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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Gluten 'link' with schizophrenia Researchers believe gluten-rich foods could help trigger schizophrenia in people with a genetic predisposition to the mental condition. The protein is found in cereal grains which are used to make bread and pasta. Scientists at Inverness-based UHI have been studying the role of gluten in schizophrenia and diabetes and also links between the two illnesses. The researchers said sufferers' bodies were unable to handle gluten resulting in damage to healthy tissue. Two projects investigating the links between schizophrenia and diabetes and the part played by gluten were being run at UHI, the prospective University of the Highlands and Islands.
  3. I am posing this because of the late onset. Yes, some researchers state that events can trigger the gene to turn on later, but do not know extactly why. Due to my experience, I need to state this. Toxins cause gluten intolerance. In my family's case it was mold. Mold victims all become severely gluten intolerant. The toxins cause auto immune inflammatory responses and affects MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone) which controls cytokines and digestive processes. Toxins in food & products (artificial colorings, fragrances, artificial flavorings) all cause immune system responses. Please inspect your residence top to bottom. Is there any moisture in your basment? Do you have a HVAC system, etc.? If so, there could be mold growth, which could be causing your intolerances. The symtoms aand diseases related to celiac disease are identical to toxic injury.
  4. I am posting this because I have seen many where they have been gluten free for a long time, yet have seen little to no recovery. I have first hand experience with this. I became severely gluten intolerant. I had all the symptoms. My Para thyroid went crazy, constipated, fatigue, skin, tooth loss, hair loss, blurred vision, sleeplessness, and the list goes on. At the same time my wife & children even had symptoms. All varying in severity. I went gluten-free. I could go to the bathroom again, could function a little, and so on. Now the blood tests and endoscopy came up negative. We all know that this is not a 100% anyway. I reglutenated several times, sometimes on a blind, and went down hill. The rest of my family were also not well. I took the rest of my family off gluten and they too were a little better. It turned out we had a serious mold problem. Mold victims become gluten intolerant. The toxins produced by mold cause our immune system to go wild. Your good flora gets depleted by fungi colonization not to mention that certain hormones and cytokines cause digestion problems. I will discuss in more detail all aspects of mold toxicity (mycotoxicosis) in the future. If exposed to the levels we were you now become toxically injured. This means now your cell defenses are weakened and the ability to fight toxins, whether chemical or made by nature, are severely compromised. This in turn causes a hypersensitivity to chemicals. Fragrances, inks, gases, or many other elements make the toxically injured sick. All the symptoms that Celiacs have, mirror exactly that of the toxically injured. Keep in mind that severe exposure to chemicals causes the same. It does not need to be mold to cause toxic injury. Diabetes, seizures, memory loss, hair loss, and all the rest have been scientifically linked to toxins. Even cancer is. Please keep this in mind, if you are not recovering. Less then 2% of doctors are even trained with this. I have researched this in depth, and have successfully net worked with researchers and doctors to confirm this. If you ever heard of Sick Building Syndrome, this is one of the most common results. If, people wish, I will post more in depth information in the future. Ps: Please note the email on my account is not working temporarily. Trying to get it changed.
  5. It has been some time since I posted a meesaage here. I have been very sick. I still am but not as bad as I was. I went down like a brick and so my family followed. Through research I went gluten free and recoverred a lot but not totally. It turns out we had a severe mold problem. Stachybotry's. This is one of the most toxic molds. We lost everything, even our cat died from it. The reason for this post is that through research I discovered that mold toxins contain very powerful "Protein Synthesizing Inhibitors". Bascically you will have a problem processing protein. Gluten as we all know is a protein that many researchers are stating that no one should consume or at best is a protein that is hard to process. When you mix mold with gluten it is an explosion. Just like with Gluten, mold can cause skin problems, hair loss, teeth and bone problems, sleep problems, fatigue, constipation & diarrea. It can also cause many digestive problems, vision, fibromyalgia, leaky gut, etc. It also compromises and can destroy your immune system. There is a lot more. Sounds very familiar! If , dependending on you DNA, you are having problems with gluten and you stop and still have some problems, take a serious look in your houes for mold. In fact as research has shown, bacteria increases the symtoms that gluten causes. So, it is possibble that your symtoms have become so severe due to a mold problem. Many times in this forum, I have seen people still stating not getting well even though gluten free. I tell you that this is a very good area to look. We rented a home a were trapped with no money to escape. The landlord did nothing and the town and all the sates agencies were powerless to do anything. Recently the Asbury Park Press did a story on my families plight. They also reported that I have begun work with the legislature getting laws passed to prevent others from getting hurt like this.
  6. There was a posting where someone told me of a case of celiac being positivly diagnosed through biopsy however it turned out that mold caused this. Once mold gone then gluten intolerance with it.My house where I rent is Mold infested in basement. Everyone who enters or especially who lives here gets sick. Even my cat is throwing up. There has been records of mold causing intolerance to gluten. Does anyone have this information or where I could research to get it? Is it Columbia university? Don't they research celiac disease?
