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  1. Can anyone recommend good websites that provide info/support on kids who are celiac? thanks
  2. Hi there, We've been looking high and low for non-pill form gluten free supplements because my mother-in-law just can't seem to digest or absorb or swallow them. She is 75 and just found out she had been celiac her whole life a few years ago. We tried the liquids but she found them to much work and she couldn't travel with them. She recently started trying these new gluten free gel supplements by Agel that her friend distributes (http://naand.iamagel.com) and really likes them but I'm wondering if anyone has heard of any other gel supplements or liquid supplements that they like or have tried? The reason we want the gel is because it's 80% absorbable by the body compared to the pills (according to our pharmacist) and just much easier on the body. She also likes that she only has to take one a day to get what she needs because she is already taking so many other pills and there is no mixing or shaking or refrigeration required. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know and I'll pass the info along. As a side note, for you Canadians out there, we just got back from GrailSprings.com which is in Bancroft Ontario - it's a health and wellness spa and all their meals are gluten free. It's for people who want to detoxify but the food is great - I am waiting for them to send us the recipes. Thanks