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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Perogies

    Thanks so much!
  2. Hey guys. I am desperate to find a proper balance of flours that most closely resembles proper perogies. If you are Ukrainian, polish whatever and have found a way to remaster the perfect home-made perogy dough please help. I think it is the thing I miss the most and I can't seem to get the consistency right.
  3. I'm a gainer! I'm 35lbs overweight despite "eating right and exercising like crazy". Just been diagnosed and am waiting for it to rurn around. GL don't worry too much. My Dr's didn't go to Ciliac at first because or the weight gain but it turns our more ppl are "weirdos" than thought before.
  4. Those sound great.....I use my wok for everything else I just never would have thought for that. I'm going to have to try it Also I don't know a single way to make wings "skinny" lol
  5. Ok so I strayed from the plan. I didn't want to get too experimental for his b-day wings so I did another old favorite. I call them Pauline's Hot and Honey wings. I actually make them a multitude of ways by changing the rub. Here's what I did last night. Rub: Chinese five-spice powder (Equal parts ground: cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise and szechwan peppercorns) I use this mix a lot so I always have a large fresh batch available, so I really am no help with proportions or measurments actually needed to make for this alone. 1. In a large bowl toss to lightly coat a few wings at a time. Then place wings in a large ziploc bag and into the fridge they go overnight. 2. Next day in a large bowl mix oil, cayenne pepper (this doesn't bring much heat to the table because the honey cancels it out I've found), fresh black pepper and salt (I use kosher) Preheat Oven to 500 deg F 3. roll each wing in this mixture and let excess oil drain off before placing on a foil covered large baking sheet. 4. Mix 3/4c honey with a Tbsp butter and any hot sauce you like (personal prefference of how hot u like things should be taken into account here) and cornstarch (I mix by eye but roughly 3 teaspoons), Whisk together and let sit until later 5. Arrange wings on the sheet leaving a good pinky finger tip width between 6. Into the oven (if you have a lot of wings as I do you may need to do multiple trays but only put one in at a time on centre rack. 7. cook 7-8 min on one side (or until they look a bit browned and then flip all wings for another 7-8min. 8. Remove from over drain off oil and fat place wings in a semi-deep but broad and large pirex baking dish. 9. Repeat cooking/draining steps for any remaining wing trays. 10. Reduce oven temp to 325 deg F 11. Pour Honey mixture over wings, turn and toss gently to coat. 12. Back into the oven to bake at least 30min minimum, check every 10 min rolling, with a large spoon scoop wings from bottom to the top to keep them alll saucey! The wings are ready when the sauce has gotten nicely browned and thick. 13. Let rest out of oven for 5-10 min and enjoy Note the honey will coat the wings keeping them very moist inside as well as they stay HOT inside forever so be carful biting into them. Also the baked honey is very easy to clean off a glass dish with hot water so don't worry toomuch when you see it caking and crusting on your pan
  6. Thank you for all the replies. I'm making them tues and have to make a few alterations with the brine....using a gluten free beer for the first time (bloody expensive and I only ever had a taste for imports so thats saying a lot...lol) If it is successful I'll share it. If not I will when I figure out how to make it good again
  7. It's my boyfriends birthday this weekend and one of the biggest things we are missing since going gluten free is wings. I make my own sauce always but the dusting is what I am curious about. Does anyone have a suggestion of what will work out as close to flour as possible? It would be such a huge help. Undusted wings would be fine for me but it's his birthday so I need to start figuring out options that will work for both of us!
  8. I can't say for sure but heres my deal. I have always had issues w/ candidia, I am celiac. Does it predispose someone......I'm unsure and from the years of dealing with doctors to FINALLY come to this I am also unsure that they get the whole picture. I now see how many people show (symptoms) in different ways. It's not to say that they are not connected but IMO they must be. Keep in mind candidia overgrowth is in an unbalanced system this may be aided by the inbalance in the intestine, they are all connected. Get your Dr. to direct you through the proper routes in your medical system. There are people from all over here, and different countries mean different systems. Regardless of if it is an allergy or celiac do what feels right for your body. If you have EITHER you should avoid it be good to your body and it will be good to you
  9. I have to agree. When all else fails elimination is your best bet. For some just cutting gluten won't be the cure all. Maye you are having reactions to things you may be able to eat later but need more time to repair. Maybe some things you will always be sensitive to. Good luck elimination isn't easy but well worth it in the long run
  10. I'm so sorry you have to be in that terrible place As far as work is concerned education is the key to solving misunderstandings. Educate your employer/coworkers as this is probably foreign to them. Inform them of what celiac does to the body and how after being gluten free the symptoms and reactions are worsened. Explain to them the steps you have taken to manage the disease. I think once they see how much it takes to avoid the sneaky gluten they may be able to come to understand it. I hope you feel better soon
  11. Just a question...... I was at a course in Brampton, ON today and after seeing this post a while back and not remembering what was avail. gluten free, asked about their gluten free options. The waiter looked at me like I had a third eye. I attend this course every first Mon-Weds of each month and I always go to kelseys with 2 girls from the course. Having just gone gluten free I enquired about it.....we were on a very restricted time to eat so I ate nothing. I will have to do some further investigation tomorrow.
  12. Specific Carbohydrate Diet?

    I got my book yesterday and read thoroughly. I see what you guys meant this is not very restrictive at all. The only change I need to make to my current diet is making yogourt instead of buying and using dry lentils all the time instead of some of the time. I made a beautiful stuffed buttercup squash today (a favorite of mine). I'm so excited now!!!
  13. This is very similar to lactase?!? <----- unsure of correct name. For lactose intolerants to take before injesting lactose. While with some lactose intolerants it may mask symptoms and make processing it slightly better it is not a cure and it is unkown what damage is still done to the intestinal tract. Taking the pill only mimics having the enzyme present needed to digest gluten. Although it may be ok to take once and a RARE while if you believe you are going to be stuck in a situation that you cannot avoid the gluten do note that you are still going to damage yourself even if symptoms are masked
  14. Also something to keep in mind swimming is hitting your whole body. So you may actually bulk a little bit before burning off excess. Wish you all the best in balancing out. GL on the iron man...I wish I could do something like that but can only run on an eliptical after a sports injury years ago.
  15. Weight Loss

    What does your typical diet consist of now? Mapping that out is a huge help to see where you could add things in