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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi- I haven't been around much lately but I did promise Ali a reply to this thread. I have been on the SCD for about 8 months now. I decided to try it since I was not improving on a gluten-free/cf diet after 2 months. I had chronic fatigue, fibro, migraines, bipolar disorder, super low blood pressure, anemia, chronic constipation and I was completely disabled. I have not been on any psyc meds for 14 months and all of the above are gone. The only thing to come back very slowly is my energy. However that being said I now work part time and am very active with outside groups as well as looking after all of my domestic duties. I rarely need an afternoon nap and stay very busy. I am still not working out at the gym but I want to give myself lots of healing time. The SCD worked to a point. I certainly improved. However I have been 80-90% raw for the past 10 weeks. Everything got better. I now crave or should I say my body craves raw food. I do have one serving of either organic beef, chicken, eggs or salmon at supper each day. That is my only cooked food. I swear by the raw food diet. I am fortunate that my husband went raw also. He has lost 20 lbs since last March ( he is also gluten and dairy intolerant.) He has the body of a teen now. People are always commenting on how great he looks. People are always telling me how healthy I look. I am 46 and 5'4" and now weigh 125lbs. I was 140 when I went gluten free last March/08. My mind is crystal clear. No candida in this body. I really do feel like a new born. I cannot beleive how well I feel. It is miraculous. I have lost my emotional attachment to food. I have green smoothies for breakfast and lunch. Supper is a huge salad with home grown sprouts, veggies, avocado etc and some animal product. I feel energized after I eat a raw meal. I have gone through many periods of detox only to emerge stronger after each one. I know my body is getting rid of all kinds of garbage. My next upcoming event is to have the last 3 mercury amalgams removed in 2 weeks. I have also stopped using all skin lotions and most makeup. I just use olive or coconut oil on my skin. My skin is so much nicer now. I am getting off track but it really has been many things that have contributed to my turn around. All the best to you all in 2009 Brenda
  3. Ali- My green smoothies vary from week to week. It depends what is on sale. Usually this is what I throw into my blender. 1 large ripe banana 1 large glass of water 1 green apple 2 large handfuls of baby spinach or other greens like romaine or spring mix lettuce 1 pear or a large handful of grapes. I really blend it well. I feel so nourished and energized after I drink this. It doesn't matter what kind of fruit you use as long as it tastes good. Pineapple was on sale last week so I had lots of that. The only advice is don't mix banana with acidic fruits like oranges. I got an upset stomach as did many others on the raw food websites. My husband is also blending his breakfast and is really feeling a ton of energy. I think he uses 6 or 7 fruit in his. I have this for lunch as well. If I am still hungry in between I will eat a couple of oranges. I also have noticed a completely clear mind which I have never had in my life. I am no longer taking all of the supplements that I used to take. Candida is GONE!! If you want to see lots of healing from going raw, go to Arnolds Way on Youtube. I think he has almost 100 testimonials. All I know is that I have been exhausted all my life until now. I have also been gluten and dairy free since March/08. I know I am healing like crazy. Oh and one last thing.... I am feeling joyful and excited about my life. I have struggled with depression my entire life. I have been enjoying my job as an addictions counsellor. Most of my clients have drug and alcohol issues but I realize how addictive food is. I have had to completely change yet again how to nourish my body. Giving up cooked food was hard at first but once I started feeling great I was hooked. Anyway, this is just my experience and Shay I had to laugh about Hippocrates because I was thinking of going there myself!! Maybe I can just pick your brain and save myself the expense. Cheers
  4. Hello Everyone! I haven't been on here for a long time. I was just popping back and thrilled to see the raw food topic being discussed. I have been about 80 to 90% raw for the past month. I eat cooked meat, fish or eggs at supper each day. I feel better than I have in my whole life. I have been SCD since May/08. I was seeing results but began to feel very tired and fatigued in Sept. I was diagnosed with dysbiosis. I was eating animal protein with every meal. I also had a chronic cough for 3 months. I started researching the raw food diet. I decided to give it a try. For the first 3 weeks I had a wicked die off reaction. Now I am excercising again and also started a job in October. I had been on a disability for the past 5 years with chronic fatigue, fibro, migraines and bipolar disorder. I have not been on any meds for a year. Regarding weight loss- I lost about 10 lbs on SCD and another 4lbs since going raw. I am 5'4" and currently 125. Things seem to have now stabilized this past week. I too will not give up meat as I need the b12 . This is a good weight for me. I make the green smoothies for breakfast and lunch. I have some almonds and a couple of dates for afternoon snack. I have a salad with some animal protein each night. Occasionally I will have some cooked squash . The problem with the SCD is it is not a good idea to eat lots of animal protein like meat and dairy and lots of the baked goodies. I had to stop eating the goat yogurt as this was producing a lot of mucus, post nasal drip and cough. I was also still having difficulty with constipation. Now I go at least 2 times each day. If anyone is constipated it is because you are not eating enough raw fruits and vegies. If you make a green smoothie it is already in a predigested state so you will be able to digest it easily. I plan on making the almond milk yogurt this week as I have a few days off work. I really do think that the key to good health is by eating as many raw fruit and veggies as possible. Best of health to you all!
  5. Betaine Hcl

