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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Another idea is to check out Angel Food Ministries - they have food distribution that is not income based and have an allergen free package that includes lots of items from AllergyFree - you can check the website for centers near you and menus.
  2. Rice Dream Milk

    I mentioned earlier that my daughter reacted to Rice Dream. She has no reaction to Good Karma brand Rice Beverages. They are sold in Kroger and Whole Food stores. Not sure if this helps you....
  3. Rice Dream Milk

    My daughter is sensitive and she gets very sick after having any Rice Dream product. She is 8 and will not go near that brand - even ice cream. That tells me a lot! I figure why risk it with my younger child. Obviously if it is making my one child ill, it is doing something to the other even if she doesn't feel it immediately.
  4. halfrunner - thanks for your honesty....we want to go next year. Is there someone we can speak to about this to try and get some changes??
  5. My 8 and 4 year old girls and I each wear a bracelet from Fiddledeeids. We are really happy with them. I now make my own bands to hook onto the original i.d. tag so we have all different ones for holidays, etc. Makes me feel better. I do have to tell you, though - the youngest and I have each had our own medical emergencies and the bracelets were not even looked at (I had to point them out). They are looked at by friends and teachers, etc...just not medical team. I asked the ambulance crew about it and they just brushed it off saying that they don't usually check out jewelry (can you believe it??) We are a small rural area, maybe that is why...
  6. Just went cherry picking and have a ton of those tart cherries - any suggestions??? I also have sweet cherries. I appreciate any feedback!
  7. Traverse City, Mi

    My family and I are planning on a visit to Traverse City soon. Any suggestions for grocery stores or restaurants that are safe? I have two celiac children and one is very sensitive. Any input is much appreciated!
  8. I'm one of the one's that mentioned George's - my nutritionist recommended it for me prior to colon surgery. It helps the body heal inside like aloe vera helps your skin heal outside with burns. I give a dose to my children (both celiac) every day. I also find that when my very, very sensitive celiac child gets gluten in her system, loading her up on aloe vera seems to make her feel better sooner (she can be sick for 3 weeks otherwise). If you are not concerned about taste (you mix it in with juice or just tough it out), Trader Joe's has the least expensive jug that I have found. It does need to be refrigerated after opened (unlike George's). For my digestive tract condition, when I used it daily, I was going to the doctor every 6 months and it got changed to 12 months. For some reason I slacked off and quit taking it - could be just a fluke, but now I have to go back every 6 months. I have no evidence, just children's moods and feelings and my own "miraculous" recovery from major surgery.
  9. I enjoy the Good Karma rice milks and ice creams - my daughter is VERY sensitive and she does not react to this brand. If you can have soy, the Key Lime ice cream ("Rice" cream is a MUST!!!) They can be purchased at Whole Foods (best flavor variety) and Kroger near us.
  10. If you are ever in the Boardwalk area, I would suggest Spoodles. If you give Chef Marilyn some notice, she can try to get in her gluten free cheesecake (it does have nuts) - YUM! They have many items to chose from and they were all wonderful. We ended up dining there 3 times during our stay! YUMMY tapenade and tapioca rolls, too! We did breakfast and dinner (I do not think that they serve lunch). They also have lots of lists available for quick meals/snacks and where to go. If you let them know about your food allergies/celiac, chefs will even call you at home to see what you like. Very nice!
  11. For all of you out there who are sensitive and can relate - my daughter reacts (gets ill) when she has Rice Dream products - including the newly labeled organic "gluten-free" rice ice cream. No doubt that it was this product that she reacted to and she will not go near it now (she is 8 and ice cream usually was a temptation). We have to use rice ice cream because of soy and dairy allergens. I wanted to let others of you out there who react to Rice Dream know that she eats the ice cream and "milk" by Good Karma and has no ill effects. I am thrilled! For those of you with soy allergies - watch out for the Key Lime Pie and some others with "cake" - they have soy flour. I called the company to let them know how thrilled that I was not to have to always make her ice creams! We are really happy with the product and their response. I am also able to find the product in mainstream Kroger stores and Whole Foods. Wishing you all a healthy summer!
  12. Disneyland, Ca

    I should have added this to my comment - here are the details that Disneyland sent to me when I asked if they were as accommodating as Disney World: When you come into Disneyland go to City Hall and ask them for the Gluten / Celiac list we have available. We also have a list for Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Grand California Hotel, Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier Hotel. On the list you will find items like gluten free hamburger buns, hot dog buns, pizza, Mexican food and lots more. We do not email out the list because it can change. Have a great stay. Chef Chris C.E.C.
  13. Disneyland, Ca

    We had a wonderful Disney World experience in April and I already asked them about Disneyland - should be just as detailed. There are forms online that you fill out listing allergies. We had chefs call us here at the house before we left to go over details - it was great. At least two chefs saw to it that their restaurants had my daughter's favorites (one even personally went to a grocery store to get a sweet potato for her). Both of my daughters had their scopes one week after returning from vacation and were completely clear - total remission. I did not let them eat the Rice Dream products, though. Disney serves that brand and we have definite gluten reactions to the Rice Dream ice cream! Again - the attention to detail was outstanding. I had chef emails, phone numbers, calls prior to visit, etc. NO PROBLEMS! I suggest that you go to the Disney website and search for allergen info to obtain the forms and get those in. Also print out a copy so you can take it with you to restaurants that you do not have reservations for. HAVE A BLAST! We can't wait to go back!!! Dining out was as big a deal for my girls as the rides were! It was really special (and one of my daughters has multiple severe food allergies on top of the celiac in our family).
  14. I'll try to get in touch with my sister this week and ask her those questions. I remember her telling me that she swallowed very large "pill" and took liquids they provided (I think) - I do not remember her talking about any other endoscopy....I'll check. They got images from the device that she kept on her (transmitter). I think that her hardest part was swallowing it. Sounded cool.
  15. My sister lives in the Los Angeles area (California) and just had a pill cam. She said that her doctor was in heaven - the camera showed so much celiac damage that she is a great study case for them. It is a great way for them to see in detail what is going on in your intestines. She did have to wear a monitoring device and they suspected celiac before the cam. The results made her realize the damage done and truly go gluten free (phew - I am the little sister and my girls and I are already celiac and gluten free). I hope that your procedure helps you and I do know that they use the pill cams over here.