  7. Could it be said that since Celiac causes your immune sytem to go crazy and when you go gluten-free that your immune system takes time to settle, during this time my immune system is basically like a gang looking for trouble and that during recovery I might become allergic to a variety of things? I already have a mold situation however I have noticed that even being outdoors I get hit. A very weird feeling. Not as bad as with mold but uncomfortable either way.
  8. Something triggered my Celiac disease to jump from 2nd gear to like 5th in a very short period. I have done research and it stated that bacterial infections and basically bacteria itself can do this. Back in November after heat went on is when it flipped. I lost 20lbs. in 2 months, could not walk, had a feeling that only you all could understand, etc. Several doc's no help then finally GI mentioned celiac. After endoscopy, went gluten-free and recoverred. Then for years my children had signs but didn't know it. gluten-free and fine. Then found a lot of mold in the house we rent. Removed a tarp that had mold on of it and uncoverred a whole wall of it. Then found it after knowing what to look foor and hydrogen peroxide test it is on several walls. By uncovering it more particles released into air with nothing to stop it and things went really bad. Not like celiac feeling but emotional disturbances, cramps, clogged noses. My kids pratically attacked each other. Does anyone know about this? Any advice other then the obvious. Landlord is having a non-professional try to clean and per health dept. no law to enforce.
  9. I recently contacted Lipton again and this time got a different story. At the Knorr site they state in the FAQ that they will list next to ingredients if a allergen was used. eg Natural Flavoring, ( Wheat ). Sorry for the mix up but was told different. Perhaps I spoke to a mis-informed rep. As far as vinager there is contradicting info. out there. I know that the distilled process removes the gluten protein and so far most red wine vinagers are safe. However some of the more flavored vinagers and dressings can contain gluten. I hope I did not cause any problems for anyone. If I did, I am truly sorry!
  10. How I was the GI suggested saw the inestinal inflammation and I could not walk,go to the bathroom hardly or very painfully, the more gluten I ate the sicker, my childood hood had all the hall marks. Theres more but you get the picture. On the spouses side the grandmother had symptoms and died of pancreatic cancer. The mother, forgetful, orthopedic issues, night blindness, fibre myalsia, asthma, diabetis, blood pressure, weight prob's, etc, my spouse almost the same including teeth enamel issues, her sister colitis, thyroid, circulatory, psycological, etc, her offspring, cannot get preg, orthopedic, social, learning dis, weight prob's, etc, my children, learning, social, hair loss, some weight issues, asthma, behavioral, blood tests reveal immune system off the charts as with mine. Per their Ped, infectious disease doc, all agree. Plus gluten-free diet has yielded remarkable results. And when purposely reintroduced immediate down slide. Does this suffice your curiosity? Also my mother had thyroid, epilepsy, died of pancreatic and stomach cancer. Her mom RA, thyroid, sick all the time, etc. Maybe not so far fetched don't you think!
  11. Is it possible for food to get contaminated from cooking appliances that were used to make pasta dishes or any other gluten containing food?
  12. In my local paper they had an article which stated they feed corn gluten to animals. They said it is found in corn and corn products. Anything I should know? Does this count?
  13. I had the same problem. However I had to go gluten free because I could not go to bathroom, and could barely lift my feet off the groung. I said hech with it. I went gluten-free and recovered. If you feel this bad you could be throwing the dice. This leads to many other conditions. It is up to you but the only 100% test is a gluten free diet. Good Luck!
  14. Unfortunatly you must stay on gluten for biopsy. However your choice since blood positve, the only 100% test is the gluten free diet. Biopsy and other tests can come up negative and are very wrong. Once you do go gluten free be very careful with foods. Make sure you speak to the manufactures. Some state glute in ingredients, some do not and it could be in natural flavorings or citric acid, or coloring. It is not as hard as it sounds. The biggest hurdle is shopping in the begining. Yes Celiac can cause a great many other health problems. Bone, thyroid, diabetes, cancer, neurologic, etc. You name it. When in recovery if you accidently ingest, you will know, becausse your body becomes more sensitive. You might also crave the exact things that make you sick. This will change in most cases. Once gluten free your likes and dislikes can change. Infact your head will clear and its almost like you never got to meet the real you due to your whole life you been basically poisoned and it affects your brain. I am not an expert but have done extensive research and it was not too long ago when I went gluten free. Many doctors do not have extensive knowledge. Becareful of medicines. Tylenol, iboprophen, and prescription. Many can contain gluten. Im sure many in this forum can verify this and all our members are very helpful. Do not hesitate to contact me, even by personal message. If I can help I will. Good luck!
  15. Gluten Free Yogurt?

    Dannon states at site that unflavored is gluten free but flavoed is not. Yoplait is gluten free on all flavors. Still check to be sure. Wegmans has a whole gluten free section as well as many products in which thaey state on packaging gluten-free.