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  1. Okay, well I was fine before the Summer of '07, except I was always suffering from this desire to sleep in the afternoon/morning, especially after I already had a good 8-9 hours of sleep. During the Summer the restlessness seemed to disappear for awhile, and now I feel like it's slowly creeping back up on me. I started eating a lot of different foods after the Summer, which lead me to great discomfort and constantly being constipated and depressed. Now I've cut back on my eating and I've started eating healthy again, but I've noticed that every time I eat something filling or something with gluten in it I tend to get dizzy, bloated and my stomach will feel bad and I'll want to lay down for a few minutes,, but then if something great happens (saw a good comedy or something similar, hung out with someone) then all my symptoms suddenly go away for awhile like my only problem is only emotional. (the gluten just seems coincidental to me.. I don't know though. And after I milk makes me gassy, soy makes me gassy/diarrhea, and that rice milk makes me feel like crap until a wave of happiness comes over me. Could I be celiac or just depressed?