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  1. Hi everyone, I am having and endoscopy done on August 27. I am wondering if I should be OK because in April and early May I was gluten free (I decided to give it a shot based on family history). I felt better, but in early May I started sneaking gluten back in. Since about June 20 I have been eating gluten again full fledge (bagels, wheat bread, pizza, subs, etc.). I have been feeling like utter hell (fatigue, considerable chest and stomach pains, bloating, severe anxiety), so I went to a doctor (suspecting it could be the gluten). These symptoms have been pretty consistent over the past four+ years (some symptoms for a longer period) but have been allayed at times when going gluten free. I have an endoscopy schedule for August 27 (I have been eating gluten pretty consistently since late June). Should I be OK for the test? Thanks for reading. I appreciate the help!
  2. I purchased some Amy's soups and frozen dinners. On the back, the label states "gluten free," yet they also say that their foods are made in the same facility that uses wheat. Has anyone used Amy's foods and if so, what have been your experience(s). Thanks for the replies!
  3. Just a short background… I’ve been experiencing some symptoms of Celiac for quite some time. I get extreme fatigue after I eat, have eczema, frequent and foul smelling gas, panic attacks, vertigo, bloating, and a history of Celiac in my family (both on my mom’s and dad’s sides). My blood test was negative but revealed that I am Immunoglobulin A deficient (<3, 61). I heard that when you are Immunoglobulin A deficient you are 10-15 times more likely to have a false negative. I’ve gone gluten free before and felt significantly different, but am unsure if that was from the gluten or just the diet change. I’m frustrated, and don’t know what to do as my next step. Has anyone had this happen to them, especially with Immunoglobulin A deficiency? Does anyone recommend a next step? I hear that a biopsy is better than blood work. Is this a sure-fire method of detection? Sorry for the long post. A lot is going through my head and it seems like every time I get results back they are inconclusive. Thanks for the help.
  4. I have NOT been diagnosed with Celiac. 5 people in my family have it though, so I decided to try a gluten-free diet to see if I noticed anything different. I have had blood work done, with one of my levels high, but not high enough to indicate Celiac. Within the first week gluten-free I went through periods of extreme energy, and periods of extreme fatigue with blurred vision and panic attacks (had to leave a classroom twice). After a week I noticed a return to normal vision, and energy was well balanced. I also had considerably less depression than before. I did lose some motivation to study, and write, which were two things I did at a high level before. However, I gained motivation for things I liked to do a long time ago (exercising, playing music, socializing). I was off of gluten for about a month and a half. I then gradually made my way back to a gluten diet, mostly due to people encouraging me to eat "real food". I experienced tightness in my chest and fatigue returned with my depression (almost suicidal). I GAINED weight, which I found odd, and I returned to my old study and writing habits. When i drank beer my hangover was horrible. And I didn't drink that much. I was on gluten for about two months. Recently I went back on a gluten free diet and have experienced the same types of reactions as I did when I first went on it, with the exception of blurred vision again. The tightness in my chest disappeared and my energy has been much higher. The first week my energy was almost TOO high. I don't know if it has to do w/ being on a better diet or what. Does this sound like Celiac? Or am I experiencing weird placebo effects? Any input is appreciated.