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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease; I am trying to diagnose myself (and my daughter) before I pay for the blood work (which I will do). I have these red round patches on my skin. They started this year. They are mostly on my abodmen; but I also have a few of them on my legs. I would say it is mild. Sometimes they itch; sometimes they do not. They get very dry and scaly. Pictures of DH on the internet look like my skin, but I do not have the intense itching that I've read about. Could this possibly be a mild case of DH or does DH always have intense itching? Thanks! Jennifer M.
  2. When someone has Celiac Disease and consumes gluten, do they typically get a reaction immediately or could it occur several hours later? For example, last night my daughter (not diagnosed) woke up in the middle of the night because she had a bad tummy ache. She is not gluten-free; she had had a hamburger roll with dinner around 6:00. Still trying to piece together the puzzle, Jennifer M.
  3. Richard and Gillian, thanks for your replies. To answer your question, Richard, about my skin, the spots are round and crusty. Sometimes they itch and sometimes they do not. The majority of them are on my abdobmen, but I also have some spots on my legs. They are on both sides of my abdobmen and on both legs. Gillian, I generally feel fine overall. It's only once or twice a year where I get the "flushing" symptom and then "drained" feeling. That's why it seems so weird to me and makes me question whether or not it is celiac disease. Seems like the symptoms would be all the time, not occasional with celiac disease, or occasional symptoms possible? Thanks for piping in and giving me some guidance. I'll take all that I can get! Jennifer M.
  4. Hi. I am the parent of a five year old child whom I suspect may have Celiac Disease. I have mentioned my hunch to her pediatrician who told me that Celiac is extremely rare (which I know it's not) and that she just didn't "see" enough evidence to have her tested. I am here to get some opinions on whether or not I should push to have the bloodwork done. It will come at my expense (we have no insurance) and my daughter will *FLIP* at the needle, so I don't want to do this unneccesarily. I just need a reality check here, because it is killing me to think that I am causing her damage with the food that I am feeding her. Her name is Clara. Clara does not have the "classic" symptoms. She does NOT have diarrhea, bloating, or failure to thrive. She DOES have stomach aches every day and complaints of "I don't feel good" every day. She is also lactose intolerant (which I figured out on my own; the Dr. was no help there either). She gets tired easily. These symptoms come and go constantly. It breaks my heart. If those symptoms are not enough evidence on their own, I suspect that I might have it too. I do not have any abdominal distress, but in my research on Celiac Disease, I learned about Dermatitis Herpetiformis, and I think I may have that. The patches on my skin, mostly on my abdobmen, seem to match pictures I found of DH on the internet. I have not found a cream of any kind that will make it go away. The only other symptom I have is a weird one. About once or twice a year, my body *completely* flushes itself out. I spend about 1/2 hour in the bathroom just going and going and going (not diarrhea, but solid), until my intestines must be completely empty. It is accompanied by a cold sweat and a feeling of being completely drained. I've never known why this happens to me, and the symptoms disappear as quickly as they reappear. Would Celiac Disease do this? I could really use some advice here. I don't know if I should have myself or her tested at all, and if so, which one of us should go first? Seems like one result would lend credence to another, meaning if one of us has it then the second one should definitely be tested. But what if the first one shows up negative? Thanks for any advice, Jennifer M.