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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just wondered if anyone uses Juice Plus or digestive enzymes for celiac? My son and I were taking juice plus awhile but did not feel better. In fact we both tested positive on IGG blood tests and are doing enterolab tests now. My daughter tested negative and I was positive only on IGg also. But I just wondered about digestive enzymes. I read there is something called peptizide and also juice plus had enzymes. Is there any way they can worsen celiac? I kind of wonder because I feel like he and I both felt worse while we were on it. I am not positive of that though because I am still tired and trying to figure this all out.
  2. Hi. I went to a gastroenterologist yesterday. He also wants to do a biopsy and since I have been on the diet a couple months, i wonder if anything will show up. i have been feeling so lousy lately. Also, I got a copy of my son's labs: Ttg=1 <20 negative, IGG AB 51 <20 negative and IGA AB 4 <20 negative. I asked the doctor about him going on the diet and see said I could try it for 6 months, but the standard test is the biopsy. I think I need to go to one who specializes in celiac. I felt like I know more than him because of my researching. My son has had two inner ear infections this year, is tired, and dizzy once in awhile. He does get heartburn too and I just think I should try the diet. Anyone have any suggestions? If you have IGG antibodies you are sensitive to gluten, right?
  3. Hi! Thanks for the replies. I just got my son's test back and before, they said it was okay, but now they said his IGG AB was 51. So it was higher than mine. How accurate is the test and could it be something besides celiac? Just cuirious. I go to a gastroentologist Wednesday. I did not realize how strict the diet is, I guess. I did not know one little bit of gluten could cause so many problems. Thanks.
  4. I had the celiac panel done a few months ago and the results were Gliadin AB IGA negative <20 Gliadin AB IGG 35 >30 positive and endomysium AB W/RFX Endomysial AB IGA negative. I have gone thru a lot this year. I had surgery for breast cancer in May, radiation thru August 3 and then started the gluten-free diet. They said I did not need to have a biopsy, but now I wonder. I do not feel much better- I have been losing weight, no appetite, have high cortisol levels, and tired but don't sleep well. It is hard to do anything and I take xanax to stay calm. I am seeing my doctor today to see if I can still see a gastroentologist even though I have been on the diet a couple months, though I know I make some mistakes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.