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  1. Hey everyone, I just wanted to write and see if anyone else knew that the Reese's Peanut Butter 'Bells' contain wheat flour? I feel so stupid and upset, the peanut butter cups are my daughter's favorite candy, and have been wheat free for as long as she has been Celiac. I didn't even read the label ingredients because it was just the peanut butter cups shaped like bells, so no big deal right? I looked at the back after she ate three of them and half way down the label, 'wheat flour'. I was stunned. I feel so horrible. Does anyone know if it is just because it was a shaped thing, or has all the Reeses Peanut Butter cups become glutened?
  2. Tax Information

    Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a good New Year! I just wanted to see if anyone on the board claims their gluten-free food purchases on their tax returns. I KNOW that it is hard and time consuming, I've heard some people say they don't think it is worth it, but on our low income, it will be to us, so only helpful replies please. I have seen someone put out a 'sample' chart of how they listed the amount of each gluten-free item purchased for the year, and then had a comparison with the 'normal' un-gluten-free food next to it to show the cost differnce. If anyone can point me in the right direction so I could see this chart or sample again, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for all your help in advance!!
  3. Hi Megan! I just got a chance to look at this board, it's been a long time! I also wanted to check on you and Taylor, and see what the results were from everything. I hope you are both doing well, let me know how everything is going.
  4. Hello everybody! Well, my daughter's blood results came back and showed that she is still getting gluten somehow (she has been gluten-free since February 2004), so we immediatly took her out of her daycare and are starting her at a new (much more expensive) daycare tomorrow. I know that someone had a post awhile back on a doc. that could be given to a child's school/teacher regarding Celiac, but can't find it on the forum. If you can lead me to it I'd really appreciate it. Hope everyone is doing well!
  5. My daughter began having intussusceptions in her small intestine (like an old fashioned telescope closing in on itself), and that was what made her vomit. The damage done to her intestine bc of having celiac and not knowing made her intestine weak and thin. She had to have 3 emergency operations to fix the intussusception. Does you daughter ever cringe over in pain, or get on all fours and rock back and forth and cry?
  6. Megan, That is so great that you are getting Taylor into the Pediatric GI. Best of luck, keep in touch with her results!!!
  7. Daughter In The Newspaper

    Molly, As if my story doesn't make me cry enough!!!I am so glad that you were finally diagnosed and I am so glad that your mother must be as relieved and grateful as I am to have a healthy child. Thanks so much for sharing your story!
  8. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say hello, I hope everybody is doing well. I wanted to also share with you the newspaper article that the Flower Mound Leader did on my daughter (Kylie for those of you who don't know us). This is a local paper here in Texas, and I am really happy they took the time to listen to our story and wanted to publish it. You can simply go to the website, and scroll down to the article titled, "Sick toddler raises awareness of disease". Hope you enjoy! Flower Mound Leader
  9. Hey there! I am also agreeing with Rian, we use Velveeta all of the time! And litehouse ranch is good, but we use just regular Kraft ranch in case you cant find litehouse. We also use Kraft american cheese slices, as well as some of the shredded cheese. A lot of them are gluten-free, just beware of the mixed ones like the Mexican blend. Also, I am pretty sure that Philadelphia cream cheese is gluten-free. You should double check that one though! Hope this helps! Have you gotten a gluten-free product listing yet? It is a very good source of product and manufacturer information.
  10. Hey everyone, I am looking for a gluten-free frozen pizza that I can actually cook correctly. We have tried some rice crust frozen pizzas from whole foods, and every time I cook them, I can't get the bottom of the crust to cook right. I've tried 4 times!!!! Each time the top of the pizza cooks, then over-cooks, then burns because I can't get the bottom to cook. It stays all gooey and such. I even tried cooking at lower temp for longer, and on bottom shelf, but nothing works. Hoping someone has found one that is easy to cook and still good! Thanks for any tips in advance!
  11. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has or knows of a Gluten Free gravy mix, we really like that old country style white gravy for buiscuits and country fried steak (gluten-free of course). I used to buy regular mixes before Kylie was dx, and now she cant eat it, so I need to find a mix that is gluten-free. And don't even say home made, because I couldn't make it home made before, so I'm sure gluten-free will be harder to get the right consistency...LOL! Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have looked on numerous gluten-free sites, but haven't found a gluten-free Country gravy mix out there yet....
  12. Megan, Well, I am sorry to hear that you may be a little more confused after your doctor's visit today. I have to tell you my daughter's GI doc. also tested her for Cystic Fibrosis as well...Thankfully she doesn't have it, but he just wanted to make sure...And you are right that there is still no explanation for the abdominal distention, undigested food in stools, etc. I really think that you should insist on the Celiac tests. What area of the U.S. are you in? I think that my daughter's G.I. doc is wonderful, and I'm also sure I could get him to speak with you about your daughter's condition. Let me know if you would be interested in that. Hope to hear from you soon!!!
  13. Amen, Amen, Amen... I just have to say that I had a rough day at work but that all changed when I came home and found out about this. I think there is going to be a lot of smiling Celiacs today....
  14. Hi Megan, Wow, your post almost made me cry. I think you definitly came to the right place for support. From everything you said about your daughter, it does sound like Celiac. Even down to the part of the projectile vomiting at birth. I had actually forgotten until your post that my daughter also went through that, and we kept switching her formulas, finally doing okay with Prosobee (soy) for awhile, but then she too grew out of it. The skinny arms, legs, and big/hard belly was my daughter all the way up until her diagnosis. She also went through major bouts of pain in her tummy, she would actually get on all fours and rock/cry/hit the floor. My daughter was also having recurring intussusceptions in her small intestine, that is what was causing her the severe pain. In simple terms, it is like an old fashioned telescope folding in on itself, creating a blockage. This also caused the vomiting to start up again, and that is the short story of how she ended up in the Children's hospital for a month. During her second emergency surgery, they did the endoscopic biopsy and diagnosed her with celiac disease. I also remember from about 9 months till diagnoses her bowel movements were very stinky, and always had undigested food in them. Anyways, I could ramble on and on, but needless to say she is now very healthy, and steadily putting on weight (she was down to 17 lbs in the hospital at 22 months!) Her diagnosis saved her life and I hope that you are seeing a good doctor who will do the right tests to help your daughter out. Best of luck, keep us posted on her appointment!
  15. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I hope you get things figured out. Almost everything you said about your daughter is a vivid memory for me with my daughter. The tummy aches, diarreah, late teething, trouble sleeping at night, etc. I don't know what to say about her tests being inconclusive except that you are her mother, and a mother's intuition is usually right whether doctors tell you otherwise. My daughter was 22 months and only 17 lbs!!! I knew from about 9 months that something wasn't right, but doctor after doctor kept telling me she was just getting stomach viruses all of the time, and that her ear infections and asthma just weren't under control yet. I knew better though, and thankfully she was finally diagnosed this past February. If your daughter was thriving and putting on weight being gluten-free, keep her gluten-free even if she hasn't tested positive. Her improvement is all the proof you need right? Best of luck to you both, hope yall start feeling better.