    I have been using these for the past 6 months. I noticed immediately that I no longer passed undigested food through the stool. I am under a doctor's care so I will take them until feels I no longer need them.
  6. This is just my opinion but I think most mental illness is the result of a vitamin and mineral deficiency. I really think it is at the root of the problem. If there is intestinal damage then there will be nutritional deficiency. If there is pyroluria there is a severe zinc and b6 deficiency. My oldest daughter presents with clear signs of bipolar ll. When she takes her vitamins she is a different person. Just like I am a different person when I take my supplements. If anyone is interested The Mood Cure by Julia Ross is loaded with information and proper dosing of vitamins and minerals. I eat a very healthy diet loaded with raw fruit and vegetables but I doubt I will ever be able to stop taking the vitamins and minerals. I really don't think the SCD will be enough by itself to keep the bipolar under control.
  7. Hi- I had PTSD, Bipolar ll, chronic fatigue, fibro and severe migraines. One year ago I went off all meds and started taking high doses of vitamins and minerals. This helped quite alot once I got through the most hellish withdrawal period. Six months ago I went gluten and dairy free. This took care of the migraines and all fibro problems. My mood was better but I still had strong bouts of anxiety and depression. Four months ago I started the SCD and have noticed a huge improvement. My energy is coming back. I now believe that I cannot tolerate any grain products. When I cheat and eat rice pasta or rice I become very depressed. I still take lots of vitamins and minerals as well as a weekly b12 shot. I have never felt this well as I do now on this diet. My only remaining problem is some anxiety. I will travel to the U.S next year to the Pfeiffer Center in Illinois as I have been reading alot about pyroluria. I sense this is what I have. My prayers are with you. I understand your suffering.
  8. Mftnchn sorry to hear of your setback. I am finally feeling normal after 7 days of ultra strict SCD. It was so discouraging to get sick after feeling so good. I am wondering now if I will ever be able to eat rice products again. Maybe I really am grain intolerant. I would love to hear from anyone who has had to remain on the SCD permanently.
  9. I hate to change the topic but feel the need to share. I have cheated on the diet for the last 5 days in a row. I had some Thai food because we were in the city. The next day I had mashed potatoes at my in-lawa. The third day I made some homemade coconut icecream for my son. I ate plenty of that. The fourth I had a few fries and the fifth I ate rice with more local Thai food. It seemed that once I introduced these foods again I am hungry all the time. All I want to do is eat. Today I feel disgusting and depressed. I have been having lots of anxiety. I have also gained 3 lbs and have severe brain fog. I was so dedicated to SCD for the past 4 months. So today will hopefully be 100% SCD legal. I really am so addicted to complex carbs. Before this cheating spree I felt fabulous. Maybe I was feeling too good and thought a little of this and that wouldn't hurt. My hubby cheated right along with me and has felt just as terrible. I am going to take some oil of oregano to kill off some of this bacteria. I am so happy this thread is alive and well.
  10. Dairy Free Scd -- Is It Possible?

    Hi- I have been doing the SCD dairy free for the past 4 months. I feel soooo much better. I don't eat any type of yogurt but I do take a dairy free probiotic. Good Luck!
  11. You may not know this but the only yogurt allowed is the homemade one in the book that has been fermented for 24 hours. None of the store bought ones are scd legal. Many have lots of sugar in them. You may want to consider having only a couple teaspoons per week of honey if you are not feeling better. I would also consider giving up all dairy for awhile.
  12. Still Having Problems :(

    A few months ago I went to a workshop given by an MD who specializes in celiac disease. She herself is celiac. She told us that very few of her patients got better just going gluten free. She claimed that the ones who stuck to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet were the ones who got well. I myself decided to go on the SCD after very little improvement after 2 mos gluten-free/cf. I have been on the SCD for 3 months and have had a very dramatic improvement. I think the fact that you are eating tons of rice may be your problem.
  13. mftnchn- I also have been taking chlorella for the past 3 months. I also take betaine hcl, malic acid, multi vitamin, liquid iron, adrenal supplement, kelp, fish oil ,evening primrose oil, vit c, cit d, b1 ,zinc. I also give myself a b12 needle every week. My doctor is going to do bloodwork at the end of the month and will maybe pull me off some of this stuff. I never knew that about the parasites giving off the mercury. That makes sense to me. That would explain why I felt so sick when I went gluten-free/cf and then again when I went SCD.
  14. Pele- I guess I am eating more meat than before SCD. I don't really worry about the amounts I eat. Usually the protein at each meal is the size and thickness of a deck of cards. I wonder if you are hungry all the time because you are not getting enough good fat. I supplement my diet with 4 grams of fish oil and 2 grams of evening primrose oil. I also get extra fat in my beef and salmon. I was really hungry when I first went on the diet. After the 2 weeks of die-off it went away. So did all of my sugar cravings. I feel I have a normal appetite now. I eat as many vegs that I want. I definately eat less now. I just need less. I think when the body is getting everything it wants and needs then it won't be crying out for food all the time.
  15. I never took anything for candida or parasites. After I started the diet I noticed a huge die-off reaction that lasted a few weeks. Then my energy levels increased. I no longer have any candida symptoms. I used to always have a white discharge but this has completely resolved itself. The diet seems to starve the candida. I now believe that candida can only be permanently cured by a radical and permanent change in diet. The fruit and even a little honey should not upset things too much as these are easily digested and eliminated. Grains and processed foods will hang around a long time before being eliminated. They are very acidic foods. These are what really feed candida and parasites. My new rule of thumb is that I will not eat anything that has been processed. If it can sit on a grocery shelf for a year or more do I really want to eat it. Will it nourish my body. I'm sure you have heard about foods that heal. It is a shift in eating. But the pay off is how great you will feel. Getting back to fruit I don't usually eat more than 2 servings per day. Most days only one. The other benefit is this diet will really detox the entire body. Each week I feel better and better. I was told by my doc that it takes a good year for the gut to heal if celiac. I can't wait to see how I will feel in 7 months. One other thing I forgot to mention is that the depression and mood swings are almost all gone. I have a bipolar 2 diagnoses and have not been on meds for 9 months. This is miraculous as I was on meds for over 14 years. Yes we can heal ourselves with the right diet!!