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  1. This is my first question I've ever posted,so totally new at this! My daughter Amanda tested pos. for Celiac disease through blood test. It's been a lilttle over a month now & we are already seeing faster weight gain than we've ever seen in her whole life! She is 6 but wears a size 3T. She was a preemie & has had numerous health problems learning delays etc... Anyway I have heard going casein free as well could have some behavioral improvement benefits? are casein free foods the same as lactose free?I've started to get the whole gluten free thing down( slowly but surely) but was wondering if anyone else does the casein free or lactose free as well ,and if so what does your typical day of eating include? She's not that picky of an eater, but some of this stuff is pricey!! So thought I'd see if anyone had some tried & true menue and snack ideas that your kids enjoy. Thanks so much!
  2. I would love a copy also, shopping is difficult sometimes! Thanks!