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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I eat a gluten-free and vegan diet, and find that i actually feel better eating this way. It does take some careful planning but you guys in the US seem to have lots more gluten-free-vegan products that we do over here. I agree with what many others have said; I prefer tempeh over tofu any day. And if you have problems with soya I would just increase your intake of pulses, high-protein grains (such as millet), nuts and seeds. Good luck
  2. currently tired post gluten

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't seen almond milk over here in the UK. I've only seen rice and soy milk. Will give soy milk and yoghurts a try though. I think i've panicked and eaten loads of dairy before my body's ready and can tolerate it. I'm just worried about my bone and dental health.
  4. It's such a relief to know that i'm not the only one suffering from exhaustion. I've been gluten free for just over 3 weeks although keep accidentally glutenning myself (didn't know gluten was in vodka and cadbury's dairy milk!). Some days i feel great, other days i feel like i could sleep all day and barely have enough energy to get through the working day, and i'm only 25! Plus, my sex drive is zero! My dietitian wants me to eat as much dairy products as possible to boost my calcium intake. I've been doing this since last wednesday and i'm wondering if today (monday) it's catching up. Have been particularly tired and i'm really bloated and constipated for the first time in 3 weeks. It's disheartenning.
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    That sucks. I haven't had any good news. In fact, i skipped my dental appointment on friday because i couldn't face anymore bad news. I've been trying to eat more dairy (used to just have milk in tea and coffee) but since doing that a week ago i have gone from having almost no bloating and constipation to being really constipated and bloated today. Not sure what to do because clearly by teeth need the calcium in dairy...
  6. SO, i have accepted that i have gluten intolerance and so have been following this diet strictly for the last 4 days and am feeling so much better in that my digestive/IBS symptoms are slowly going. But, the more i read about celiacs the more i think i definitely have it. For example, in the last 6 months i have had to have 7 fill-ins!!! Have always been good at brushing my teeth but clearly it hasn't made much difference. I also have receding gums and tooth disolouration. I have a rash on my upper arm which i'm hoping will go away the longer i adhere to the diet. I've had joint pain in my fingers and wrists and fatigue which i also hope will go away. Does this sound like celiacs? The only thing is, i'm worried that the doctors haven't officially diagnosed it. But since my health is in a poor state and i'm already noticing positive benefits to eating gluten-free there is no way i want to go back to eating gluten just so that the doctor can test me for it. Plus, i know i'd have a hard time getting my doctor to test it as the doctors over here in the UK aren't so up on celiacs and the miriade of symtoms. Can anyone relate to this?
  7. That's actually a really helpful way of looking at it. I'm so going to tell myself that it's poison everytime i eat gluten. To be honest, over the last few weeks whilst eating some gluten (but not wheat) i'm just been feeling sicker and sicker and getting more and more exhausted. So am now thoroughly fed up with this state and can't wait to see results from going gluten free (which i know will work because in the past when i was gluten free for a year i've never felt so well!). Can't wait
  8. Dear all, Thank you so much for your replies. They were really encouraging and i feel more able to continue on my gluten free journey. Thanks again
  9. Hi Megan, Many thanks for your reply- it's so good to know that there's someone else in the same boat. At the mo i'm working up to a completely gluten free diet - not quite there yet as i'm eating oats. I suspect that as soon as i've cut them out i'll feel much better. I'm also barely eating dairy- just have milk in my tea/coffee. I keep going back and for because i don't trust my own self-diagnosis even though i know it's right. I've actually tested my diagnosis and eaten a sandwich and the cramps, bloating, exhaustion and constipation as a result so aren't worth it. This has definitely confirmed to me that gluten free is the way to go (i still get cramps and bloating from oats but nowhere near as bad). So i definitely share what a mental journey it is with you! I too would feel more confident with a doctor's diagnosis but I don't think i'll get an accurate one, even if i could persuade him to give me the test - which is a massive task in itself. Therefore, i have resolved to be strong-minded and just go completely gluten-free- you're so right, the results do speak for themselves we just need to be confident with that. The mind - body battle is a tough one! Thanks Megan, it's great to know i'm not alone. Sarah
  10. Thanks for your reply Tom. Not really sure what i'm looking for either! I suppose i was just introducing myself and explaining my struggles with what i'm certain is a gluten and dairy intolerance. I think i've finally got to the point where i don't feel a doctor's diagnosis is necessary. My husband is supportive and agrees that the diet is the way forward so i guess the only think i need to do is accept that is going to have to be a way of life for me and get on with it. This is the hardest part for me i think. I desperately want to feel well again and energised so i have to remind myself of this in order to stick to the diet. As ridiculous as it sounds, the real thing i struggle with in terms of the diet is what to eat for a packed lunch in work! Breakfast and dinner aren't a problem because they're always gluten and dairy free, it's just what to take into work for lunch?
  11. I'm pretty sure i'm intolerant to gluten and dairy as a couple of years ago i went gluten and mostly dairy free for a year and all my IBS (constipation and bloating pre-dominant) symptoms cleared up and i had regular menstrual cycles for the first time in 5 years! Since then i haven't been able to stick to this diet as i go in and out of believing that i have these intolerances as i've never been formally tested as my doctor won't. However, ultimately i'm certain that i'm gluten and dairy intolerant (and potentially soy intolerant) but i found the diet so limiting and lost almost a stone in weight. Whilst the weight loss was nice i'd didn't feel that it was naturally me. Plus, i hate being awkward when i'm eating out or over a friend's house and feel guilty about subjecting my husband to my dietary limitations. Consequently a week hasn't gone by when i don't suffer with IBS like sypmtoms, depression, anxiety and fatigue. Yet i can't seem to return to this diet because i'm afraid of it being so limiting and losing weight again. Plus i can't seem to muster up the will power. Can anyone else relate to this? Am i being ridiculous? I suppose ultimately my health is the most important thing and my husband and i want to start a family this year so i'm desperate to get my symptoms under control before then. I'm glad i've found this forum and hope that someone can offer advice and reassurance. Thanks