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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ttc

    So, I have been having the same issues. My husband and I started trying to conceive in December 2011, we were successful the first month, but then miscarried at 5.5 weeks, heart broken. Haven't been able to conceive since. Now I haven't had a cycle for 52 days, but the urine tests are saying negative! All of my vitamin levels are normal, so I don't know why I am late. Have any of you had this happen?
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I've always been told that anything "malted" was not safe for Celiacs. Just what I've been told, and what I read somewhere, can't remember where though.
  4. Eating At Ihop

    If a "restaurant" is not obligated to feed you, then what is their other purpose!? I agree with the politeness issue, but people please, don't go saying things that really aren't true.
  5. Falling Into Temptation.

    Hi, I've had a really tough time dealing with eating gluten free, until recently, I went through my entire house, and got rid of any food product that contained any wheat/gluten, and then went grocery shopping, and forced myself to only get the stuff I can eat. This has really helped, because only having that kind of food in the house, forces you to come up with meals that you can eat. I have found some marinades that do not contain wheat that taste yummy, like A1 for example, they have some good marinades that we can eat. There are so many products that you can eat out there that you just don't know about, and I am finding more and more. Just try it, clean out your home of gluten, and only keep gluten free items in your home. It's really not as expensive as you think, I was always thrown off by the cost, and the taste of the gluten free items at like Trader Joe's and Henry's, but now I find, I can just go to a regular grocery store, and get practically everything I need for cheaper. I shop at the Commissary, and they recently started selling a lot of gluten-free products, like pasta noodles, bread mix, pancake mix, cookie mix, crackers, cake mix etc. Mixing some of those items with regular foods, like a normal roast meat with a safe marinade, makes things seem normal, because it tastes normal, and does not cost any more than you would have spent on wheat products. Hope you find this helpful.
  6. I completely agree with Gemini. If someone wants to post something saying certain products have gluten, they should provide a link or something to support that. The same goes for Gluten-free products. Don't get upset just because someone told you that you might have another food intolerance. Actually, most people that have Celiac disease have another food disorder, so do YOUR research. And I have DH and I drink coffee and wine all the time, and it has NEVER effected me! So let's learn how to control our tempers people! Act like a grown up!
  7. Celiacs In The Military

    Hi, well, I have some new information. I'm currently serving in the Navy, and I was diagnosed with Celiac about 2 and a half years in. I know of atleast 6 or 7 people just in the San Diego area who have Celiac and are still in. When I talked to some of my superiors about it, they said that it all depends on what type of job position you hold in the military. As for me, I am an Air Traffic Controller, and they are letting me stay in, because there aren't very many deployment billets for my job. But for someone who is mostly on a boat, they would not be able to stay in. It also depends on how much money they have already spent on you. My A school for my job costed over $30,000 for only 16 weeks of training, and that was just the basic stuff. so you can see how they would factor that in. But if you have celiac before you join, they won't let you in. Now this is just the Navy, I don't know how the Marines, Army, or Air Force are handling situations with Celiacs, but I know the docs in the military are starting to try and find ways to help us out!
  8. I know if you go on pepsi.com they have a list of what allergens are in which of their products. last time i checked, i didn't see any of them that had wheat/gluten in them. so if you stick to pepsi and regularly check their website, you should be safe with their brand.
  9. With a 241 it is HIGHLY likely she does have Celiac. However, an upper endoscopy should still be done to make sure. They will need to take biopsies and actually test them to know for sure, but with that high of a number, she probably does have it.
  10. Anyone In San Diego, Ca?

    Thanks, that was a lot of help. And my fiance is in the military, but so am I. How did you know? He is actually getting ready to deploy, like any day now.
  11. Hi, my name is Christina, and I have been diagnosed since last March. I have a really hard time staying gluten-free and I need to find someone who can help me. I can't go to support group meetings, because my work schedule is so shifty. I'm just looking for someone to hang out with that can help me stay gluten-free. Thank you!
  12. Along the same lines as the fatty stool, I have been finding blood in my stools, and was wondering if anyone else is having this problem? And/or if anyone knows what is causing it, or what is wrong with my body! Thanks!
  13. According to your TTG results, it appears you don't have Celiac. When I was diagnosed my Dr. told me that anything above 30 highly suggests Celiac, from 20 to 30 is just abnormally high, but below 20 is normal. When I was diagnosed, my TTG was above 300! But also not eating enough gluten products could have messed with the results. Best advice is for you to do an upper endoscopy. Through this they can take biopsies out of your small intestine and test it for Celiac, also, they would be able to tell just by looking at your villi. Best of luck to you.
  14. Well, I am in the military and I have celiac disease which was diagnosed when I was 2 and a half years in. I went through the whole medical board process, and they found me "Fit to Continue". My only restriction is shore duty only, but with my job, I can go through a whole career with celiac, because my job is in high demand. So when it all comes down to it, if you are diagnosed while in the military you have a chance of being able to stay in, it just depends on your job and what branch you are in. I am in the Navy and they are letting me finish my duty.
  15. I'm A Weird Celiac - Gained Weight?

    I gained about 30 lbs before being diagnosed.