the US, we refer to biscuits as a type of roll - unsweet. I believe in the UK, biscuits are what we call cookies. At any rate, many thanks for your reply. I greatly enjoy the peanut butter cookies/biscuits made from the same recipe you sent. Many thanks and have a wonderful holiday."
  14. I've been trying to reply to a post but keep getting this error msg - "The number of opening quote tags does not match the number of closing quote tags." Does anyone know what this means? Thanks as always for any help provided.
  15. Thank you for your very detailed message. I am painfully aware that one must be a chemist to bake gluten-free......I've had so many failures w/such costly ingredients that I've just about given up. BUT......my yearning for tasty biscuits will probably override my profound frustration. I'm going to try this w/the Namaste all-purpose flour mix and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, I'll once again, buy the multitude of flours this reciped requires and try again. That's how much I miss biscuits. BTW, does anyone out there know of a tasty biscuit already made? I attended a conference in Richmond, VA several years ago and was served very tasty rolls (can't remember if they were biscuits or not). As far as I know, they never made it to market in either pre-made or mix form. And so it goes. Again, thank you again for your helpful comments. Wishing everyone a happy holiday. Linda