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  1. Hi guys, My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with a wheat allergy (as well as barley, corn, rye, oats, and most grains you can think of except rice) when she was two years old. At her last allergy appointment her wheat test came back as normal/nonallergic, so she's been eating wheat for about six months. The allergist tested her for celiac when she was two but she had not been eating wheat because we had long since noticed that she had what we lovingly refer to as "wheat poops" and had taken wheat away from her already. So, at her pediatric well check this year they decided to test her again, just as a precaution. She's been having stomach aches since being reintroduced to wheat, but they are sporadic and I can't pin them to wheat ingestion in particular. She also seems to have suddenly become ADD and has much more sensory processing disregulation than she used to (although she's always had SPD). However, I don't know exactly that I could tie these results to wheat alone. Maybe it could be something else... Anyway, the results were strange. The doctor didn't know what to think of them and referred us to a gastroenterologist. I have googled the results and come up with almost no answers except that she could have a parasite, immune disorder, or cancer. I don't think she has cancer. She's always been pretty healthy besides the allergy/intestional issues and SPD/developmental delay. Anyway, that's probably too much information but I am hoping that someone here might know something about it. We can't get in to see the gastroenterologist for another month and it's weighing on my mind. I wish I had some idea of what these results could mean... The test was from Labcorp and here is what it says: Celiac Ped Screen w Reflex t-Transgulatminase (tTG) IgA Result: <2 U/ml 0-3 Negative 0-3 Weak Positive 4-10 Positive >10 Immunoglobulin A Qn, Serum 250 HIGH mg/dL (normal range: 27-195) Hemoglobin 13.1 g/dL 10.9-13.5 Hematocrit 38.5 % 32.4-39.1 So, does this positively rule out celiac, and if so, what could the HIGH flag on the Immunoglobulin Serum mean? Thanks for ANY advice you might have... It would put my mind more at ease to just know a little bit more. Our pediatrician really had no idea what it could mean. Thanks again! Hailey